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Family Christmas 2

Between Christmas and New Year Emma and her parents went to work each day while Steve stayed at home or visited friends. One day Steve came home and overheard his parents talking.

Id love to go Dave. Im getting excited just thinking about it. His mother said.

Dave sensed that his wife was about to finish with but we cant go and he interrupted her.

Its been a long time, and youd enjoy it Maureen, you know how much you enjoy all that attention and I enjoy watching you ….. His fathers voice went quiet and Steve did not hear all of what he said.

I know we havent been to one for a long time but Dave we cant go. What would we tell Steve and Emma?

Well tell them weve been invited to a New Year party. Its the truth. Im sure theyve got things theyd love to do together.

Im sure they have. Maureen knew what it was that her son and daughter would do together if they had the chance.

Well Maureen, thats it. Its decided. Were going.

Steve and Emma will want to know where were going, and theyll want to know why theyre not invited.

Well think of something to tell them.

No Dave, we cant go. His mother said firmly.

Maureen, well tell them that were going to the nudist club party. Emma wont go, she hasnt set foot in the place all year and Steve isnt a member anymore and wont be allowed in.

Steves mother said nothing. She was thinking about her husbands suggestion.

Steve was curious and knew that if his parents were going to lie to him and Emma as to where they were going then they must have a guilty secret. But he knew that his parents would not tell him everything if he just asked. There was only one thing he could do. He walked in with a broad grin on his face.

It sounds like it will be a good party, its a pity Emma and I cant come. Said Steve.

Errr. What, ….. the er ….. the nudist club party. His father said hesitantly.

Steve looked at his father.

Nudist club party! No, I dont think so! I was in the hall listening. I heard everything.

Steve saw the colour drain from their faces and knew that he was on the right track.

I never knew that you were into that sort of thing. And you dad, so you enjoy watching mum. Wow! The things you find out about your parents!

Promise me. You wont say a word to Emma? His mother asked.

His mothers answer confirmed his suspicions.

Emma wont mind. Shes not innocent.

Steve! Dont say such a thing. His mother exclaimed.

You know its true. She lost her virginity years ago and she was never innocent. Said Steve.

Youre right. Shes been to bed with a whole lot of people but innocence and Emma were never in bed together. His father said.

Steve decided to go for the jackpot question.

How long have you been swingers?

His parents looked at each other and gave each other the smallest of guilty looks.

Years. Before you were born. His father said.

Steve had won the jackpot.

Whose party is it?

Linda and Bill.

WOW DAD! Shes your sister. Can I come?

Steve, now stop being silly. You know you cant come. His mother said.

Im serious. Why not?

WHAT! You want to go to a swingers party with your parents. His father said.


I dont believe this is happening. Steves mum mumbled as her husband phoned his sister.

All three of them heard the ringing tone, and they listened to Lindas answer phone message before Dave recorded his message to his sister.

Hi Linda, its Dave your loving brother. Thanks for the invitation, Maureen and I will come to your New Years party. Now dont be shocked but is it OK if Steve comes? Bye.

Dave turned to his wife and son.

Ive got work to do. If the phone rings it will probably be Linda, Ill answer it in the office. Said Dave.

You shouldnt have done that. His mother said after his father had gone up to his office.

Done what? Asked Steve.

You shouldnt have listened to our conversation and come in like that.

Why not! I enjoy sex. You and dad enjoy sex with other people, why shouldnt I join you?

Its not right. Its bad enough that you and Emma do things together, and now you want to come to a sex party with us.

They heard Emma come in through the front door.

Quiet. Dont say a word to her. His mother said.

Oh mum, shes not an inno ….

Emma heard Steve talking as she came into the room and knew that he had stopped in mid sentence and that something was wrong.

Hello. Emma kissed her mother on the cheek and looking at Steve she mouthed whats wrong?

Steve gave a small shake of his head and mouthed later, but Emma could not contain herself.

Mum. Is this about Steve and me?

No. Its nothing. We were just having a private conversation. Her mother replied.

Mum! Its about Steve and me isnt it? Were both consenting adults and if dad does find out about us then …

Just at that moment the phone rang, Emma was furthest away from it and expected Steve to answer it but he didnt move.

