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Daddys reawakening – Chap 6

Introduction: This story is pure fiction. All characters depicted are 18+. Chapter 6 – The next morning

Good morning Tony. she said, waking me up while rubbing my back.

I was in bed with Shannon, the woman whom I had met yesterday through work, and we were both fully nude. The morning sun reflected off her backside. Her flowing red hair spilled out onto her back and the surrounding pillows. Her full lips parted as she kissed me good morning and I was in heaven. Could I just stay here, quit my job, fuck her every morning and every night, and never go back?

Of course not. I had a daughter at home who didnt have a mother. And she needed me more.
&hellip,And then some. As it was she hadnt been very pleased that I wasnt coming home last night, and I dont know if the sexy videos she sent me were to make me feel bad for leaving, or if that was her way of getting me excited to come home.

Shannon got up out of bed and walked out of the room, I watched her round ass sway back and forth on her way out. She called out, We still have enough time to have some fun in the shower before you leave&hellip,

I wasnt going to miss any of that, but before I joined her I checked my phone. I had texted my daughter Julia last night to say goodnight, but I didnt make mention of any of the videos she sent me, particularly of the one that was zoomed in on a beautiful young pussy, trimmed neat, and finger going in and out of it for about ten seconds. I had a feeling that from the angle of the hand in the video that it couldnt be that she was fingering herself. Was she fingering the babysitter, Sophia, a sophomore in college, or was Sophia fingering her? Or was she just messing with my head, and maybe she went online and recorded some porn movie&hellip,?

Too many questions and I wanted to see if there were any more clues. My heart was actually pounding in anticipation.

I was one lucky daddy, my daughter sure loved me. She didnt string me along, making me die of anticipation. She sent me a picture before I had even woke up, so when I checked my messages there was one waiting just as I had hoped.

The photo was a selfie, clearly she had taken it with her arm stretched out as straight as possible, I could tell because of the distance. This was much better than the close up of someone being fingered.

My daughters tongue was sticking out, like the little brat she was, but she wasnt pointing it at the camera, she was pointing it at the beautiful pussy next to her, which I could only assume belonged to Sophia. It had to be. The camera was far back enough that I could see enough of her waist and figure that it was most certainly Sophia. The real kicker was that the two of them were clearly sleeping together after a night of passion, and they were in my bed!

All the thoughts about my young daughter devouring the beautiful teen babysitters pussy made me crave for some vag myself. I was already rock hard and I got up to find some breakfast.

Shannon was already under the water, he red hair now wet, making her even sexier in my opinion. I stepped in and she smiled and said, What took you so long?

I replied by getting on my knees and burying my face in her big red bush. I brought up hands up and squeezed her thick cheeks, holding on to her tight as she seemed to be so overcome with surprise and pleasure that he legs gave way under her. She ended up falling onto my shoulders for a moment and I held her up while she flailed for something to hold her up. My tongue flicked and licked her clit and probed the depths of her slit. She gave way to some small grunts but mostly all I could hear was the sheer of the water pouring down all over us.

When she finally gained her footing again I brought my middle finger to her rear entrance. I rubbed in circles around the hole and occasionally would press on it, but making sure never to penetrate. That got her wild and within a minute was was begging for it. I slipped my digit in and pressed real hard against her, and then started moving back and forth real slow.

Her vaginal juices were dripping all over my face and she tasted so sweet I couldnt get enough. Ive never understood those guys that talk about eating pussy like its gross or something. I could have it for three squares a day and still want more. Her red bush kept brushing against my face, tickling me.

Dont stop, Im gonna cum.

I kept going.

Dont stop.

I smiled and continued to slam my tongue into her clit like it was a punching bag.

dontstopdontstopdontstopdontstopdontstop Im cummmmmmmmminggg!!!

Her muscles tensed and her legs squeezed my head like a vice. I pumped my finger faster and faster for just a couple seconds and then slowed to a stop while doing the same with my tongue.

I looked up at her and her eyes were closed and she was holding on to the shower head.

As I slowly stood I admired her big breasts and the tiny pink nipples surrounded by a dozen or so little bumps. My ex-wifes breasts were on the smaller side, and we had tried several times, but titty-fucking was just not possible. This might be my one and only chance. I wasnt going to pass it up.

After she collected herself she gazed at me with reverence and appreciation, What do you want to do to me baby? How can I get you off? Ass again?

While fucking that tight ass sounded amazing, I had already made up my mind.

I wanna fuck those big amazing tits of yours. I answered, but said in a commanding tone.

Yes sir. She replied back and got down on one knee. Using her arms she pushed her breasts together.

I grabbed some nearby body soap and squeezed a big old load out on to her cleavage and then brought my cock down to her.

I slid it between her tits and she squeezed even more. I thrust back and forth for a while, and it was actually as satisfying as i had always hoped, maybe even more some. Her voluptuous breasts were wrapped all around my meat and I pumped harder and harder.

That was when I decided to see if I could really push the limits of the situation. I knew she had just had an amazing orgasm and she had offered to do anything for me, basically.

I commanded in a stern voice, I want you to call me daddy.

She looked up at me and smiled a real dirty smile and then made puppy dog eyes at me and said, Yes daddy.

My dick continued to plow her tits. The sound of that word coming out of her mouth just made me a million times hornier.

Is that nice daddy? Am I being a good girl, daddy? Does daddy like to fuck his little girls tits?

Ohhhh, oh yeah. I moaned.

Please daddy, fuck my little girl titties. Fuck them really hard with that big daddy dick of yours.

Uhhhnnnggghh I was getting really close, I couldnt even speak words.

Is daddy going to come all over his little girls tits? Please daddy, please. Please shoot your sperm all over your little girls budding breasts.

I looked down at her and the line between fantasy and reality was totally blurred. I wasnt sure if I was tit-fucking Shannon or my young daughter.

She did for me what I had done for her, and she reached around and stuck a finger in my ass. She knew just where to press because she was stimulating some spot that I hadnt even known existed, electricity shot through my body and my balls began to empty.

Her other hand pulled my dick out and held it up against her tits so I could shoot my load all over them.

Yes daddy, cum all over me daddy. Make your little girl your cum slut.

I covered her large breasts with my seed and, totally spent, proceeded to cautiously lower myself to the edge of the tub where I could sit for a moment.

It wasnt over for Shannon though. She was enjoying the role playing.

She was scooping cum off of her and bringing it to her mouth. Mmmmm daddy, your cum tastes so good. I want all your cum in my belly daddy.

My mind was blown, I didnt know what to do but just watch.

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