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Dirty Kelly 2

Dirty Kelly part 2

Kelly was on her third gin and tonic, all complementary of her as yet unnamed friendly barman, and hadn’t heard a thing from Ray, until her mobile started ringing.

‘Babe, I’m stuck in traffic. Been an accident by the look of it. Been ambulances and fire engines flying always. Don’t know how long I’ll be’

‘Ok. I’m in the bar. Better hurry up, I’m getting pissed, and their is a man after me. Get changed quick and meet me in the bar. Love you’

‘Love you too babe. Be as quick as I can. Behave!’

‘Can’t promise. I’m d***k. Heehee’

She slipped the phone in her bag and asked her new protector where the loos are.

‘Follow me, I’ll show you’

‘I shouldn’t drink on an empty head’ she laughed, holding onto his arm as they walked to the door. She heard a comment about her arse, and how their was a question as to whether she had knickers on. She giggled, revelling in the attention she was causing. Her heels exaggerated the sway of her hips, and the split in her knee length dress, near showed anyone with a fortunate angle her recently shaved smooth lovebox. Her protector held the door open, guiding her through, and followed just to the side of her, hand on her hip, like a lover, or close friend might. He felt privileged to have his hand there, just about where he would have felt her underwear. Nothing. She hadn’t lied. ‘There it is young Kelly. Your boudoir. Would you like me to wait for you. Old Jimmy likes to be a gentleman.’

‘I’ll bet you do’ Kelly responded with a wink. I’ll be ok. See you back in the bar.

‘I’m on a break now. I’ll get us a drink and a table. Till your old man gets here, that is. Is that OK with you?’

‘Yes Jimmy. Course it is. You’ve been my knight in shining armour’ and leaned forward and gave the older man a hug, letting him caress her bottom, momentarily.

Her flesh was as firm as any, old Jimmy had ever felt, and was encouraged that she didn’t flinch or throw a wobbler for being so forward.

She giggled and pulled away from him, opening the toilet door and stepping inside. Jimmy turned and went back to the bar. A new found spring in his step. ‘Dirty old bastard’ he said to himself, smiling.

In the loo, Kelly peed, making extra sure not to mark her new dress as she sat in the quite, new and clean surroundings. The pub was old, but had been well maintained. Recently refurbished she imagined, by what she had seen. She enjoyed flirting with men, and saw no harm in letting them have a grope or see a flash now and again. Ray knew this, and didn’t mind. He always got the benefit, of someone else turning her on. It was their little game. They enjoyed it.

After washing her hands, she touched up her makeup, spiking her short black hair, again, making her almost, elf like. She liked the look she portrayed….sex! It was written all over her, and that was good.

Back in the bar Jimmy had two seats located over by the window. The fly old bastard had played a blinder. Bar stools! Seats that would make sure her dress fell open, unless she held it together with her hand. He guessed she wouldn’t.

‘Over hear girl, manage ok?’

‘Oh yes…I’m potty trained now’ she smiled.

‘Are you…well I’ll be damned. Haha’

Sitting on the stool, as planned, the dress fell open but from where she sat, Jimmy was the only one in the bar who got a proper view. She tried to keep her legs straight and together but it was uncomfortable, and really she didn’t give a fuck anyway. She pretended to gaze out of the window, giving old Jimmy time to look at her long tanned legs. The dress was closed enough at the top to prevent him seeing her moistening pussy, but if she was to climb off the stool, he would get a full uninterrupted view of her smooth and wet lovelips. She didn’t mind. He’d looked after her all evening and deserved something in return. It wasn’t as though she was going to let him fuck her, or suck his old cock. All she was doing was giving him a little titalation, and later he’d here her riding Ray’s bendy cock. ‘Nice views out here isn’t it’ she said, still gazing out the window, at the river.

‘Yes, pet. Never seen views like it’ he responded, making Kelly burst out laughing.

‘Out here, you old tinker’ she said laughing. ‘The river!’

‘I know, I know. Haha. I was just admiring your pins. Man my age, enjoys sights once in a while, ones he’s not used to anymore. Brings back memories….haha. No offence meant’

‘Oh’, she said taking his hand in hers. ‘Non taken. I’m just teasing. You look away. Just be careful when Ray gets here though. You get to look, Ray gets to touch. Haha’

‘Aye girl, your a right good sport. Fair made my day you have. Stirred me up good and proper, you have. First time in years. Thankyou.’

Kelly, touched my his kind words leaned over to give him a hug, allowing her knee to part slightly. She held the pose after the hug, again looking out the window, letting him look at what ever was on view. She wasn’t sure what he could see, but judging by the sudden intake of breath, she was sure he was looking at something he liked. As she widened her legs, a tad more, she felt her sex open up like a clam. Another big breath, and her nipples seemed fit to burst. The dress was hanging loose, away from her breasts, so their were no telltale signs as long as she held this position. She noticed out of the corner of her eye, old Jimmy, adjusting his trousers, correcting his obvious erection.

‘Argh. Here’s my man, Jimmy. Look. In my new car’

‘Oh, I see. It’s your Ray. The lucky bastard. Haha’

His gaze never moved, nor her position change. He drank in the view of the cutest cunt he’d seen in forty years and would have given five years of his life to attach his tongue to that sweet honeypot. He was mesmerised by the piece of metal, lodged in her clit, and wondered what it would be like to have it in his mouth. His reverie was interrupted when she turned to the bar and ordered drinks for both of them. Her legs closed, and the sight, he had enjoyed, was now a memory. He would remember it forever.