Are you going to answer that? Asked Emma.

Its probably for your father. Hes expecting Linda to phone him. Her mother replied.

Emma was standing behind the kitchen door when her father came in and he did not see her.

Its all agreed. Linda was a bit surprised but she says its OK for Steve to come to the party. All we have to do now is to decide what to tell Emma. Dave stopped talking and saw the look on his wifes face. Emmas here isnt she? He added.

Emma pushed the door. Hi dad. Tell me what?

Linda and Bill are having a swingers party and were all invited. Laughed Steve.

Go and phone your sister again and ask her if Emma can come? Their mother said resting her head in her hands.

The conversation over the evening meal was very different from their usual mealtime conversation.

How did you start? Asked Emma.

Your dad and I talked about spicing up our sex life with other people but did nothing until we met this couple. We werent sure so we just watched a porno movie with them. Their mum said.

We met them again and went with them to a stag and hen strippers show and a group of us went back to their house. Their father said.

I didnt expect an orgy, just talk and a drink. Their mother said.

We watched a porno movie, and it was all getting a bit hot with the people around us getting undressed and having fun. Their father added.

I was shocked. We had only gone to the club to see the strippers, not to go back to their place and take part in an orgy. Their mother repeated to emphasise the point.

Your mum undid the top few buttons of her dress and showed a little bit of bra.

I was shy.

The husband was standing next to us with his cock being sucked

By his wife? Asked Steve.

No someone else. Replied his mother.

And we did the same.

Id sucked your dads cock before but never with people watching. Their mother said.

I undid a few more of your mums buttons and the husband put his hand inside her dress.

It was nice. I was enjoying it.

I was enjoying watching them, and somehow we swapped places.

He helped me out of my clothes and knelt in front of me and licked my pussy. Said their mother.

That sounds nice. Emma squirmed in her seat.

Steve smiled because he knew how much his sister liked cunnilingus.

And youve been doing it ever since. Added Emma.

Yes. Their mother smiled broadly.

So what about you two. Their father asked.

Emma and Steve looked at each other.

Weve done things, had fun, messed around. Said Steve.

What with each other? Their mother pretended not to know.

Yes. Emma glared at her mother and waited for her father to get angry.

Dont be angry with them dear. Ive known for ages. I thought it was best just to let them grow out of it. Their father said.

Emma and Steve were surprised by their fathers statement.

How long have you known? Their mother sounded shocked.

Eighteen months. The summer before last on our last family holiday, we went into town leaving Steve and Emma in the villa. I returned to the villa to ask them to join us for lunch and was inside looking for them and saw them having sex by the pool. They didnt hear or see me, I watched them fuck and walked quietly away then rang the doorbell pretending Id forgotten my key.

You watched your own son and daughter having sex with each other? Exclaimed his wife.

Yes. You know how much I like watching. Ive watched you with other men and seeing Emma and Steve fuck was very exciting.
Oh! Their mother said.

A sense of relief came over Emma and Steve.

I also saw them the other night in Emmas room. On my way back from the toilet I heard them. Emmas door wasnt closed properly and I watched.

You both kept the same secret from each other. Mums known about us for a long time, she has this annoying habit of finding us in bed together. Emma laughed nervously.

From now on we should be more open with each other. Their father said.

All right. I have a confession. Your son touched my backside this morning and I enjoyed it. Said Maureen.

Emma says you enjoyed my finger tips going between your bum cheeks. Steve smiled at his mother.

I especially liked your fingers going between my bum cheeks. I was doing my best not to smile and encourage you. I enjoyed seeing your erection as well.

From what Ive seen it is impressive but is it as big as mine? His father took his own penis out and massaged it to erection.

Steve was very happy with the compliments from his parents but felt embarrassed at seeing his father standing and playing with himself and his face began to feel hot.

And Emma, you have a very beautiful body and you are very, very sexy. Her father said.

Emma stared at her fathers penis and blushed just like her brother.

Steve felt mums and my bottom at the same time. Said Emma.

So Steve who has the better bottom? His father asked.

I only felt mums through her night-dress and Emma was naked so it wasnt an equal comparison. Replied Steve.

Steve you must conduct a proper test. Ladies! Skirts up, panties down. Dave said to his wife and daughter.

