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Family Christmas 3

Emma and Maureen walked carefully from the bedroom to the bathroom where Emma picked up a cloth and cleaned her brothers and fathers cum from her thighs and wiping around her pussy parted her lips and wiped inside. Meanwhile Maureen sat on the toilet and immediately the sound of her piss hitting the water filled the room.

I enjoyed that! Maureen said to her daughter.

What, the piss or the fuck?

Well, I enjoyed both but I was thinking more about the fuck. Maureen laughed.

Have you done it before? Emma asked her mother.

Hell no! Maureen replied.

Maureen spread her legs and wiped the water droplets from her pussy. Emma looked at her mothers breasts and as her mother stood Emma touched them.

Your breasts are very firm. Emma said gently rubbing her mothers nipples.

They swapped places and picking up another cloth Maureen wiped away her husbands cum and sons cum while Emma sat on the toilet. Now the sound of Emmas piss hitting the water filled the room.

Youre full of surprises. Whenever I imagined you and dad having sex it was only with each other, never with anyone else.

You imagined us having sex?

Yes loads of times. Doesnt everyone imagine their parents fucking?

No, I dont think so. Maureen sounded surprised.

Oh! I thought everyone did. Emma said vaguely. I watched you last summer.


I recorded you and dad fucking by the pool.

You recorded it! I hope you havent shown it to anyone.

I sent a copy to Steve.

No one else I hope?

I think he put it on the Internet.

WHAT! Oh no!

Its all right. Its only from the back. No one will recognise you or dad.

I hope not. Ill have a word with Steve and ask him to take it off the Internet.

Other people will have seen it and probably made copies by now.

Whos made copies?

I dont know.

Are these people local?

Not necessarily, people any where in the world could have made copies.

So people on the other side of the world could have a copy of your dad and me fucking? Maureen liked the idea of people on the other side of the world seeing her fuck.

Yes. Emma replied.

Steve can write to them and ask that they send their copies back to him.

Its the Internet its not like that.

Well, I hope youre right that no one can recognise us.

Ill guarantee that no one can recognise you. Emma said confidently.

Emma hugged her mother, their soft naked bodies pressed firmly together in loving embrace.

So did you enjoy fucking your son? Emma grinned.

Yes, I did. Maureen replied with a big smile across her face.

Thank you. Emma said.

What for?

Every time that you found Steve and me in bed together you could have made life hell for us but you didnt even get angry. Did you know what we were doing?

Of course I knew, but you always got on so well together and I couldnt really stop you.

Why not?

Because your father and his sister fuck each other like a couple of rabbits.

Do they! Dad and Linda fuck each other! The randy pair of siblings! Arent you jealous.

Why should I be jealous, your father and I fuck other people and he knows that if he had an affair behind my back Id kill him.

They both laughed.

Would you like to spend the rest of the night with dad? Maureen asked.

What you really mean is that you want to spend the night with Steve.

Well yes. If you dont mind.

Why should I mind, Steves not my boyfriend hes my brother.

Lets ask them.

Theyre men of course theyll agree.

Steve and Dave were sitting on the bed leaning against the headboard, masturbating.

Masturbation makes you go blind. Emma said.

No, it doesnt. Steve replied pumping harder.

We have a suggestion. Dave said smiling at his wife and daughter.

We have a suggestion too, but you tell us your idea first. Maureen said staring at her sons penis as he masturbated vigorously.

We thought that you might like Steve to stay here with you and Ill go with Emma to her room. Dave said to his wife.

Thats exactly what we were going to suggest. Emma said.

Emma looked at her fathers erect penis as he got off the bed knowing it would soon be buried deep inside her. Maureen got onto the bed next to her son.

Dad. Have you ever fucked your sister? Steve asked.

Maureen and Emma smiled at each other.

Theyre always fucking. They go at it like rabbits. Maureen answered for her husband.

Is that why you never got angry with Emma and me? Steve asked as he put his arm around his mothers shoulder and guided her towards him.