‘Gin and tonic, please, and what ever Jimmy wants’

‘Some of what you’ve just showed me would be nice’. He whispered in her ear, placing a hand on her upper thigh.

‘Haha. Told you. You can look. Ray gets too touch. They’re the rules’ then whispered, ‘a little touch is ok, as long as your quick and no one sees’

Jimmy slipped his hand covertly between her legs, parting them slightly, allowing him access to fleetingly swipe his finger through her labia, rasping her clit and sinking a finger deep into her soaking wet cavern. It lasted no more than three seconds and his hand was back on her thigh again. She hoped his heart was strong, she didn’t want to be responsible for his untimely death. After all, her DNA was all over his sticky finger. She laughed to herself at that thought as she paid for the two drinks. She’d done this sort of thing on a few occasions, but never with anyone as old as Jimmy. She always told Ray what happened as it turned him on being married to a flirt. He’d kill her if he found out she’d went further.

A text alert, sounded and it was Ray, saying he was changed and coming down. It was also a warning, saying ‘if your misbehaving…..God, she loved that man.’


Jordan entered the general office, just as Jason was leaving. He wasn’t embarrassed to meet him, as he felt he was the aggrieved person in this little spat.

‘Ok gay boy. You looking for a Twink to rim. Haha. I’d let you suck my cock, but I’ve too much on at the moment. Maybe some other time.’

‘I’m not gay….I’m not, I’m not.’

‘Yea right. Fuck off any way, your a non human being. Haha’

Jason was heading in the direction of the staff room, needing to get his waterproofs. He had a wagon to tip, and it was still a monsoon out there. He also needed to deposit his trophy in his locker. He held Kelly’s knickers to his nose, again, chastising himself, for not getting her to rub her cunt a bit…get them more fragrant. He’d learn how too humiliate her more, over time. Of that he was confident. The first step was complete, and that had been the major hurdle. Getting her compliant was the only factor that had mattered. Had she slung him out and got the police, he would have been right royally fucked. Also, their being no photographs, at all, meant he only had one shot at her. Looking down at the minuscule panties meant that that shot had been a good one.

Sixty minutes later he was all caught up with his jobs, and was moving the Christmas trees to wear they would be sorted the next day. They had to be taken off the pallets, asap or they would suffer. That luckily was a job for someone else, the next day.

He stepped out of the work shower and dried himself in the warm staff room. The company was a good one to work for, with conditions that were pleasing and unusual. Changing rooms and a works canteen, subsidised. Damned good in Jason’s eyes…then he smiled. And a boss, who would be sucking his thick cock, very shortly. Even better. He heard the entrance code being punched in to the staff room door, and made to cover himself up. His semi hard shaved cock, was something he needed to keep under wraps, for now anyway. He was just wrapping a towel around his waist, when in walked his nemesis…Jordan. The poor k** was near apoplectic. He was raging, unable to speak. Just….stood there, shaking. The door had closed behind him, leaving the two men standing facing each other. Jason, started to laugh, and dropped his towel, exposing himself to the younger, confused, man boy.

‘Your ruining my life’, Jordan managed to squeak ‘why?’

‘Oh grow a set of balls, you nerd…grow up’

‘I’ve been transferred to poxy stationary stores. All because of you. Why? You insult me and ridicule me, and I suffer. It’s just not…..fair!’

‘Haha. Poor baby Jordan. Here, you’ve lost your dummy, get over here and suck this, might make you feel better.’ Jordan, stared at the older man, naked, stroking his erect penis, offering him his man meat.

‘I’m not gay!’ He screamed, staring at the hard shaved cock. ‘I’m not’

‘You are….come on…over here…on your knees. Come on Jordan, you know you want too. Come on…you were born to suck cock…come on it’s all yours!’

‘I’m not gay….I’m not…I’m not…leave me alone. Please, please leave me alone,’ he whimpered with tears running down his face.

Jason, was getting bored now. He had bigger fish to fry. His character assassination of this prick could wait for another day. He was sure the youth was a cocksucker and still intended to find out….not that he was bothered anyway. He wouldn’t allow him to suck his cock anyway. It was just about humiliation and control. All bully’s were like that. And he was becoming a bad one.

‘Ok, faggot, fuck off. I’ll let you suck me later. Time to leave, vamoose….go go!’

‘I need to be in my locker, for a minute. Please’

‘Ok. Hurry up. You sure you don’t want to suck this….look at it. Big, hard, fat. Just imagine that jammed up your tight little bum hole. Eh? Jordan…fancy?’

Jordan looked at the hard angry looking cock, and wanted to run away and never come back. If truth be told he had had a few girlfriends but had never had full sex with any of them. He’d licked out two girlfriends, but when it came to penetration…..nothing! His erection, what he had, disappeared. He’d suppressed feelings for so long that he almost felt, nothing. Now, looking at his enemy’s massive, much bigger than his, erection, those bad feelings all came tumbling back. His stare was just a second too long to deny that he wasn’t interested.

‘Jordan….your staring’ Jason said in a soft voice, thinking that maybe he’d got him. ‘Come on lad, over here, on your knees. I’ll be gentle’ he invited, softly, feeling revulsion, growing in his stomach. ‘Come on son….over to me….keep looking…imagine it…in your mouth. Come on. Four steps….then it’s yours. All yours. Nice and smooth…over you come, come on now.’

