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Dinner At Midnight?

Having a job that frequently requires me to work until around eleven or later due to my company having a large client base overseas, I’m lucky to have a lady that is very understanding about it all. She knows that when I take my turn working a month of late shifts that I adjust my entire day so I can stay in the routine of getting up and going to work, then having the evening, even if the evening doesn’t start until around midnight. Since she has her own website development company and works primarily from our home, she also adjusts her days so we can be together.

On the last night of my midnight month, I was certainly looking forward to turning that shift over to one of my competent employees. Having finally completed negotiations and securing a substantial contract, I sat back and took a few deep breaths, closed my eyes for a few moments, and was planning on how to close another negotiation we had been trying to secure for several months.

Before long I stood and headed to the restroom. I heard the phone ringing as I approached the door, but decided to leave the service handle it. Returning to my office, I called the service to check on the call.

‘Thank you for choosing ‘It’s Our Call’. This is Julie. How can I help you, Sir?’ was the greeting from the girl answering my call.

‘I was just checking on that call a few moments ago. Any message?’

‘Yes Sir. A lady called and requested you meet her at ‘Le Entree’ as soon as you’re off work.’

I grinned widely. I knew exactly who it was. We had found this place one night several years ago. It was our kind of place – the owner had a very good sense of humor, which I thought was evident by the name he chose for his eatery.

One would think it was an upper class restaurant because from the street it had all the quiet sophistication required. However, when you opened the second set of doors you encountered when entering, you’d discover it was actually just a good old fashioned diner that was open 24 hours. I recalled when I asked him why he named it Le Entree, he chuckled and said it was to see the faces of the uppity snobs before they turned tail and ran when they realized it wasn’t a fancy place to show off their success.

Updated: December 21, 2016 — 11:09 pm
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