Maybe it is and maybe I had another reason. Maureen felt relaxed and at ease and leaning forward put her hot moist lips around the tip of her sons penis.

Night mum. Night Steve. Dont do anything we wouldnt do. Emma grinned as she and her father walked out of the bedroom closing the door behind them.

Steve was in heaven lying back on his parents bed with his mum sucking his cock.

Fuck youre good at this. Steve gasped and closed his eyes. Every time his mother sucked on his penis she bobbed her head and he expected to shoot his cum into her mouth. She moved slowly and then quickly and then slowly again and with each suck she tasted his pre-cum.

Now your turn to use your tongue on me. Maureen lay back beside her son and spread her legs.

Lying between his mothers legs Steve placed his hands under her thighs and eased the tip of his tongue into her pubic hair and onto her slit. His mother gripped the headboard above her head while Steves tongue played on the most sensitive part of her body. Steve tasted her juices as they flowed from her into his mouth. Rubbing the bridge of his nose against the top of her beautiful slit he slowly buried it between her lips and rubbed his face and head around her fleshy opening until he was soaked in her juice.

Maureen felt the bridge of her sons nose rub against her most sensitive spot and she gripped the headboard tighter as her body went rigid with an orgasm. She was in heaven.

Oh fuck! Maureen exclaimed.

Do you want to fuck now? Steve looked up from between his mothers legs, across her firm breasts to her smiling face.

No! You just carry on doing that down there. Maureen exclaimed breathlessly.

Steve buried his nose into his mothers cunt once more and his face became wetter from her flowing juices. Closing her eyes Maureen spread her legs wider and clinging onto the headboard her body once again became rigid. Stopping only to reposition himself Steve continued until his mother put her hand onto the back of his head and guided him upward. He moved slowly along her body kissing it all the way up to her mouth. Their lips met and Maureen tasted her own juices and swallowed as she fiercely kissed her son.

In that bottom drawer are four leather straps, get them out and secure me to the bed. Youll find a blindfold in there as well.

Steve strapped his mothers wrists and ankles to the four corners of the bed and placed the blindfold over her eyes. Maureen was now at her sons mercy. Steve did not waste time, he rammed his rampant penis deep inside his mothers vagina. He was rough and clawed at her breasts, squeezing them hard in his hands. The bed rocked violently with each thrust, the headboard banging against the wall.

Harder! Fuck me harder and tell me how bad I am. His mother shouted.

Youre a slut and a whore. Steve said angrily as he rammed his long rigid penis deep into his mother.

Lifting his mothers backside off the bed he spread her arse cheeks apart and smeared her own pussy juices down across her backside. He rubbed his finger around her rear hole and slowly teased it inside. Her hole became bigger and he pushed his penis against it until it too went inside. His mother groaned, first with pain and then with pleasure.

You fucking slut, do you like this? Steve demanded of his mother.

Ye . . . Maureen never finished because her son eased his penis out from her anus and rammed it into her again repeating the action again and again until he ejaculated inside her.

Im going to wash my penis and when I come back Ill fuck you again. He said looking down at his sweating helpless mother.

On his way back from the bathroom Steve listened at Emmas bedroom door to his father and sister fucking. Opening the door he saw Emma on her back with her legs apart her arms held firmly on either side of her head by her fathers strong hands. They both looked across at Steve as they fucked.

Come here Steve. Emma opened her mouth and ran her tongue around her lips to show him what she wanted to do to his beautiful cock.

Kneeling on the bed Steve lowered his penis into his sisters mouth. She sucked hard and Steve felt his penis become firmer in her mouth. Putting his legs on either side of his sisters head he lowered his penis into her mouth. Emma looked up into her brothers eyes and he looked into her eyes. All this time their father continued to fuck Emma.

Dave came first filling his daughter with his cum and then Steve deliberately came inside her mouth. Emma swallowed.

Wheres mum? Emma asked.

