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early morning wake up!

Introduction: my wife and Jenny return from a girls night out. My wife met Jenny about a year ago while we were at a local bar. Since that night they have become pretty good friends despite Bree being 14 years older. Bree, Jenny and Lisa, another friend of Brees, all tend to spend a lot of time together doing all your typical girl things. Anyways as I stated in my first story Bree and I have taken our sex life to a whole new level and this is just another chapter.

About a month ago Bree had one of her girls night out. Normally I end up having a guys night at the same time and we usually end up meeting near the end of the night. But after a long week of work and travel I just didnt feel like going out. So as I sat around watching tv Bree was waiting for Lisa and Jenny to arrive so they could head out and meet the rest of the girls.

When Bree came out from getting ready she was wearing a white mini skirt, a silvery low cut top, and a pair of knee high boots. Again Bree is 56 about 120lbs, long curly brown hair that has a bit of a kink to it, great legs, a perfect bubble butt and great store bought 36Cs! So I figured by what she was wearing they must be going dancing that night and sure enough when Lisa and Jenny showed up wearing what they were I was right. Jenny had on black mini dress that barely covered her ass and a pair of fuck me pumps. Now Jenny is about 51 maybe 100lbs, short light brown hair, and basically just a perfect little body youd expect from some one still in college. Lisa on the other hand has a great body herself but has more of those wonderful womanly curves. Shes got a nice little waist and great ass that you just want to smack every time you can! Shes 54, 125lbs long blonde hair, and real 34Ds. Now she was wearing a knee length form fitting dress with a slit that I swear went all the way to her hip. That dress was definitely showing off her curves and I got instantly chubby looking at her and thinking about how fucking her again.

As they left the house I started second guessing myself thinking I should go out and see the mischief they would cause at the dance club, knowing full well they would be teasing guys to no end. As the night progressed I got tired of watching the basketball game and decided to go to bed about 12am. It was no use waiting up for Bree since I knew she probably wouldnt be getting home until 3am.

It didnt take me long to fall into a deep sleep and I stayed like that until Bree got home. Now its not unusual when Bree gets home from a night out drinking she is extremely horny. Some times she will just masturbate in bed while I sleep but more often then not she will just take complete advantage of me. When she does this Im normally just a zombie and Im at her mercy not fully aware of what is going on. Shell get me hard by sucking me or stroking me then ride me. By now she is so horny that it doesnt take long for her to cum or me for that matter and I fall right back to a deep sleep with her right next to me.

Anyways when she got home that night she climbed into bed and started doing what she could to get me ready for her to fuck. As I was laying there on my back I was more awake then I normal and realized something was different. While I started to come around I noticed that it wasnt Bree sucking on my cock but Jenny! Now my mind is starting to race! Ive never been with another woman since weve been married unless Bree has been there. As Jenny is sucking my cock Im having conflicting thoughts, first was her mouth felt so good I didnt want it to stop, and she gives better head then my wife which until Jenny Bree gave me the best blowjobs! My second thought was I didnt want to do this without Bree. But I began to rationalize that if Bree can fuck Jenny with out me why cant I fuck her with out Bree?! As my desire to fuck Jenny was winning out Bree came out of nowhere and whispered in my ear, she has a talented mouth doesnt she? When I opened my eyes Bree just smiled and kissed me deeply and told me to do what ever I wanted to Jenny!

Now that I was fully awake I let her continue to suck my dick and told my wife to get behind her and lick her pussy! Bree did as she was told and I just laid there in amazement as I was getting my dick sucked and watching my wife burry her face in Jennys pussy! I was getting so turned on I had to tell Jenny to stop or I was going to cum. So I flipped Jenny over and began helping Bree lick her glistening pussy. Her pussy lips were so soft and she had this thick sexy patch of blonde hair shaved in a neat little triangle. It was so erotic lapping up her juices together. We must of made her cum at least 3times like that before I decided to was time to do something else. As Bree kept licking her I got behind my wife and shoved my hard cock deep inside her soaking wet pussy. She was so wet I could see her juices running all over my dick and down her legs and by now I knew she was close to having one of her gushing orgasms. So I reached around to rub her clit while I kept fucking her and within seconds she was cumming all over me. As I pulled out you could see her syrupy cum ooze out of her pussy and drip down her leg and onto the bed. When Jenny saw this she immediately got up to suck Brees juices off my dick then started licking the rest of the cum from her pussy. At this point I stopped Jenny from licking my wifes pussy for a while so I could bend Jenny over the bed and fuck her from behind. As Im grabbing Jennys hips and shoving my dick in and out of her Bree positioned herself so Jenny could continue to eat her. I knew at this point I wasnt going to last much longer so I tried to slow down. But when Jenny began fingering Bree, using two fingers then three and hearing my wife moaning for more, jenny pushed her whole hand in Brees pussy! I know the first time Bree was with Jenny she did this and when I saw it on our camcorder I thought it was the hottest thing Id ever seen. But seeing it in person was a whole other story. At this point I had stopped pumping Jennys pussy and I was just watching her fist fuck Bree! What a great site, Bree had her legs spread as wide as Id ever seen them and she was gyrating her hips as Jennys fist moved in and out of pussy. Before long Bree had one intense orgasm and gushed her cum all over Jennys hand and as she did I finally came and exploded inside Jennys pussy!

As I pulled out of Jenny spent, she crawled up so she could straddle Brees face and my wife started licking her cum filled pussy. I took over for jenny and was now licking Brees juicy cunt and enjoying lapping up her tasty cum. As I looked up I could see Jenny pussy inches away from Brees tongue and as she strained to lick her I saw my cum starting to drip out of Jennys pussy. Jenny got just a touch closer and Bree was licking and sucking feverishly for every last drop of my cum from her pussy! After I finished licking up my wifes cum I sat back and just watched my wife and Jenny explore each other. Besides I need a little time to recouperate. So as I laid there Im watching Jenny straddle Brees face as she is lavishly licking away at Jennys pussy. As my cum is seeping out of her pussy and covering my wifes face Jenny begins to cum and now Brees face is completely glistening with cum! Seeing her like that I just had to kiss her and taste Jennys cum on her lips. Then Bree shoved Jenny on to her back so she could continue to tease her pussy with her tongue and fingers. As Im watching this I realize where this is going as my wife goes from two to three fingers then four. Im now starting to get hard again watching this and finally with Jennys legs spread like a gymnast and screaming for Bree to shove her hand in her pussy, she does! Bree moves her hand slowly at first but as Jenny becomes more relaxed she is yelling for Bree to really fuck her with her fist! So now Bree is very literally fist fucking Jenny and fucking her hard and Im rock hard and going out of my mind watching this. As Bree is fisting Jenny she tells her to start sucking my cock! Who am I to argue with that and I put my cock in Jennys open mouth. As Jenny got close to cumming she really went to work on me! Like I said earlier as good as Bree is at giving head Jenny has her beat, and she was able to time it perfectly to when she was cumming she made me cum in her mouth at the same time and just kept on sucking and swallowing until my dick was done pulsating cum out! When I had nothing left I collapsed onto the bed. And what better way to end the night then to watch my wife and Jenny share my creamy cum during a very passionate kiss and see it run down their chins! Unfortunately all good things must come to an end, as by now we were all exhausted , and we just fell asleep.

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