Jordan’s eyes never left the hard, lump of flesh, it called him, it wanted him. He felt his own weeny, stir in his pants. It was destiny. With keys in hand he slowly slowly inched towards his enemy. His brain was screaming STOP. His legs somehow had a mind of their own. Closer and closer he got, mesmerised by the hand, stroking, and stroking, the biggest cock he’d ever seen. Saliva was running in his mouth, preparing itself for taking his first cock orally, as he finally admitted that this was what he was. As his knees started to bend, the speed of Jason’s hand, increased in tempo making him gasp in awe, as the penis got redder and redder. Now on his knees, he heard a voice say. ‘Open your mouth’ he obeyed, and leaned forward, thinking he was going to felate the man in front of him.

Jason, knew what he was doing. Get him down, their, and wank into his mouth. Shoot his man juice in there, and the bitch was his. He wasn’t gay, but he’d have won. Having his own cum in the boy’s body, was a victory. He’d set out to break the youth, and he’d won. He’d got him to accept the stronger male, and the younger man had crumbled.

Just before his cock entered into his mouth, Jason, let rope after rope, jet from his heaving balls…it hit his mouth, his hair, his eye….everywhere! He didn’t think he’d ever produced so much ejaculate. It made him proud. Jordan’s eyes were riveted to the amazing sight of all this cum, he tasted it, and wanted more. He took the penis into his mouth and sucked for all he was worth. He was reborn. All hatred gone. He used his fingers to scoop the remaining cum off of his face and into his mouth. He loved it.

Jason, the bully, allowed the youth the pleasure of sucking his softening cock. He’d had a few conversations with his b*****r, Peter, about when he was in jail. Peter had his own bitches, his own slags. His b*****r, was, as straight as straight could be, but used the weaker, younger men in prison for his own gratification. He even fucked a guard once, he told him. It was all about dominance. Being, strong. He now had Jordan, in his power, and would use that to his advantage. Soon.

Jordan was still down there, worshipping Jason’s cock. He was broken, he knew, but it didn’t matter…. he felt, something akin, to relief. At last the admission was out there. He’d ‘come out’ as they say. A cold, sticky feeling made him realise he’d cum in his pants. He didn’t care. And on he sucked, learning quickly, as Jason allowed him time.

When Jason realised his cock was starting to thicken again, he stopped him. He had bigger fish to fry, but would use this pitiful specimen of a man at a later date. He realised then that to use him properly he’d need him to be back as his supervisor. That’d be easy enough done. Dirty Kelly would be only to happy to arrange that. He was sure.

‘Ok…enough. Get ya self cleaned up, and back to work. Did you enjoy that Jordan. Eh? I told you, you were a gay boy….was I right?’

In a meek voice, still on his knees, still holding Jason’s cock, he replied quietly. ‘Yes, Jason. You were right’.

‘And did you enjoy eating my cum?’

‘Yes, i did’

‘And will you do it again?’

‘If you allow me….yes’

‘Good….ok. your my bitch now. I’ll deal with you later. Do you know where I’m going now?’

‘No, I don’t, know. I really don’t’

‘I’ll think about telling you some time. If your good. Now, remember. This is between you and me…when I want my cock sucked I’ll find you. Ok? I might want to fuck your arse sometime too! Is that ok?’

‘I’m a virgin, but yes….I’d like that’

‘Good, right….your my bitch. I own you. When I say jump…..get my drift?’

‘Yes sir!’

‘Your learning…..not bad for someone who wasn’t gay two hours ago. You’ve a lot to learn if you want to be my bitch, but for now, you’ll do. Now, fuck off and get a shower. You’ve dried cum in your hair.’

Jason watched as the young man took off his uniform, noticing he even had cum on the shirt collar. It would have to be changed. When he stepped out of his underpants, Jason saw the wet patch in the crotch piece, and he laughed. He laughed louder when he saw the small spent cock, dangling from his body. He didn’t comment, but turned away, slipping some dry uniform on. The watching Jordan, couldn’t understand why, he somehow, revelled in the older man laughing at him. It seemed to turn himself on, being ridiculed. He felt bl**d, entering his penis, he was getting hard.

Dressed, Jason turned, and saw Jordan, naked, with his hard little cock in his hand. Masturbating. He had a little, weeny boy cock, which made Jason’s laughing resume, who then walked away, not looking back….laughing.

‘See ya later Twink.’ And the door closed.


Ray combed his short hair and looked at his lean torso in the bathroom mirror. ‘Not bad, he said out loud. Mid forties and still good. His cock hung low, swinging as it always did. Expectation all around him. The night held a lot of promise and tonight he’d get his constantly horny wife’s arse. He smiled. She loved her arse fucked….not all the time, but occasionally. They kept it for special occasions….and tonight was one such event. Her new car, was an absolute dream, and a good enough reason to get the baby oil out….

He texted her, saying he was on his way down. Fuck knows what mayhem she was causing downstairs, and he’d give her time, to sort it out.