In her room, strapped to the bed. Steve replied.

Is she OK? Emma sounded concerned.

Oh she loves being strapped to the bed. Lets all go in and see her. Their father added.

Emma had been pinned in the same position for too long and Steve helped her hobble into their parents bedroom behind their father. There she saw her mother blindfolded, naked and secured by four leather straps in the shape of an X to the corners of the bed. Placing a finger to his mouth Dave indicated to his son and daughter to be quiet. He moved carefully onto the bed and making sure that his penis was hard he eased it between his wifes cunt lips.

Steve, where have you been? Maureen moaned as the penis forced it way into her.

Dave mouthed the words come here and answer her to Steve.

Emma gave me a blow job. Steve said standing next to his father.

Ill have to have a word with my daughter. Shes stopping you from fucking me.

Do you like this? Steve asked.

Yes. Maureen sounded very relaxed and smiled.

Emma got onto the bed and sat astride her mothers head.


Would you like to taste my cum filled pussy?

Yes please. Maureen said sexily.

Lowering herself onto her mothers mouth Emma felt her mothers tongue part her pussy lips. Whose cum can I taste? Maureen asked.

Dads. Emma replied.

Steve touched his mothers breasts and leaning forward ran his tongue around the much darker areola and sucking hard on her nipples pulled them between his teeth until they were long and hard. With her son tugging on her nipples and her husband fucking her and her daughter sitting over her face Maureen was very aroused and she pushed her tongue between her daughters puffy wet lips and brought her to orgasm. In the process Maureen swallowed the cum that her husband had deposited there. Emmas cunt was sore from all the attention it had received and she lay across her mothers chest with her hair falling across her face, Steve ran his hand through Emmas hair and gently touched her cheek.

Are you alright? Steve asked.

My pussys sore. Emma smiled at him.

Can I bugger you then? Steve smiled back and kissed her on the lips.

You might as well youve been everywhere else. But be gentle.

Resting her head on her mothers breasts Emma raised her backside and felt Steves penis brush against her pussy lips as he fingered her anus. It took longer for Steve to get Emma ready than it had his mother but eventually he pushed his penis into her backside. It hurt Emma and she squeezed on her mothers tits as he entered her. Because of her blindfold Maureen could only guess the scene around as her husband fucked her and her daughter squeezed her breasts.

At the end of the family fuck feast Emma needed help to get back to her bedroom. Her father carried her, placed her on her bed and covered her with bedclothes and climbed into bed beside her. Her father went to sleep almost immediately but Emma took much longer.

In the other bedroom Steve removed his mothers retaining straps and snuggled up against her back. Maureen pushed back against her sons chest, her backside resting in his lap. Placing his arm around his mother she cupped his hand firmly against her breasts. His penis stiffened against her backside and Maureen eased it between her bum cheeks and smiled to herself as she drifted off to sleep.

The following morning Emma and her mother sat facing each other across the kitchen table.

What a night! I hope I recover before Linda and Bills party this weekend. Emma said.

Youll be OK by then. Have you got anything to wear to it?

Probably not. I dont have anything sluty enough. Emma smiled.

Ill treat you and Steve. Well go out and Ill buy you both something suitable.

The following day Maureen, Emma and Steve went shopping together.

Mum, what about these? Steve stood infront of a clothes rack full of Basques.

The shop was empty except for a female assistant who had overheard Steve say Mum and looked up to see what sort of mother went into a sex shop with their son. Emma and Maureen stood next to Steve and looked through the selection of clothes.

Maureen checked the price tags. Do you like any of them?

You need something that wont restrict my access to your breasts, pussy and bum. Steve said with a smile.

The shop assistant helped Emma select Basques from the clothes rail.

Would you like to try these on? The changing rooms in the corner.

The assistant pointed to a purple floor to ceiling curtain. Selecting three Basques Emma walked towards it while Maureen and Steve moved to a rack of mens sexy shorts and shirts.

