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Dominated by Candice Swanepoel – Part 1

Dominated by Candice – Part 1

Candice was watching the whole time while i was getting assfucked like never before. He was spreading my asshole so wide, it just felt phenomenal. His balls slapping all against my butt, i could feel how much cum he had ready for me in those tight balls. After he pulled out, my ass was so open, you could propably put a whole fist in there without a problem, best feeling ever. But i was more excited for what was coming next. Candice was shouting from her chair at me ” get on your knees boy, you gonna get your candy” [ <<< watch pic]. She stood up and walked to us, stopped next to me and was pushing me down by slightly pressing on my shoulder, bringing me on my knees. I was kneeling in front of my man, who started pumping his stiff dick furiously for me.i had my mouth opened and sticking my tongue out, waitings so hard to get feeded. Candice was standing beside me and caressing the back of my head with her left hand, going through my hair. With the other hand she went over my mans body and was kissing him to get him ready to shoot. I was getting so hard while kneeling there and touching candice ass all the time, waiting for that load. When i finally heart that smacking sound when they stopped kissing and he said ” im cumming” and candice made a step back from him , abit behind me, holding my head softly with her hands and saying “give him your cream baby, hes begging for it”. I saw that dick pointing at my mouth and then he started shooting that nut so bad, rope for rope, all in my mouth. It felt so great to have all that hot semen on my tongue. It was so thick , white and creamy, just what i dreamed of. He shot so much cum, like 10 or 12 ropes. My mouth was filled quite good, just the right amount. When he was done with his immense orgasm i wanted to suck the rest out of his dick, but candice stopped me by taking my head with both of her hands and she was coming closer with her head. She slowly spit a big wad of her saliva in my mouth. “Taste this aswell, baby”. She took her finger and pushed some of the sperm in my mouth that went on my chin and my cheek. Then she grabbed my mans dick and squeezed the last drops on her fingers and pushing them into my mouth aswell. She ended by clothing my mouth with her hand softly.” stand up” she said. I stood up, standing right i front of her now. She was looking deep in my eyes.” keep it in there, dont even try to swallow yet”. She went to a drawer in that villa where we had our orgy and pulled out a leash. She came back to me and was putting that leash around my neck holding the chain by herself. She went to the few stairs that were at the entrance of the house. I had to follow her , being on that leash.” on all fours baby” she was telling me. ” on the stairs”.i went down on all fours, my asshole gaping so wide. Candice went back to get something and came big with a big buttplug-dildo, which she just gently pushed into my asshole. It was quite long so it felt really intense to have propably a 20 centimeter dildo inside of me. Then she went in front of me and crouched down to me, looking straight into my face” if it falls out you gonna get punished, so you better watch out babe”. Then she stood up, took that leash and let me walk behind her on all fours with that huge dildo inside my ass that i had to hold inside and the mouthfull of the best tasting semen and spit, that i was not allowed to swallow. She was walking in front of me so i could perv myself up, while watching those high heels and that ass in the bikini piece, my dick all wiggling between my legs, propably the best feeling in the world. She opened the door and walked outside with me on the street, a few meters around the house.nobody was on the street but just the feeling that somebody could see what was going on here, turned me on so much. I felt like a whore so much, just how I always wanted it. Candice was enjoing her domination aswell. Her model-walk just in front of my face was better than I could ever imagine. It hurted a bit to walk over the street on my knees, but I was so horny that I didn't noticed it much. It was really quiet, the only thing to hear was me moaning with my closed mouth and candice dominant high heels walking on the street. We walked like 5 minutes around the house, up the street until we came to a big public place, nobody was around but you could see the beach and that this was normally a much used street. In the middle of the street was a red Ferrari with a huge carhood parking. We walked straight to the car when suddenly like 5 meters before the car, Candice stopped, turned around, bowed down to me and told me to 'stay!' like she would tell a dog. I instantly did as she wanted and she walked to the car. She opened both wing doors up and started loud hip-hop strip music with a strong beat. Then she got out of the car and leaned against the carhood, looking at me [watch pic >>>].

“You have 3 options now baby”, she said.”Number one: You put that dildo out of your ass, stand up and jerk off to me while i will dance for you in front of that car until you cum. You are allowed to swallow whenever you want.” Sounded good to me but I was really excited what the other options were.”Number two: You put that dildo out of your ass, stand up and come closer, lay down on the car hood. I'm gonna lay right next to you and keep spitting in your mouth while I jerk you off until you spray all over my hands.” Wow, that sounded so hot, I couldn't imagine what the third option was, there couldn't be anymore better.”And number three: You crawl to me now, get on the edge of the car hood on your back, spread your legs and let me pull out that dildo. Then im gonna take my hand and finger your asshole the best way you could ever imagine, massaging your prostate. With the other hand I jerk you off and touch your naked body.”

