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Doing the Laundry

Laundry rooms make me horny. When I first started college I came home unexpectedly and saw my Mom getting fucked hard by a neighbor in our laundry room, bent over the dryer and moaning with each stroke. Then she turned around and jerked him off until he came all over her tits. It was shocking, but also exciting. My pussy was instantly wet.

I started to press my pussy against the dryer at the dorm after that, letting the vibration make my pussy wet and hot before sliding one or two fingers deep into my pussy. I’d fingered my pussy before, but the first time I ever came hard was against a dryer. And while many guys have fucked me since, I never cum as hard as I do by myself in the laundry room. I have never been fucked in a laundry room because I was embarrassed to ask. It was my own dirty secret and I like it that way.

My apartment has the laundry room in the basement. I started to go there late at night, put some random clothes in the dryer, and rub my pussy against the warm metal, cumming and cumming under the fluorescent lights.

Nobody ever did laundry at that hour, so I started to dress more and more like a slut with each visit. It made me wet, and I felt so dirty. I have small pert tits, black hair with bangs, long legs and full lips, but my best feature is my ass. I wore short dresses to the laundry room, tiny pleated skirts, tight little pajama shorts that showed my pussy lips and the crack of my ass. Sometimes I wore lingerie: thigh highs, tiny lace dresses, fishnets, push up bras that thrust my tits out and exposed the tops of my nipples. I felt so dirty, dressed like a whore, my clit pressed against the dryer, my fingers in my pussy, cumming in public.

One night I wore a tiny, very short lace dress with an even tinier pair of red panties, so the cheeks of my ass were almost visible. Over my tits I wore a thin, sexy camisole. Not lingerie exactly, but very slutty. Even looking at myself in the mirror made me wet and horny, and my nipples got hard, poking through the thin material of the camisole.

I put the clothes in, started it, then draped myself over it, so the edge was right against my pussy. As my pussy started to tingle I began to play with my nipples through the camisole, moaning softly, leaning my head back and exposing my neck as I pressed my wet pussy against the metal.

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