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Cornfield Chronicles

Like the rest of the willing participants I hoped would be there, I was on a hunt that balmy summer night. For something hot, hung, hungry and strange. Possessing the same desire, skills and equipment as myself. Though on a hunt, I felt the natural defense of being in a strange place. My surroundings consisted of the things around the rest area my eyes could make out in the relative darkness of the distance. My companion disappeared into the darkness as I decided to walk up the small hill, sit at the bench and have a smoke. Three steps in that direction bait became available and my sights homed in. The closer he got, the more I felt sexual heat roll through my six-foot form. When he was close enough to see, I felt my jaw begin to drop open. He stopped three steps from being toe to toe with me, smiled wide and checked me out.
“Been waiting long?” He asked.
I’m hoping the wait is over.” I replied as I checked out his blue jean and leather vest clad six foot standing.
“Trust me, the wait is over.” He told me as he lazed a finger over my black moustache. I quickly took the finger into my mouth, began to suck on it and snicker at him jolt of a reaction. Once I bit down on it a little, it was by my teeth that he led me up the hill and into the cornfield.
Once in a few feet, I was really amazed. There was enough corn trampled for us to stand comfortably, and enough light coming from somewhere to help me make out his face a bit better. His thick moustache was brown and it hovered above a mouth I couldn’t help but kiss. Just so I could rub my hand over the heavy beard shadow on his rugged face. He moaned and groped my tool box as I did so, and then he suddenly ceased meshing moustache with me and his green eyes were wide.
“What?” I asked with concern.
“You’ve got a big cock!” He said.
“Glad you like it.” I said and smiled.
What can you tell me about it?”
“I can tell you that I’ve got a nice, thick nine inch poker between my legs! If you can handle it, I’ll give it all to you!” I said slowly as I watched him look down at my bulge.
“I want to see it!” He said to have me thrust my hips forward. He unfastened my buttons, slid a hand in and pulled my meat out. My groan was one of relief for the release and then I went for his buttons. Behind them I discovered an eight-inch long by two and a quarter inch thick piece of grade AA manmeat. It jutted straight out at me, without the support of a cockring and I couldn’t help but fall to my knees and take it into my mouth. He seemed all for it, but he had no idea what my intentions were.
He moaned, groaned and called me every type of cocksucker I could ever want to be. He leaned over me and ran those manly hands over my body and he even got an occasional feel of my meat. He pulled my black curly hair in effort to keep me sucking that schlong the way he wanted me to. He even stopped me on occasion so as to make me watch as he rolled that thick foreskin up to cover the engorged meatus.
“Stick that hot tongue in there man! Roll it around in that skin for me!”
I gladly engaged in the act for as long as we were able to stand, but my hunger led me right back to swallowing the whole cock. He asked if he could feel my cock in his mouth as his throbbed mightily against my tongue. I moaned in agreement, but before long I had him calling out to the gods of ecstasy while he filled my mouth with his load. I gulped down every drop and then again slid my tongue under the foreskin for the last drops. When I stood, he smiled in full understanding and then he led me out of the cornfield to the grassy area.
He had no sooner disappeared into the darkness before another guy appeared from it. Instead of walking toward him, I sat at the bench and lit a cigarette. That was what led him in my direction, so I found out.
“Had you not lit that, I’d not have seen you here. Could I get one from you?” He asked and stared over me.
“Sure.” I said and returned the stare into his gray eyes as he took the pack from my fingers. Just as I got a look at his chin, he looked up and caught me. His smile was wide, white and straight, I put my smokes in my pocket and checked out the rest of him. Six foot one inches tall and wearing a biker t-shirt and sweats. He stood long enough to let me finish my stare and then he sat beside me.
“Been here long?”
“Not too long.” I said.
“Wanna fuck around?” He furthered and stared over me.
“Sure. What you wanna do?” I told him.
“I wanna fuck some face.” He stated as he continued to stare over mine. “What do you wanna do?”
“Handle all the face fucking you can give.” I said and then we stood and walked into the cornfield.
Again, to a clear place to stand and the light increase. Again, there stood an attractive older man for me to play with. I raised my hand to touch him as he pulled off his shirt and dropped it on the ground. As I prepared to speak, he shucked the sweats and I smiled at his commando status as I freed my hardness while I eased to my knees. I looked up at him and was glad there was so much hair on his chest for I roamed my hands through it as my eyes followed his hand to his stiffer and then all seven inches slid into my mouth.
“Take it all man, yeah! Suck it on that cock! You say you wanna get your face fucked, do ya!? Believe me, I’ll fuck that face for you and then some! Oh yeah man, you’ve got a nice hot mouth on ya! Seems you’re good at getting’ your face fucked, and I hope you like loads too man! ‘Cause when I get close to shootin’ it I can’t stop! I want you to swallow my load, you hear me cocksucker?” He tapped the top of my head while he spoke down to me and I nodded and moaned in answer. “Good! Ah man you’re getting’ me hotter just knowing you want to swallow my load! Fuck, I wish I could watch it slide right down your throat!”
Little did he know, I felt the same. It would have turned me on so hard to be able to watch his thick dick as it sailed in and out of my lips. Fast, slow, rough or gentle to my face his cock and crotch went in tasty repetition. How hot it’d be to be able to see that cock slide slowly down and finally embed itself in my hungry throat the way it did. I beat my own cock and moaned with gainful glee as my ample saliva swished, swashed and washed over, around and up and down that dick. My guts only growled ever harder in anticipation of the load yet to shoot from that dick. Like my own, it only became harder, seemingly thicker, throbbed more with each gasp, groan and profane phrase he put forth. It all made that vein beneath get real thick and throb up so hard against my tongue. His toned legs soon went to shaking, his grip on my head became a bit tighter. Then his thrusts to my face became hard, like he promised they would, he soon began to call to the gods of ecstasy as my load began to course up my shaft.
“Here comes that load for ya man! Oh yeah, I’m gonna cum right in your mouth! Fucking cocksucker you take that hot cum! Suck that hot cock and get that cum you want, oh yeah!”
I hungrily followed his commands as my load began to blast out before me. I swallowed his cock at one point and had to breathe through my nose. The smell of our manheat mixed with the corn we played in, I swear it had an effect on me. His words fell to moans, his grip lessened itself from my head and then his cock slipped from my lips. I stood, his eyes met mine for a second and then we kissed. He got dressed and we walked back out to the bench, where he left me alone. I soon joined up with the friend I arrived with and we were on our way back to his place. Talking of the fun we’d had and of the possibility of a return the following night.

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