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Cuckold Camping Trip

As my wife Jen packed our camping gear she was giddy and I love seeing her that way. She was especially excited about this trip because Kevin was coming with his wife. We had talked week prior and decided to expand our circle of friends. As life progressed we found ourselves left behind friends moved away or had c***dren and we soon found that we did not have much in common anymore. Before we knew it we hardly knew anyone. Jen had some co workers she felt would be acceptable. So in an attempt to become less introverted we decided to pursue new friendships Kevin and his wife seemed like a good choice he worked in the same department as Jen. I had meet him before her company functions he was a well built black man and was pleasant whenever I spoke with him. He came off friendly and his wife was gorgeous she seemed nice as well I had noticed that it always seemed like the girls in the office where looking his way and then talking among themselves. When Jen told me she invited Kevin and his wife on a camping trip I was excited. I thought how nice it would be to have some new friends. Plus Kevin and his wife where very fit and Jen and I could use some good workout buddies we had both gotten a bit pudgy. Everything was set we decided to rent some kayaks for the weekend. There were a few islands that could host some isolated camping and amazing wildlife viewing. Of course on the day we were running behind Jen wanted to make sure everything was in the car. However when we arrived I was meet with a bit of disappointment Kevin was the only one there. We got out of the car and greeted him. “No wife?” I asked and he explained she had been called into work for an emergency this weekend. Jen was a little disappointed and so was I but Kevin put us at ease “Don’t worry I love camping and I have heard there is amazing fishing here” It was nice to have someone want to hang out with us. I never liked fishing I am more of a wildlife observer than a harvester. But I figured if that’s what he likes fine we rented our boats and started unloading the gear. Jen was very talkative and I found myself unloading most of the equipment by the time I got it down to the launch I was beat. Jen did not want to burden our new friend to much so the bulk of the gear went into my boat we left the launch and were off as we paddled it became clear that Kevin was extremely well built his shirt got wet and stuck to him while we paddled I knew he worked out but this was obnoxious he looked like he could have been an underwear model. I could tell Jen had noticed as well. She was flush and I don’t think it had to do with paddling we talked about silly things but I found it harder and harder to keep up my boat was overweight and Jen and Kevin just seemed to get farther and farther away at first I was a part of the conversation then it was barely audible then it was just Jen's giggles over the rolling waves occasionally soon they were just dots in the distance I could tell they had made it to the island fine and I arrived well behind them when I got there I was exhausted. I found there boats fine but not them is I sat there breathing hard I heard my wife her tone told me she was not happy “what took so long” I stumbled for an excuse between breaths. “Well we already pick out a spot and have been waiting” About that time Kevin showed up. “Hey buddy let me help you with that stuff” I was grateful on so many levels he had saved me from my upset wife and any help at this point was much appreciated but by now Kevin’s shirt was drying in a tree and the wet shirt preview did not to the main event justice. I was so embarrassed I opted to stay in my soaking shirt for fear that Jen would compare the two of us. The spot could not have been more perfect it already had a fire pit and a bench that someone had obviously brought with a motor boat at some point I was rejuvenated by the beauty of the spot and how relaxing it was to be the only ones on this tiny island I had our camp set up licitly split and Jen and I decided to take a walk around the Island. Kevin was finishing his lunch after setting his tent up he told us he was going to do some fishing and we should go exploring. Jen and I walked the beach hand in hand and talked about work the house and a bunch of other stuff she told me about how much fun she was having and how much she like having a new friend. I decided to stay on the beach and she went into the brush for some shade I walked the beach looking for some sea shells when I found that I could no longer see Jen I walked into the interior of the island to look for her. What I thought would be a nice opportunity for some alone time turned out very different. I could see her through some trees may be 25 yards away she was unaware I had found her, she looked awestruck and was concentrating in another direction as I looked in the direction she was looking I could make out Kevin through some trees and brush. His fishing rod was stuck in the ground but he was turned toward the trees with his shorts pulled down it was obvious