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EXIT 33 –Trusting More

EXIT 33 — Trusting More

After chatting with you over the computer and ‘hearing’ a story that you made up on the spot, I turned back over and drifted back to sleep. I had a smile of satisfaction on my face as your sweet countenance once again occupied my dreamy sleep. The aftereffects of your story on my body soon had me ‘asleep’ and once again dreaming.

After releasing your hands, I help you descend from the upper bunk. You now stretch out, on your tummy, on my lower bunk. While we are just talking about what has happened, I begin idly stroking your bare skin from head to toe. Your low talking slowly changes into whispers of about how relaxed you feel while I am stroking your back. Your whispers change into deep moans and sighs and your breathing changes as my long fingers once again probe your womanhood. Not surprising, I am finding you very wet. All that I am seeing and feeling is making me that much harder again. I have not yet cum even one time since we parked the truck, showered, ate dinner, and made you squirt from the upper bunk. Quite simply, woman, you and your body have made me horny and I want some pussy. NOW.

While I am getting into position behind you, you are changing positions also. You are raising up and presenting your rear end to me, with your ass up, chest down, and cheeks spread. I am getting in behind you and rubbing my cock head all over your wet pussy and along your dripping slit. Finally … at long last … I am changing my angle and sliding my cock deep into your hot, wet core. I am ‘balls deep’ in one swift stroke. My balls are bumping against your clit as I am thrusting hard into your pussy. I am wrapping my arms around you, with one hand squeezing and tugging on your breasts as my other hand reaches to stimulate your clit. The sensations I am feeling from my cock to my brain are ever changing. You are now repeatedly contracting and releasing your inner muscles. One, two, three hard strokes and I am losing my control. I am cumming hard deep, DEEP inside you as my balls clench tightly in orgasmic release.

Quickly withdrawing my softening cock, I am turning you over onto your back and getting into a 69 position above you. You are sucking clean our mixed juices from my cock as I am starting to suck and lick your pussy clean. You are begging me to make you cum again and I stick two finger inside you and feel for your g-spot. I can feel you tense up in frustration from wanting to orgasm again, but I am continuing to rapidly finger your g-spot for a minute more and thus denying you that moment of relaxation you need to squirt once more. You have become rather vocal in your horny pleas for some orgasmic relief. You remind me that you had given me your trust to light your body up with orgasmic delight. I am trying.

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