Two minutes later, he pushed the bar door open, It was just after 7pm. The bar was quite busy, but it was mainly men, so she shouldn’t be too hard to find. He spied her spiky hair at the end of the bar, and she was sitting on a barstool talking to a guy who looked about 60. He was a little overweight, but had obviously been a good looking guy in his time. He was very close to her, and he could see his hand running up and down her backside. He walked over to the chatting couple, and when the man saw him he removed his hand, pointing to the approaching man. Kelly turned with a beaming smile, and her bedroom dress, fell open, showing both Ray, and the older man an unrestricted view of the whole of her right breast, pierced nipple included.

Both men looked, but Ray had seen it many times and dragged his eyes up to her gorgeously pretty face. Jimmy, however, preferred the sight of her monster sized nipple and the second piercing he had seen on her body. It disappeared when she turned fully, to give her man a huge hug. He felt slightly awkward, sitting ogling another mans wife, when the man was right there with them. He stepped back a little, giving them some space, seeing that they were talking quietly.

‘Fuck sake, Kelly. Your nearly fucking naked. I’ve only been in a few seconds and I’ve seen your tits, and I’m sure I can smell ya pussy. Have you any knickers on’

‘Heehee. Why don’t you find out for yourself….I’m a little bit tiddly wumpkins….I shouldn’t drink on an empty head’ she giggled, using a joke she’d used earlier.

‘Don’t need to check….I know you too well. That dress, would show lines….you don’t do lines. It’s fucking obscene girl. You’ve surpassed yourself this time. Haha’. Their was no point giving her hell over her behaviour. She was what she was and nothing would change her. She was his personal ‘free spirit’ and he wouldn’t change her for the world.

‘Can we go eat, I’m starving.’ He said.

‘One more drink…baby….one more. My friend Jimmy hear has been looking after me. You should, buy him one back and say thankyou’

‘Hi, Jimmy, I’m Ray. Has this mad cow been bothering you.’

The two men shook hands, and he replied. ‘Bother me….she’s made my night. Never laughed so much for years. She’s a fine lady you have there Ray. Look after her.’

‘She says you’ve been buying her drinks…please let me reimburse you. You shouldn’t have too’

‘Haha…that’s not a problem Ray, honestly. This is my pub, I own six. Me and my old wife had ten at one time, but death duties….nearly broke me. Just, work the bar sometimes to keep my hand in. So…don’t worry. It was my pleasure’.

‘Ok let me buy you one, anyway.’

‘Ok. I’m drinking glenfiddich….large one.’

‘Ok. Pint of Guinness, gin and tonic and a large malt for your boss, please’.

‘Now darling…are you going to behave’ he asked her, nicely, making sure Jimmy could here.

‘Who me?…. Oh, no!’ And burst out laughing. They all did. And enjoyed their drinks, Jimmy, even keeping his eyes above chest level. Well, nearly.

An hour and a half later, they had had a nice Indian and Kelly was near falling asl**p on her feet. She must have had 15 drinks, during the evening, and a lot of them on an empty stomach. She was well pissed. Ray got her back to the pub, just after 930pm, and she was asking for more drink.

‘No chance girl, your off to bed now!’ Ray responded, knowing his night of passion was flying out the window, on a bottle of gin.

‘You two ok there….bl**dy hell Ray, she’s bladdered. Here, I’ll give you a hand. God, I feel guilty. I shouldn’t have bought her those drinks…’

‘Oh, don’t worry. She’s a big girl. She could have said no!’

‘Still…let me give you a hand. I’ll take her legs and we can carry her upstairs. There’s no lift here…always meant to put one in.’

‘OK…this dress is gonna have a mind of its own….it’s gonna open. Don’t stare….haha’

‘I’ll try mate…I really will. Haha’

Jimmy placed his arm under Kelly’s legs and took her weight at the same time as Ray, took her under her arms. Within the space of three stairs her dress was open and she might as well have been naked. Her smooth pussy, closed now, as were her legs, were just two perfect closed lips…like a teenagers would be. Jimmy never took his eyes off her special place, not bothering at all what Ray would think. He, at the same time, was watching where he was walking, intent on getting her safely up the stairs, not worried about what Jimmy was staring at. Jimmy, seeing an opportunity, while Ray was looking away, opened her legs, at the knees and her peach opened up, revealing her inner folds, and the true state of her arousal. He could have sucked that clam for the rest of his life, and then died a happy man.

Kelly was resisting slightly, but was really incapable. Her eyes were closing and opening but were more closed than anything. Her breasts stood proud and her nipples screamed to be suckled. She passed out. u*********s.

At the top of the stairs, they stood her up, and tried to walk her, but to not avail. Ray bent down and put her in a fireman’s lift, carrying her over his shoulders. She offered no resistance. Jimmy opened the fire doors, then the bedroom door and Ray carried her in. Placing her on the bed, he tucked a pillow under her head, and adjusted her dress. ‘She’d be better with that off, Ray. I’ll leave you too it. Anything more I can help you with.’

‘Fuck it. Just give me a hand off with it. You’ve seen everything anyway…once more wont hurt’.

‘OK…sit her up and we’ll try to get it off from the bottom, upwards.’

‘Ok..sounds good, Jimmy cheers. Women eh’.

‘Can’t live with them…can’t live without them. Haha’

With her legs in the air, they pushed the dress under her and then lifted her bottom up to get it underneath her. Jimmy, took advantage and got two fingers, into her, unseen by Ray. It was risky, but Jimmy was half pissed, and risks were always going to be taken. Kelly moaned, but was soon, laid out on her back, snoring gently, uncaring of her modesty or pose.

