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Danni the Door Dolly:-Jordans Surprise part 2

Pulling the car into the secluded private driveway of the small hotel Danni felt much more relaxed, the drive here had been event free,the conversation was dominated by Jordan asking questions and Danni's flustered replies seemed to amuse her. Danni was feeling a little foolish for imagining that someone like Jordan would be interested in her but having her sitting next to her, breathing in the smell off her was getting her so hot that as soon as she got back to Julie's she knew she was going to have an epic masturbation session,you can fuck whoever you want in fantasies right?

Jordan stepped out of the car once they'd arrived at the hotel,quickly followed by Danni,Danni watched as Jordan reached into the back-seat to retrieve a black leather holdall her heart skipping as she took in the curves of that latex clad ass. Turning, Jordan smiled at the guilty look on Danni's face as she blushed at being caught checking out the models' curves “This was going to be fun.” she thought. The ride over had been torture for her. Every fibre of her being wanted to pounce on this voluptuous beauty sat beside her but she kept the chat light and safe,determined not to make her move until she had this hazel-eyed hottie tucked away in her hotel room with nowhere to run to. “I'll just go into reception and phone myself a taxi Jordan” said Danni, sorry this adventure was over but anxious to get back to the flat and get some much needed release. “Nonsense dear” replied Jordan “I insist you join me for a drink at the bar for being kind enough to drive me here”,”That would be lovely” said Danni feeling that maybe the two of them had bonded a little and besides when would she ever get the chance to have a drink with one of the country's most famous women again.

Entering reception Jordan went straight to the desk and had a low muttered conversation with the desk clerk who seemed to know her “Must be her regular hotel” thought Danni “Change of plan sweetie” Jordan said as she returned from the desk “The hotel bar is shut so why don't we go to my room and raid the mini-bar” with that she grabbed Danni's hand and giggling led her towards the elevator.

When the hotel room door shut behind them Jordan threw her bag on the king-sized bed and pointed Danni towards the bar in the corner “Crack open a bottle of bubbly sweetie,I'm just going to freshen up a little” Jordan said as she headed towards the bathroom leaving Danni to take in the chic decor of this exclusive hotel “A bit more fancy than a Travel-Lodge” she thought as she made her way over to the bar,taking a bottle of champagne out the fridge and making short work of the seal,popped the seal and bent down to get the glasses from the bottom shelf.”Hmmmm I'm going to enjoy riding that” Danni turned quickly at the sound of Jordan's voice and nearly dropped the bottle in shock.

Jordan stood in front of her naked as the days she was born,Danni stood speechless as her eyes traveled over the body she had lusted after for years was revealed before her. Her mouth was dry and her heart in her throat as she gazed at Jordan's perfect breasts,two mounds of smooth tanned flesh,capped with nipples already stiff with arousal,begging to be stroked and licked,her eyes flicked down to the hairless slit nestled between thighs made firm by years of horse-riding,a little moisture clearly visible leaking past the tight lips. Her pussy was garnished by a pencil thin strip of hair leading up to the cutest heart tattoo Danni had ever seen,”This can't be real” thought Danni as she stood there her eyes glazed transfixed on this vision before her,unable to form words all Danni could do was stand there mute with lust a longing building within her,was this going to happen? Were all her deepest fantasies about to become reality?

“Gotcha!” thought Jordan a smirk crossing her lips as she watched the bemused expression on this buxom angels face,the lust and confusion evident in her unfocused eyes and blushing cheeks “You're mine now,I'm going to make you my slut!” she said to herself. Not wanting to give Danni time to collect herself Jordan gracefully crossed the room till she stood face to face with her trembling victim,plucking the bottle from her hands and placed it on the bar. Stroking her face with one hand,which made the trapped woman give a delicious little whimper,she brought her mouth up close to Danni's ear and whispered in a low sultry voice “Tonight,there is nothing but you and me,no-one else exists. I shall do things to your body that you will remember for the rest of your life.” then she gave Danni's earlobe a playful bite that sent fire running through her veins.

Danni was lost,this was all happening so fast,before she'd had time to recover from the sight of this naked goddess she was upon her,her breath on her neck,her voice in her ear and when she nipped at her lobes Danni almost exploded. She tried to speak but nothing came out but gasps and moans,then Jordan started placing delicate kisses along her neck,her tongue flicking out to lick and tease her skin that was burning with desire,so sensitive every stroke of that snake-like tongue was exquisite agony. When Jordan stated to nibble and bite more f***efully it seemed to shock Danni's body out of it's c*** like state and she raised her arms to touch this angel before her only to have them slapped away by Jordan. Reaching up and grabbing a handful of raven hair Jordan pulled Danni's face to hers so close she could taste her breath,looking deep into her hazel eyes the lust-crazed model hissed “Not yet dear! I'm going to play first before you get to touch my body,understand?” , “Ye…ye…yes” gasped Danni her voice faltering as she tried to f***e the words out. “Good girl,tonight I'm going to make you my slut,I'll use you any way I wish. But don't panic sweetie I'm sure you'll enjoy it”