Holding up two pairs of shorts Steve asked the assistant. Can I try these on?

Weve only got the one changing room so you can either go in with your sister or wait till she comes out.

Steve made his way over to the curtain and spoke to Emma. From the centre of the shop Maureen and the assistant watched the curtain open and Steve go behind it.

Youre the first customers Ive had all day. I was about to close early and go home.

Youre the fifth shop weve been into today and my feet are killing me so Im pleased you were open.

The assistant locked the front door and put the closed sign on it just as Emma opened the curtain and walked towards her mother. What do you think?

The assistant looked admiringly at Steve and remembering that he wanted easy access to Emmas breasts, pussy and bum walked over and put her hands onto her breasts.

The material cupping the breasts is soft it pulls down easily. The assistant put her fingers into the top of the Basque and eased it forward revealing Emmas breasts. The cups tuck underneath like this allowing your breasts to be free.

Ooo. That is nice. Steve said.

Behave yourself. Your not at home now. Emma replied.

And along here are poppers so you can reveal your delightful pussy also. The assistant slipped her fingers into the Basque and enjoying the feel of Emmas soft warm body took her time before pulling at the poppers revealing her pussy and bum.

Steve rubbed his finger along his sisters slit. That is nice.

The assistant was getting turned on as she stared at Steve rubbing his sisters pussy and wondered what they might do next. She looked at Steves penis and saw it stiffening in the black fish net shorts.

And the shorts also have sections that peel off, one front, one back. The assistant put her fingers onto the front panel and pulled. Steves penis sprung free hitting her hand. Emma put her hand onto Steves hardening penis and the assistant stared as Emma guided it to her pussy lips.

Well buy them. Maureen said as she watched Emma and Steve and added quietly to the assistant. What if someone walks in.

The doors locked and no-one can see in through the window displays. The assistants face was going red as she realized what Emma and Steve were about to do.

Your son and daughter get on well with each other.

Yes they do. Maureens voice was shaky.

To Maureens relief and the assistants disappointment Emma and Steve closed the curtain and Maureen shouted to them to hurry up and get changed because they still had to buy food.

That evening Emma and Steve showed their new outfits to their father who approved of them.

You both look fantastic and I think well all have a wonderful time on Saturday.

And with that Emma and Steve went up to Emmas bedroom and went to bed.
Oh! Their mother said.

A sense of relief came over Emma and Steve.

I also saw them the other night in Emmas room. On my way back from the toilet I heard them. Emmas door wasnt closed properly and I watched.

You both kept the same secret from each other. Mums known about us for a long time, she has this annoying habit of finding us in bed together. Emma laughed nervously.

From now on we should be more open with each other. Their father said.

All right. I have a confession. Your son touched my backside this morning and I enjoyed it. Said Maureen.

Emma says you enjoyed my finger tips going between your bum cheeks. Steve smiled at his mother.

I especially liked your fingers going between my bum cheeks. I was doing my best not to smile and encourage you. I enjoyed seeing your erection as well.

From what Ive seen it is impressive but is it as big as mine? His father took his own penis out and massaged it to erection.

Steve was very happy with the compliments from his parents but felt embarrassed at seeing his father standing and playing with himself and his face began to feel hot.

And Emma, you have a very beautiful body and you are very, very sexy. Her father said.

Emma stared at her fathers penis and blushed just like her brother.

Steve felt mums and my bottom at the same time. Said Emma.

So Steve who has the better bottom? His father asked.

I only felt mums through her night-dress and Emma was naked so it wasnt an equal comparison. Replied Steve.

Steve you must conduct a proper test. Ladies! Skirts up, panties down. Dave said to his wife and daughter.

Emma looked at her mother for encouragement and watched her unzip her skirt and pull down her panties revealing a neatly trimmed narrow strip of dark brown pubic hair. Standing Emma removed her jeans and panties revealing her clean shaven pussy.