‘OK Ray…I’m off. But, before, I go I must say, one thing….you have a woman here’ he said looking at her ‘who is, one in a million, sexy, beautiful, vivacious, and above all, madly in love…with you. Look after her my friend, because life is to short, and things can change in the blink of an eye. I had what you have…then one day it was gone. Treat each day as if it may be your last. Then you’ll have few regrets. Goodnight Ray. And er….give her one for me, would you. If, if, if, haha’

‘Sure will buddy. First thing in the morning. She’s always horny as fuck when she’s hungover.’

Ray took one last look at the sl**ping beauty, needing to get next door, and bash one off. He seemed to have had a hard on all night, and was really impressed with the continuity of his erection. Not since…..he pushed the thought out of his mind, and was soon jacking off like a sixteen year old.

Next door, Ray lay beside his sl**ping wife, listening to her breathing, and wishing sl**p would come. It wouldn’t. He watched the clock round till midnight , and Kelly was still in the same position. He decided to go down to the bar, as he could here the sound of laughter and joviality, and have a couple of drinks, maybe help get him over. He turned the bedside light on, just in case she woke up and was disoriented, and slipped out of the room, leaving it on the latch as he didn’t know where the key was. He’d only be half an hour or so, and she’d never stir. He wasn’t worried. Pulling the door closed, and crept down the stairs, opening the bar door, and joining the late night revellers. At the top of the stairs, Jimmy watched the bar door close.

He too had tried to sl**p, but the events had been so bizarre that, like Kelly’s husband, he couldn’t sl**p either. He walked back, along the corridor, past his own door, and paused outside, the only other occupied room, in the building. He had inadvertently put the key Ray had given him, too open the door, in his pocket, and had forgotten to give them it back. He turned the handle and pushed the unlocked door open, seeing a light on next to the bed. He removed his iPhone from his pocket and set in on record. It had full charge, and would record, for posterity all that he intended to do. He’d never done anything like this before, but an opportunity like this was rare. He walked to the bed, his phone trained on the sl**ping beauty, his hand shaking with excitement. He guessed he had a maximum of 15 safe minutes, but didn’t know for sure, so time was of an essence.

He lay the phone on the bedside table, preparing himself before he started recording , and climbed onto the bed beside her. She didn’t stir. He picked the phone up and took a full sweep of her body, closing in on her piercings, especially her cunt. He pushed one leg a little wider, and inserted one, two, then three fingers into her very moist fuck hole. All in good time. She groaned slightly, but the only other sound, was the sloppy noise of her cunt being finger fucked. He could smell the beautiful, musky smell of arousal. Nothing like it. The next thing to record was the act of Jimmy using his tongue on her smoother than smooth mound, and this was his favourite. He loved oral. He lay between Kelly’s legs and resting the camera just above her naval, lowered his face into her unmoving mound. Heaven. He lashed her clit, and pulled it with her artificial attachment. He had a long tongue, and used it to explore her innermost delights. He held her hole open by pulling her labia, wide apart, and fucking her hole with his long tongue, like a mini cock. She was groaning quite loudly, but pressed on, taking a hell of a chance. She came, and covered his face with warm love juice. Jimmy lapped it up. He wasn’t adverse to a little filth now and again, and had years ago, liked to be peed on. Ten minutes had past, and he wanted a shot of his cock in both her mouth and cunt. He’d have like to do her arse, but that takes to much preparation and the evidence would be still there.

Laughter from downstairs, spurred him on, and he shuffled up the bed, getting his cock ready for the sluts mouth. It was easy, and, looking down at her with her eyes shut, he could see her being the sort of girl who would, deep throat him, and swallow it, like all good sluts, ought to. The camera recorded his assault, and then it was time for the final, scene.

Turning her over onto her front, he raised her backside up, and fed his six inch cock, easily into her greasy hole. He set a tempo, and stick to it, recording with one hand, and rubbing her rosebud, with the other. If he couldn’t get his cock in there, he fully intended getting his thumb in. And in it went. Her bottom wobbled slightly as he fucked his bitch, good and hard, thumb fucking her tight little arse hole, dreaming…….. When the tightening, signalled his release, he pulled out and fired his cum into a napkin, letting her slump down and start snoring again. Satisfied, with his work and daring, Jimmy turned her over, onto her back again, and put her into as close the position she had been when he started. He pulled the bed sheets square, and after recording her body, once more, he left the bedroom, and returned to his own. An hour later, the two men were sound asl**p. One put over, by alcohol, the other, with an empty ball sac. Both were happy. Neither should have been.


At 1pm precisely, Jason knocked on the office door and entered without being invited. He locked the door, and turned, walking into the spacious room, and looked directly at the only other person in the room…. Kelly Walker. She was on the the phone, talking to someone unimportant and watched her ‘guest’ make himself comfortable by sitting in the chair opposite her desk, and then raise and put his feet on her desk. They locked eyes, and for the rest of her conversation, held each other’s vision, as if it were a contest. Jason, was by far, the more comfortable of the two.

She placed the phone in its cradle and set the mode to ‘do not disturb’. She spoke first.

‘Jason. It’s not to late to make this go away. You don’t have to do this.’

‘I don’t understand. Tell me’

‘Well, you know. These photographs. Blackmail is a very serious offence’

‘Well, pick the phone up. Ring the law. Get the boys in blue over. Get me arrested….feel free. Dirty Kelly.’