Danni had never been so aroused every muscle in her body was taut with passion,her nipples were so hard they ached as they brushed against the lace of her bra and between her legs a fire was burning that raged like the pits of hell. Then Jordan pounced, her mouth attacking Danni's quivering lips with a v******e that almost overwhelmed her,her tongue f***ed it's way into Danni's mouth,it seemed to be everywhere at once,searching out every corner.Danni kissed back trying to match this assault,their tongues dancing and sparring,bl**d throbbed in her ears as she was overcome by Jordan's **** of her mouth. She felt Jordan's hands at the neck of her shirt,then in one quick movement her shirt was ripped open,buttons flying across the room,exposing her creamy white cleavage that bulged out of the black lacy bra that was barely able to contain her heaving breasts. “Mmmmmmmmmm” murmured Jordan as she tugged the ruined shirt of Danni's unresisting arms tossing it to the floor,breaking the kiss she stepped back to admire this big beautiful woman who was her plaything for the night. Danni gave a helpless moan as Jordan took her tongue out of her mouth and watched as Jordan's eyes devoured her,unable to move as with a well practiced flick of her fingers Jordan released the clasp on the front of her bra,freeing her milky white tits letting Jordan feast her eyes on the erect pink nipples that capped these mountains of flesh.

Jordan could feel her self getting wetter and wetter as Danni's massive tits were exposed before her,taking a moment to enjoy the beauty before her she let one of her hands trace its way down across her tight belly hardened from hours in the gym,grazing past her clit making herself shiver with restrained passion,she dipped a finger between her rapidly swelling lips into the steaming wet cauldron of desire,then she looked Danni straight in the eye and lifted her wet,slick finger to the half naked woman's quivering lips and smeared her fragrant pussy juice as Danni stood there unresisting,fists clenched to her sides,totally submissive to the wishes of the powerful woman who'd taken complete control of her. Jordan leaned in for another kiss,tasting herself on Danni's lips,then her hands were attacking those soft tender breasts,squeezing and kneading them roughly,no tenderness just naked lust,she left bright red marks all over them,her nails digging in, making Danni wince and moan into Jordan's hungry mouth. Taking a nipple between thumb and forefinger of each hand she pulled and twisted them mercilessly,pinching at the rock hard nubs,Danni was powerless to move,her arms frozen to her side as Jordan ravaged her body,she was totally enslaved, but as she felt Jordan's nails scratch their way down her belly panic began to set in. Jordan's wandering fingers reached the button on Danni's plain black work trousers and flicked it open.

Finally able to move Danni wrenched her mouth away from Jordan's probing tongue,and with tears welling up in her eyes grabbed hold of her wrists and held them fast giving a mumbled “no” she knew the night had reached its end. When Jordan found her secret this magical encounter would come crashing down,she had to get out of here before the rejection and the look of disgust,but with strength that was surprising for such a petite lady Jordan broke free of Danni's grasp and with one swift move slapped Danni across the tits the stinging palm leaving a glowing hand-print on her delicate skin. Instinctively Danni lifted her hands to protect her sensitive breasts,that was all the the opening Jordan needed and quickly her mouth was once again latched to Danni's as her hand slipped inside the waistband of her trousers.

Jordan stopped in shock as her hand entered the tight confines of Danni's lycra panties and instead of the hot,wet pussy she was expecting her fingers grazed the smooth shaft of a hard,throbbing cock that was straining to be released from the elastic material that was keeping it contained. For a second she lost her usual composure and pulled her mouth from Danni's fingers still resting on the pulsing rod hidden between her thighs. Looking into her tear-filled eyes Jordan could see the fear and despair that had replaced the lust from moments before,”I'm sorry,I'll just go” stammered Danni trying to pull free and get as far away from here as fast as possible but escape was impossible as Jordan held her fast. Jordan felt her heart go out as she saw this beautiful big woman turn into a scared little girl before her eyes,taking her hand from out of Danni's trousers she clasped her downcast face between her palms and lifted it to stare into those teary eyes.

“Where do you think you're going” she asked “I..but…I'm….I'm not..a..a..real woman” Danni sobbed,Jordan held her gaze then leaned forward and gave her a deep loving kiss gone was the aggression replaced with something almost loving then abruptly she broke the kiss and spun the confused Danni around to face the mirror behind the bar “Look” she purred into Danni's ear “Do you know what I see,a big beautiful woman. Trust me you're every inch a woman, its just that you have an extra inch or two as well” Danni's mind was in a daze,she could hardly believe what she was hearing,too many times in her life she'd been hurt by cruel words and harsh looks but here was Jordan,her naked body pressing against her back,accepting her for who she was,no judgement,just desire. The joy flooding through her was so intense she felt herself shudder and tremble and if it wasn't for Jordan holding her so tightly she would have collapsed to the floor. With her eyes now brimming with tears of happiness she let Jordan turn her around to face her once more,”Now where were we?” Jordan smiled licking her lips,tonight was turning out to be more fun the she could ever have imagined.