I instantly wnated to say “three” but I couldn't cause my mouth was so full of sperm and her saliva. I just raised my hand and spread three fingers. Candice smiled and said ” come here” as she waved me nearer with her finger. I was crawling towards her, so excited what was to come now. I stopped straight in front of her feet, wearing these ultra hot high-heels, and lokking up her long legs, her tight stomach, along her well pushed tits, into that heavenly face. She smiled, looked down at me and said:” Come on! Stand up little bitch.” She was laughing, what turned me on even more.

She went aside a bit while i was standing up and turning my back to the car hood, still trying to keep that dildo in my ass. Then she pushed slightly on my chest with her right hand, leading me onto the car hood. I was shivering to get touched by this woman, felt so great, even if it only was very little contact. Now I was laying with my back on the car hood, instinctly spreading my legs, cause of the dildo. Candice now got in front of me, so that we can have direct eye contact the whole time. She was smiling, cause she knew what was awaiting me. Then she grabbed the end of the dildo in my ass, but not moving it.” Do you think we have widen your ass enough?”, she asked. I wanted to say no, but stil my mouth was full. Before I could communicate with moving my head, she said:” Oh I forgot, baby. You can swallow now if you want….”

As soon as she had her sentence spoken out, I gulped down this big ball of warm semen and Candice' saliva that I had in my mouth for more like half an hour. It tastes so good and I felt so slutty swallowing down those dirty juices. Candice was impressed with how much delight I ate all that. She said:” I see you are far sluttier than I thought, baby. Then I have something to add to our programm, but I'm not gonna tell you now, what it is.” I was thrilled by the thought of her pleasuring secret, but for noiw she went on. She slowly pulled out that dildo, really, really slow, keeping eye contact to me the whole time. I started to moan slightly and she whispered:”Yeah baby, feel it, get it out…”

The finally it was out and my asshole was spread so wide open, it was really pleasuring just to lie there with such a wide opened ass. She layed the dildo aside and went to the car door. I saw her picking up her smartphone and tipping something in, then she went back and in front of the car , standing in front of me again. She tipped something in with her left hand, while caressing my stomach with her other hand, softly fondling over my body, getting me een more horny. She acted like she was waiting for something and tried to have me stay hard. This went on for 3 minutes when I suddenly heard a silent roaring coming nearer fast. I could hear it was a fast car as it came closer and closer. Candice laughed and said” Haha, she's fast!” She? That has to be another she invited for me. Wow I started shaking a bit cause that got me really excited! Who would it be? What have they panned to do with me? Nearly couldn't even stand the short amount of time I had to wait until the car arrived.

Then finally the car arrived. It was the same red ferrari, I was lying on. The windows were mirrored so I couldnt see who was driving at first sight. The car stopped like 10 meters away from us straight in front of Candice' car, and the wing door opened up. Then I could see the first leg and really hot high-heel coming out of the car, so excited too see who it was. Then finally she was fully out of the car and I couldn't believe my eyes. I went so much harder instantly, cause she was weraing the same pink bikini as Candice and she looked just as stunning as her. It was Miranda Kerr.
[watch pic >>>]

Her tits were pushed up just as much as Candice' and she looked so god damn hot! She walked towards us in her straight model walk, I could hear the steps of her high-heels on the ground what sounded so hot. Candice walked towards her and I thought they where just hugging to say hello to each other, but when they met they grabbed each others ass softly and started tongue kissing with each other, just to say hello. I nearly exploded without even touching myself right now!
Then Candice turned around and they both came walking straight to me. I felt so dominated only by looking at these goddesses.

They stood in front of me and Miranda instantly grabbed the leash that was still on my neck and pulled me up, so that I was sitting on the edge of the car now. She pulled tightly, hurting a bit.”Open up, bitch.”, she talked straight into my face, with a really dominating undertone. I loved that kind of treatment so much. I opened my mouth and Miranda directly spitted in it. She went a step aside and Candice spitted in my mouth aswell.” Taste it! You like it?”, Miranda told me. I swallowed and said ” Oh yes, it is so fucking tasty”, while licking my lips. My uber-stiff dick was waggling down there so much, it has never been more erected than it was right now.

To be continued…

Tell me if you liked it so I keep writing Part 2 😉
Starring: Candice Swanepoel, Miranda Kerr

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