He knew by mention of her old nickname, it would put things in a different light.

‘What do you want?’

‘First off, I want what I asked for earlier. A £2 an hour pay rise. I’ve changed my mind about Jordan, I want him back as my supervisor. He’s a gay boy, but you know…..the devil you know, and all that. So I’ll have him back, and what else. Oh yes. Let’s have a little chat, about the old days. I’m a nosey cunt, and I’d like to know a little about you. Oh, and remember, I know a lot about you, so any lies, will come with a consequence. My b*****r sends his regards by the way, hopes to bump into you one day. I’m sure you know what I mean.

‘Can you remember Roy, the black lad?’

‘Yyyes, I can.’

‘Was he your first? Black cock I mean….was he your first black person to fuck your pussy?’

Kelly, by no way a prude, shivered at his coarse mouth but answered as honestly as she could.

‘No, I had his b*****r first. Leroy. Roy caught us one day and joined in.’

‘Who did your arse first, Leroy, or Roy.’

‘Er don’t remember….it was someone else who did me first, in my bum. I can’t remember who, coz I was high on something. Glue I think. Just remember, they all did me in every…er…in every hole. It was a long time ago, Jason I was very young. I liked attention. I was a slut. I admit it. Please can we just forget about this…it’s all so degrading.’

‘The picture…the one where their were seven lads. Was that the most you took? Seven cocks in your body, in turn. Is that the most?’ The question though straightforward, was a trick. Peter had told Jason of a night when he wasn’t there, when over twenty lads had taken on Kelly and a friend of hers.

‘Yes. That was the most’ she lied.

‘Kelly, I want you to unbutton your blouse and take your right tit out of your bra. Do it it right fucking now’

‘Wwwhy what’s wrong?’

‘Your a lying cunt, is what’s wrong. Do it!’

She undid her blouse and did as was instructed. She sat there with her breast out and him sitting on the edge of the desk looking at it.

‘Now tell me, why you’ve got your tit out.’

‘I lied’ she whimpered, looking down at the table.

‘Look at me, all of the time. What was the lie?’

‘One night after a party on the beach, two of us did twenty two lads. It lasted for six hours. I was covered in love bites. They shaved my pubes off and I drank a half pint of cum.’

‘That’s right, mind I didn’t know all you’ve just told me. Interesting. What else did you do?’

‘I ate cum out of my friends pussy’

‘Good. Now for the lie, I’m going to punish you’

He stood up, and before she could defend herself, he brought the flat of his hand, down on her exposed breast with such a f***e she nearly passed out. The mark on her breast was instantaneous and her nipple stood out a solid half inch. He leaned over, and squeezed it hard for good measure.

‘Now I know that that would hurt. I also know that you have a liking for pain, so, maybe it wasn’t such a good idea, as a ‘punishment’. I’ll have to think of something else. But I’m sure you get my drift.’

Kelly went to put her breast away but he stopped her.

‘Who said put ya tit away? Not fucking me. I like it out. In fact, get them both out. You’ve a magnificent rack, and I’m going to be seeing a lot of them, so….’

She did as she was told, lifting her other breast out, sitting uncomfortably and looking at him as instructed. Both nipples were rock hard.

‘When you ate ya pals cunt out….did ya like it.’

‘I can’t really remember. It was all so…er…fast…we just did as they wanted. We’d had some dope, we’d have done anything. In those days that’s what I did. I had a reputation.’

‘That’s a bit of an understatement. Isn’t it? How many rooms did you swallow my b*****rs cock in…in the school that is?’

‘Oh god. Everyone bar the head masters. It was always locked. We did it in every room apart from that. All the classrooms, all the toilets, the teachers staff room, and both toilets there. The kitchen, the gym, three store cupboards the bike shed, and the assembly room. I think that was everywhere. If I’ve missed somewhere I’ve just forgot, I’m not lying’

Jason laughed. She’d told the truth. ‘How long did that all take?’

‘God…a whole year. We kept a diary of where we’d been’

‘How old were you then?’

‘s*******n. I was doing my finals’

‘Did you pass?’ He was building up to the big one.

‘What, my exams?’ He nodded. ‘Er yes. I passed with a distinction’


‘Er I don’t follow’

‘How did you pass your exams and get a distinction’

Kelly looked at him and the colour drained out of her face. ‘God, oh fuck, you know, don’t you?’

‘Know what?’ He smiled.

‘Oh my god. This can’t get any worse.’

‘Answer me, how did you get a distinction.’

‘I had an affair with two teachers. My form teacher and the maths lecturer.’

‘How old were you then?’

‘It started on my 18th birthday’

‘Tell me about it…who initiated it’

‘God, this is so degrading. I did. I knew I was going to fail. I’d spent so much time on my back, I wasn’t studying at all. All I thought of was sex. I was having sex three four five times a day, and couldn’t get enough. My parents were always working, and I just pleased myself. Some nights I would sneak into a boys house and have him all night. Your Peter was one of them. He encouraged me on….made out I was the best girl in school. All I was was the school bike. By the time I was 18, I’d had dozens of lads. Dozens and dozens of them. Then I realised I was going to fail.’

‘What did you do’

‘I I I went to see my form teacher. Old man Tait. I told him I was struggling with most of the course work. Of course, unbeknown to me, they all knew. Well some of the male teachers did anyway. OMT knew anyway, and he told me. Laid it out cold and bare. All the sex in the classrooms, all the gangbangs, all the blowjobs for homework…..everything. I was sitting in his study room, and he told me I would end up in a council flat with three or four, multi coloured k**s, living on handouts’

‘What did he do’.