Emma looked at her mother for encouragement and watched her unzip her skirt and pull down her panties revealing a neatly trimmed narrow strip of dark brown pubic hair. Standing Emma removed her jeans and panties revealing her clean shaven pussy.

Emma you have a beautiful cunt. Her father said while still playing with himself.

Hearing her father use the word cunt shocked Emma and made her very excited.

Steve was naked as well, and he had an erection. Their mother added.

Take your clothes off Steve and get yourself an erection. Their father said.

Steve removed all of his clothes and Emma smiled because he did not need to play with his penis like his father to make it erect. Steves mother stared at his erect phallus. Dave moved closer to his son and they compared sizes only to discover that they were identical in size and shape.

Dad, I think we should both perform this test on their backsides? Said Steve.

Good idea son. You start with your sister and Ill start with your mum.

Emma bent forward over the table and offered her backside to her brother. Putting both hands on it Steve felt its smooth round shape and as he had done before he slipped the tips of his fingers between her bum cheeks. Their father did the same to their mother, smoothing both hands over her backside and then slipping his fingers between her bum cheeks. Both Emma and Steve watched breathlessly as their mother moved her feet apart and their father moved forward and pushed his penis between her legs.

That feels nice. Their father said.

They watched as their father fucked their mother and copying them Steve guided his penis between his sisters legs and fucked her.

Steve, lets swap places now. His father said.

Their father pulled his penis out of his wife and Steve took his penis out of his sister, but before he moved away Steve knelt, kissed Emmas backside and licked her pussy. His father saw him and did the same to is wife.

Standing in front of her son Maureen offered him her backside. Steve touched it and slipped his fingers between her bum cheeks while his father did the same to Emma. His mother felt Steves penis on her backside and moving her feet apart he slipped his penis between her legs. His mother was very wet and Steves penis slipped easily between her pussy lips.

Emmas heart beat fast as her father put his hands on her backside. His hands felt rougher than Steves and she enjoyed the feel of his fingers between her bum cheeks. Almost immediately her father pushed his penis inside her.

Kneeling Steve kissed his mothers backside and stretching out his tongue licked her pussy and Emma waited for her father to do the same to her.

Lets all go up to our bedroom. Well be more comfortable there. Said Maureen.

Maureen lead the way followed by Emma and Steve while Dave turned out the lights.

Is the bed big enough for all of us? Asked Emma.

Maureen smiled.

Its plenty big enough for the four of us.

You sure?

Weve had four people on here many times.

Emma lay back on the bed with her mother kissing her on the lips, not the kiss that she usually got from her mother but wet lovers kisses. Moving down to her daughters breasts Maureen sucked hard on her nipples while Steve moved behind his mother and easing his penis between her legs he pushed it deep into her pussy.

Their father came into the room and went straight over to Emmas legs which she moved apart allowing him to put his penis inside her. Steve came first shooting his cum deep inside his mother. He moved over to Emma and kissed her on the lips and with all the attention she was getting Emma came next moaning loudly.

Emma and Steve sat together and watched their parents fuck. They were turned on and began to fuck each other. The four of them sat together on the bed when they had finished and Steve leant over and put his hands between his mothers thighs, lifting her knees she parted her legs and he ran his fingers across her pussy lips.

Youre sticky.

Your cum and your fathers cum caused that.

Emma parted her legs and everyone put their hands towards her pussy. Steve got their first.

Youre sticky as well.

Same reason as mum. Emma said.

I enjoyed that. Im going to wash. Emma kissed everyone and got off the bed.

Ill join you. Her mother said.

When they were alone, Steve and his father sat against the headboard.

Sleeping arrangements tonight. Steves father said.


If you stay in here with mum tonight Ill go in with Emma.

I like that idea.

Emma and Maureen liked the sleeping arrangements and before Emma and her father left the bedroom for Emmas room Steve asked.

Dad. Have you ever done anything with your sister?

Yes. Hes fucked her on a number of occasions. Said Maureen.

Is that why you never got angry with Emma and me? Steve put his arm around his mothers shoulder.

Maureen felt relaxed and at ease and sucked her sons penis.

Maybe it is and maybe I had another reason. She replied.

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