Danni stood staring as Jordan's tongue traced a wet line across her lips,she knew one thing more certainly than anything she'd known before,she was Jordan's now,whatever she wanted she would give,whatever she desired she would supply,she felt her heart leap into her mouth as Jordan grasped the back of her head pulling her into another aggressive kiss that sent her body and mind into a swirl of joy and lust,then those strong lips and invasive tongue where gone traveling down across her neck,teeth nibbling and tongue licking as her other hand worked down the zipper on Danni's trousers. She let out a loud gasp, as Jordan nipped one of her bullet-like nipples between her teeth,realising she'd been holding her breath for what seemed like hours. She felt her trousers fall to the floor,clumsily kicking her feet free she moaned deeply as Jorda'ns lips and teeth worked their magic on her aching nipples,sucking and biting on them like a starving man,the pain and pleasure shooting through her was almost too much to bear. Jordan was crazy with lust as she devoured Danni's breasts,she couldn't believe her luck in coming across this treasure,she'd long had a fantasy about fucking a she-male,but to find one so feminine and so curvy was too good to be true. Reluctantly she tore her mouth away from Danni's tits she dropped to her knees,she could now see her erection outlined in the sturdy panties that were usually so effective at hiding this secret from the world. Grabbing them firmly with both hands she pulled them down sharply, without ceremony, not having the patience to be seductive she was desperate to reveal all the charms of the beautiful woman who was hers do with as she pleased.

Freed from its lycra prison Danni's prick bobbed in front of Jordan's eyes,she let out an involuntary gasp as it stood out proudly before her,totally smooth and shaven,balls tight to her body and the head almost bursting with arousal,Jordan had never seen anything sexier,unable to resist she leaned forward and planted a kiss directly on the tip,tasting the salty slick pre-cum on her lips she looked up at Danni's blissful face. “Turn around slut” she hissed,I want to see your little girl pussy” ,shaking on legs that threatened to collapse beneath her any second Danni turned to face the mirror totally unable to resist any command from this woman who now owned her body and soul, “Bend over slut” Danni obeyed without hesitation, her cock pulsing as she felt Jordan's hands take hold of the cheeks of her creamy white ass SLAP! Danni jerked as the stinging blow sent shockwaves through her SLAP! another sharp smack made the glowing heat increase across her buttocks,but she stayed bent over resting her head and arms on the bar giving herself completely to Jordan.

Jordan looked with pride at the two red handprints that marked the otherwise flawless skin that covered this magnificent arse in front of her,her hands roamed all over the soft flesh,digging her nails in she smiled at the flinch and whimper this brought forth from Danni. Taking an ample cheek in each hand she parted them roughly revealing the tight,puckered hole within,leaning forward she inhaled deeply reveling in the tangy smell,licking down the crack she tasted the sweet sweat mingled with the musky aroma of Danni's secret little fuck-hole. She paused for a second to enjoy the view of the twitching hole,then she dived in attacking the light brown rosebud like a woman possessed. Rimming round and round with strong,powerful strokes she felt Danni squirm on the end of her assault,d***k on the power she held over this woman she f***ed the cheeks further apart fully exposing the target of her desires. Snaking her tongue out once more she pressed her face fully into the sweaty crevasse of Danni's arse,her tongue was like a wild a****l probing and licking all around the tight entrance,Danni moaned,pushing back against this insistent reaming. Slowly her tightly clenched ass-hole relaxed from all this attention and Jordan quickly took advantage,sticking her tongue out into a rigid spear she swiftly pushed it through the pulsing rosebud and started to wiggle and swirl it around driving Danni past the point of no return with cry that came from the bottom of her soul Danni's arse-hole clenched around Jordan's writhing tongue as ribbons of cum spurted out of her throbbing cock to drip down the expensive mahoghany finish of the bar,Jordan didn't halt her assault for a second,continuing to drive her tongue deeper into Danni's bowels,rimming her out so hard it felt like a living thing trying to burrow it's way inside her. Eventually Danni's heaving and jerking subsided and she collapsed onto the bar a sweaty sobbing mess,Jordan drew her tongue out of the twitching little starfish of Danni's ass-pussy and stood,unable to resist she delivered another sharp slap to Danni's plump arse and leaned over her,grabbing a handful of her hair she pulled Danni's ear to her lips and hissed “Let's take this to the bed now slut!”

End Of Part 2

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