‘He got me to f****y planning, got a coil fitted, and got me on the pill for good measure’

‘That was sensible of him’

‘He then got me checked out for all known STDS and pregnancy tested’

‘Ya should have done this in the first place, haha….then what’

‘When everything came back clear, he told me, he’d help me, but I would have to do three things first. Number one, I had to stop immediately, having sex with all my peers. Number two, I had to devote every spare minute, too my studies. And finally, number three, I had to….to….make myself available at a weekend and go to his house and have sex with him, his wife, and our maths teacher. Combover Patterson.!’

‘Patterson….your fucking joking me. That freak…..fucking hell girl, that’s so fucking bad. The man was a sadist. Didn’t he get arrested or something.?’

‘Yes….that’s when it all finished. They all got scared. He was lifted for allegedly tying a boy up in school. He denied it of course, and in the end it was dropped because the boy’s parents didn’t want their boy traumatised any more. I believe he did it though.’


‘Ha…because he tied me up most every weekend. Was into bondage big style. So was OMT, but more so his wife. They spanked me, and whipped me with every thing they could. They clamped my nipples and pussy, and did me everyway they wanted. I had to rim them, then don a strap on, and fuck their arses. Her as well, she loved anal. In fact one day they did double anal on her. Ended up in casualty, coz they tore her.’

‘Was it worth it?’

‘I’m going to be truthful here, because believe it or not, this is the first time I’ve ever spoken about this, and it’s really helping me get it off my chest. Yes…it was worth it. Before it all kicked off, with Combover Patterson, I’d taken the exams, and passed with flying colours. I got the grades I needed to get into college and I was happy. I’d not had sex with any of the old mob, and was only doing it at weekends with the Doms, and the dominatrix. And, being honest, I could have stopped, but I loved it. I loved being the one they abused, and punished. It’s the pain, you see. I love it. Always have. I would occasionally tell mum and dad I was staying at a friends, then go round to theirs, and spent the complete weekend naked. I would cook, and clean, wash them, do what ever they asked. And of course if I did anything wrong, I was punished. Sometimes I would be made to walk around on my hands and knees with a collar round my neck, like a dog. I would go from one to the other, and suck their cocks or lick her old pussy or arse out. Anything. I would shave all there body hair off, making sure, they were smooth, right into every little nook and cranny. It was amazing. I had a better sexual education from those three, than I’ve had in all my other sexual relations. Including my husband. I learned how to get a man off, stroking his prostate, and getting a woman off on her g spot. I wouldn’t have swapped it for the world.

Now….is that honest enough for you’

‘Yes….your fucking unbelievable. Haha, but yes I do believe you.’

‘What happened to the other two….after Combover fucked off’

‘They were worried he would spill the beans, and drag us all in. But, he didn’t. Just retired and emigrated. His wife divorced him though. Knew nothing, allegedly. OMT, said she only was with him coz of his salary.

So they asked me to join them again, after it all died down. I was at college by then and going out with Ray, but I did go round a few times, but it was never the same. Combover, was really the main one, he was the Dom and we were all, under him. It was good for a month or two, then she wanted to start pissing on me all the time. I drew the line there, and left. That was it. And so, me and Ray, got serious and eventually married. He doesn’t know about any of this. Just you. He knows I was a wild c***d…just nothing of the BDSM.’

‘Wow, that’s some story. So, what do you do for your pain now?…. You must get it somewhere’

Kelly, was talking like her and Jason were the best of buddy’s, or if she was talking in therapy. She held nothing back.

‘Ray spanks me. Often. Always during sex, and sometimes for just the fun of it. He doesn’t realise how much more I could take, and I don’t push him for more, or that would worry him. I suppress a lot of desires, and all in all I cope. A lot of it, with them, was just a phase, some of it I miss, badly. The cravings sometimes, stayed away for months, then I’d have a period where I needed to be dominated so badly I could run away. I joined a club once, not far from here. Ray was in London and I was so fucking lonely. I joined this place I found online, and it was great. But, I was spending so much time, getting verbally and physically abused, I had started neglecting the boys. That was no good. I tried to go there less frequent, but that only made the cravings worse. It all came to a head when Ray came home unexpectedly, and he was home when I walked through the door. I’d picked the k**s up from their friends and was wearing an overcoat. It was winter. Underneath, I had a corset on, designed so my nipples and pussy, could be whipped and abused with riding crops and paddles. I had cum running out of my pussy and bum hole, and then had to find an instantaneous excuse to deny my own husband what was rightfully his. I never went back. Well, not back there anyway.’

‘Go on’

‘A man and wife…from the club, got me going to there’s, every few weeks for a party. It gave me something to look forward too. I made excuses and stayed three weekends over a period of two months, with them. I really think if I didn’t have the k**s, I would have left Ray, and moved in with them. I think I loved both of them.’

‘Don’t fucking stop. Keep going….’