he could not see ether of us and was not paying attention he was reliving himself I went to walk away but she was frozen. As I looked back I saw that when he finished he had not put himself away after what would have been a normal shake was now becoming more. As he stroked himself he grew considerably I was now as amazed as she was. He was at it in earnest now and the sweat glisten on his upper body as his hand moved feverishly on what I could tell was a huge piece of anatomy even from distance. I felt dirty for watching this but found it difficult to turn away. He started to talk to himself obviously fantasying about something It was about that time I remembered I was not the only one watching the show I looked in Jen's direction to see her hand in her shorts and she was working as feverishly as he was I could barely make out the grimace on her face as she tried to remain silent then a dull roar from the beach as I looked to see Kevin unloading streams of goo from his impressive tool and to my surprise I heard him call out Jen's name. My attention immediately swung to Jen to see her reaction I was unsure if she had heard the same thing I had or not but she was defiantly Cumming her eyes where clinched and she her mouth agape with a ghost scream. Not sure what to do I went back to the beach and sat there for awhile. Jen soon came up to me and placed a hand on my shoulder I looked up at her and decided to play it cool “How was the shade?” Nice she said did you see any a****ls or birds? She said she had seen a huge snake and that’s why she decided to come find me. I was not given a chance to expand she was kissing me deeply and her lust was uncontrolled. Just then we heard a yell from Kevin concerned we both sprinted towards the commotion we found Kevin holding a huge fish and he was obviously excited as he looked at us his eyes got wide and he looked away as I turned I figured out why I had undone Jen's top and in the excitement it had fallen exposing one of her breasts. She was blushing as she readjusted her top. We walked back to camp with Kevin the whole time him telling the story of the fish and how crazy the fight was. It was getting late and I was tired and at this point frustrated. We built the fire and Kevin prepared the fish for dinner. It was amazing and Jen produced some whisky from her bag (she is no teetotaler) we all began to drink and tell stories. We were having a great evening when the toil of the day a bit of dehydration and a small amount of liquor crashed into me like a ton of bricks I found myself struggling to stay awake as I sat up agents a tree facing our tent I could not tell how long I was out for but when I awoke I was greeted with a new reality. Coming to I could see the fire had turned into not much more than a flicker but there was the sound of slapping and soft moans. My eyes adjusted to the light and I could only hear what was going on in my tent. As I gained more consciousness I could not believe what my ears where hearing. My wife was being fucked by Kevin I sat there contemplating what to say. But now words came out. She was begging him to fuck her. And I could tell from the sound he was obliging her I was distraught but strangely aroused by the thought of the massive rod I had seen earlier buried deep in my wife. My frustration from earlier in the day and my semi lucid state I found myself stroking my cock I could make out my wife’s Porcelain skin through the mosquito netting on the tent however Kevin’s dark skin remained elusive in the poor lighting her breasts where moving violently with every thrust and she was crying out for him to give it to her deeper I could make out the shape of a hand on her breast and watched helplessly as her head was jerked back with a fist full of hair. This was a maneuver I would not have dared but she responded with a deep guttural moan. I was hard as a rock at this point and going for broke as I watched my wife’s coworker plow her like a common whore. That’s when I heard the phrase that sent me over the top “Don’t stop cum inside my white married pussy” With that I exploded. It felt like my balls had emptied everything that they could I was immediately half asl**p again when I heard a thunders roar of my wife’s name “FUCK JEN” I was awoken in the morning by my wife I was still sitting on the tree Kevin was in the background making breakfast. I looked at her and she asked me how I am feeling because you conked out last night. Confused I replied I was out all night. She replied yea and early to you did not even drink that much. I started to tell her that I had a crazy dream. She told me to tell her about it after breakfast and that I would feel better after getting some food and water in me. I agreed and she looked at me with a devilish grin and simply said I would clean up if I were you before I come to the table though. I looked down and realized I was covered in my own cum and my cock was out of my shorts. I looked at her with wide eyes and she leaned in and whispered looks like I’m not the only one that had a good night.
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