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I had a buddy a while ago and he would suck my dick from time to time and occasionally I would return the favor. He told me he new a lady that wanted to see. I was sceptically at 1st but one day he invited me over for a afternoon blow job and when I got to his apartment he had a decent looking lady with a big ole ass on the couch in a corset with all the trimmings and he had on a tight t-shirt and some by cut shorts. I don’t know exactly what they were doing when I arrived but it looked interesting.

I wanted to just walk out the door but the interest in what was happening over took me. I kinda walked in the room he closed the door behind me and she said ‘I wanna see’. He started to unzip my shorts and 8 inches of hard chocolate dick came out. He began to suck as she positioned herself to get a clear view of his mouth engulfing my dick. From the things she was saying, I could tell she had never seen a man suck dick live before. From the way she was finger fucking herself, I could tell she was happy to finally get the chance to view a male to male blow job….LOL…after he sucked for about 20 minutes and she was ready to cum, they got in a 69 position he on bottom she on top and I started to fuck her from behind. She was a squirter and she let loose cum on my dick and in his face at least 3 times. He gave her some cum in her mouth early in the 69 and she never stopped sucking his cock. When it was time for me to cum I pulled my dick out the pussy and put it in his mouth and let him swallow every drop like he likes. She loved it.

It wasn’t hard to tell I was a pawn in their game for the day because about 20 minutes later. She started to suck this chocolate dick, they 69 again with her on bottom him on top and she had a clear view of my dick going in his ass. From the sounds she was making, I could tell she found that erotic, I released my cum shortly after he did and I must admit I did love the feeling of her rubbing my dick on her face as I was cumming.

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