‘She was called, Kelly too, he was Mick. They were just, so into it. They loved the way of life so much, he had a vasectomy and she had her tubes tied. He was really hung, like a pornstar, and Kelly was as big a slut as me. We took turns, being in charge, and that’s where I learned a big thing about myself. When it comes to sex, I’m a subservient. I need to be dominated, I need to be made to feel worthless. Like now, for instance. Your in charge, and I’m telling you my story. Willingly, and truthfully’

‘So, I imagine your turned on right now’

‘You took my panties before. My skirt is soaking and the seat is nearly all wet. I feel as if I’ve peed myself’

‘I’ll check in a minute, tell me about you falling in love, with the couple!’

‘Ok. Kelly and Mick, they met at a different club, down south, a few years previous. They aren’t really married, just changed their name by deed pole. She loved whipping my clit, then fisting me. Mick was into anal, both giving and taking. He rarely fucked me normally, nearly always up my bum. I loved it. Kelly would flick my pussy with a riding cock while Mick fucked me hard…back, there…you know.

I’ve always liked being done in my bum, going right back to my school days…your Peter and all…but Mick was obsessed with it. I was douching my arse so regularly, it wasn’t healthy. I had to limit Ray to once a month or special occasions, I was getting so much off Mick. He was ringing me hear at work and posing as a company director, and coming here and doing me on this desk. That was when I just got this job temporary, before you started. Kelly, sometimes came with him and we had fun after the place closed at night. I’ve been tied up and fucked in the kitchen and….god, everywhere.’

Jason couldn’t stand it anymore. ‘Stand up..let me see your seat.’

He moved along side her, still with both breasts hanging out. When she stood, her skirt was stuck to the seat, and had to be peeled off. He ran, his finger along the leather and raised it to his nostrils. ‘Pussy juice’.

‘You know, I came in hear just looking for a blow job, and maybe the odd fuck. I now think that your maybe looking for a new Master. Someone too make you a sub, once again. Am I right’

‘Jason, I’ve told you the story of my life. I didn’t intent too, believe me. It just seemed, needing to be told. What happens from here, is totally in your hands. You have the old school photographs. I’m not looking for anything. We never do. We never look for anything, we are found.’

‘Where does good old cucky Ray stand in all this. Poor shmuck. He’s away grafting his bollocks off, while your lying somewhere, getting ya nipples whipped.’

‘I’m not proud of anything I’ve done. Nothing. When I was involved with Kelly and Mick, we all three went to get pierced and tattooed. We all had our nipples pierced together, all in the same room. We got our clits done and Mick got a Prince Albert. We chose a tattoo that we could all have and had them all done that day. I had a one done for Ray, so he would think I did it all for him. That day, the three of us had sex in the parlour with three tattooists and one other female customer. Because we had just had our genitals done, all our anal passages were fucked by all the other men. Mick’s included. They used, dildos, vibrators, beads, even electric shocks via batteries. When we got back to their house, we could hardly walk. I’d had more in my back passage, than….Elton John.

The lies, they had to stop. It was out of control. My body was near permanently bruised from all the spanking I’d had. Kelly, had told me she loved me, and wanted me to leave Ray and the k**s, and move in with them. And I nearly did. I was coming to work some days, and running totally on adrenaline. Lucky for me, it all fell into place, and I was a natural. I was also ruining my personal life by lying to all by closest f****y, and running to another house and being a degenerate. One week, I realised I’d eaten more pussy, than I’d eaten fruit and veg. I met them one Saturday and told them that that day was the last they’d see of me. They were brilliant. They’d seen me struggling and were understanding. As a parting, we went to the club for the day and I was used by everybody. I was used in all the old ways, plus new ones, they’d devised. I was fucked on the bucking bronco, so many times, my pussy took a week to recover.

But….I was out. And Ray is now the centre of my universe. I’m not cured, but I show restraint.’

‘Till now, eh? So, since then, old Ray’s, the only one whose fucked you.’

‘More or less. I’m a terrible flirt, and have been…a little naughty.’

‘That’s for another day. Right now, your going to show me your cocksucking skills. Get on your knees.’

Kelly, who was still standing after showing Jason her wet seat, made to kneel in front of him. ‘Hold on. Let’s have the clothes off first. Let’s see the goods!’

Kelly was expecting this, and stripped her suit off, hanging everything needly on the back of her chair. She stood proudly, showing Jason her body. Unasked she turned for him showing him her perfect bottom. She then took a step forward and bent at the waist, parting her legs as she did so. This had been as much a part of her ritual, as a sub, that it just seemed natural to do so now. She looked back between her legs at Jason, who was mesmerised by her action, and was now devouring her puckered hole and smooth cunt lips, with his hungry eyes.

‘Fuck me’ was all he said.

She stayed in this position until he told her to move, where she got on her knees and undid his trousers. She pulled his trousers, down as far as they would go, then took, his rock hard penis, into her mouth, and straight past her tonsils. He wasn’t the longest in the world, but he sure wasn’t the smallest. With his cock in her throat, she drew him deeper, her tongue swathing the underside of his impressive erection. Fully immersed, her tongue licking his ballsack, she looked up at him and held his gaze while she gave him a blow job, never bettered by any woman…ever. He didn’t last long, and when he came she held his cock so deep in her throat, her eyes were bulging. He swore she held him there for nearly two minutes. Afterwards, she kept him in her mouth until he told her to stand. He was getting a little instruction, of what she would do for him. It both excited him, and scared the shit out of him. The fun he could have with this bitch was nobody’s business. As she stood, he slapped the same breast as before. She flinched, then looked at him. Then thanked him.

She fucking thanked him.

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