Emma you have a beautiful cunt. Her father said while still playing with himself.

Hearing her father use the word cunt shocked Emma and made her very excited.

Steve was naked as well, and he had an erection. Their mother added.

Take your clothes off Steve and get yourself an erection. Their father said.

Steve removed all of his clothes and Emma smiled because he did not need to play with his penis like his father to make it erect. Steves mother stared at his erect phallus. Dave moved closer to his son and they compared sizes only to discover that they were identical in size and shape.

Dad, I think we should both perform this test on their backsides? Said Steve.

Good idea son. You start with your sister and Ill start with your mum.

Emma bent forward over the table and offered her backside to her brother. Putting both hands on it Steve felt its smooth round shape and as he had done before he slipped the tips of his fingers between her bum cheeks. Their father did the same to their mother, smoothing both hands over her backside and then slipping his fingers between her bum cheeks. Both Emma and Steve watched breathlessly as their mother moved her feet apart and their father moved forward and pushed his penis between her legs.

That feels nice. Their father said.

They watched as their father fucked their mother and copying them Steve guided his penis between his sisters legs and fucked her.

Steve, lets swap places now. His father said.

Their father pulled his penis out of his wife and Steve took his penis out of his sister, but before he moved away Steve knelt, kissed Emmas backside and licked her pussy. His father saw him and did the same to is wife.

Standing in front of her son Maureen offered him her backside. Steve touched it and slipped his fingers between her bum cheeks while his father did the same to Emma. His mother felt Steves penis on her backside and moving her feet apart he slipped his penis between her legs. His mother was very wet and Steves penis slipped easily between her pussy lips.

Emmas heart beat fast as her father put his hands on her backside. His hands felt rougher than Steves and she enjoyed the feel of his fingers between her bum cheeks. Almost immediately her father pushed his penis inside her.

Kneeling Steve kissed his mothers backside and stretching out his tongue licked her pussy and Emma waited for her father to do the same to her.

Lets all go up to our bedroom. Well be more comfortable there. Said Maureen.

Maureen lead the way followed by Emma and Steve while Dave turned out the lights.

Is the bed big enough for all of us? Asked Emma.

Maureen smiled.

Its plenty big enough for the four of us.

You sure?

Weve had four people on here many times.

Emma lay back on the bed with her mother kissing her on the lips, not the kiss that she usually got from her mother but wet lovers kisses. Moving down to her daughters breasts Maureen sucked hard on her nipples while Steve moved behind his mother and easing his penis between her legs he pushed it deep into her pussy.

Their father came into the room and went straight over to Emmas legs which she moved apart allowing him to put his penis inside her. Steve came first shooting his cum deep inside his mother. He moved over to Emma and kissed her on the lips and with all the attention she was getting Emma came next moaning loudly.

Emma and Steve sat together and watched their parents fuck. They were turned on and began to fuck each other. The four of them sat together on the bed when they had finished and Steve leant over and put his hands between his mothers thighs, lifting her knees she parted her legs and he ran his fingers across her pussy lips.

Youre sticky.

Your cum and your fathers cum caused that.

Emma parted her legs and everyone put their hands towards her pussy. Steve got their first.

Youre sticky as well.

Same reason as mum. Emma said.

I enjoyed that. Im going to wash. Emma kissed everyone and got off the bed.

Ill join you. Her mother said.

When they were alone, Steve and his father sat against the headboard.

Sleeping arrangements tonight. Steves father said.


If you stay in here with mum tonight Ill go in with Emma.

I like that idea.

Emma and Maureen liked the sleeping arrangements and before Emma and her father left the bedroom for Emmas room Steve asked.

Dad. Have you ever done anything with your sister?

Yes. Hes fucked her on a number of occasions. Said Maureen.

Is that why you never got angry with Emma and me? Steve put his arm around his mothers shoulder.

Maureen felt relaxed and at ease and sucked her sons penis.

Maybe it is and maybe I had another reason. She replied.

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