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Cookies Never Tasted So Good – Chapter 1

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Cookies Never Tasted So Good – Chapter 1

Dawn came home from school early that day. She told them all that she wasn't feeling well, but actually she was bored and restless. The last place she felt like spending an afternoon was sitting in some class room listening to the teacher drone on about ancient history.

She opened the front door, and plopped down her books on the table. “I'm starved,” she mumbled to herself. “I sure hope they left some desert for me.”

As she moved closer to the kitchen, she could hear sounds coming from the other side of the door. It sounded like more than one voice too. She wondered why anyone was home in the afternoon.

She slowly opened the door, wondering if she was going to have to explain in detail why she was home early.

Dawn let out a gasp. She sure wasn't prepared for what she saw.

Willow and Buffy were standing in the middle of the kitchen, totally naked, holding onto each other and locked in a deep kiss.

Dawn stood there staring, unable to move.

Buffy moved her hands slowly over Willow's soft, creamy breasts. She pulled on each of her very hard nipples, moving her fingers over them. “Like it like that?” she asked Willow playfully.

Willow squealed in delight. “Oh, that feels good, she murmured as she reached around and grabbed Buffy's ass, and pulled her to her. She then began to move her hands over Buffy's smooth round ass cheeks. She felt so good. So warm and soft, and firm.

Dawn stood there watching, and smiling. She felt hot now and her pussy was wet.

Willow and Buffy moved over to the big wood kitchen table. They kissed again, and Buffy sat up on it and spread her legs wide.

Dawn began to rub her pussy through her jeans.

Willow got down on her knees in front of Buffy, and began to move her tongue up each of her firm, tan thighs. Buffy smiled down at her friend. “I love your tongue action,” she said. “Come on, fuck my pussy with it, you know how I like it.”

Willow complied eagerly. Holding onto Buffy's hips, she moved her head into Buffy's hot, wet pussy. She began to lick slowly, teasing her clit with her tongue.

Buffy put her head back and let out a long low moan as Willow pushed her expert tongue up deep into her dripping pussy. “Oh Willow, Oh God, that is so good, come on fuck me hard now.”

Willow began to fuck her friend harder and harder.

Dawn stood there. She had pulled off her jeans and panties, and slid her fingers up inside, slowly fucking her hot wet pussy as she watched this.

Willow continued to fuck her friend faster, and deeper now. Buff y was screaming and pushing Willow's head into her. Buffy held on as Willow fucked her harder and harder. She loved how her tongue felt inside her. Willow could feel Buffy's pussy juices dripping all over her face. Buffy screamed again and let go. Willow held onto her friends hips until she stopped the long hard spasms.

Buffy lay back on the table and sighed. “That was so good this time,” she murmured.

Willow bent over her now, and kissed her warm mouth softly.

“Yummy,” said Buffy as she tasted her own sweet pussy juices.

Willow smiled, and looked up.

There in the doorway stood Dawn with nothing on but a t shirt. Willow didn't know what to say. Dawn didn't know what to say.

Buffy opened her eyes and saw her friend looking at something. She sat up and looked at the door. “Dawnie! Oh God, Dawnie!” she stammered.

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