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Fear, Insecurity & Lust In the 'Old South

He'd suspected for some time that his wife was carrying on with one of their slaves; a big, well-muscled field-hand by the name of Samuel.

Why he didn't put a stop to it, which he could easily do, he couldn't really say for sure. He'd heard the local rumors of other plantation owners wives or daughters 'dabbling' with the occasional male slave. It was by no means an uncommon occurrence for the occasional bored white wife do such a thing. Nor was it uncommon, he reminded himself, for a husband, equally bored with his wife, to finagle around with one his female slaves! There were mixed-race c***dren on practically every plantation in the South! (Thomas Jefferson, himself, had fathered several c***dren with one of his female slaves.) This was a not-so-well-kept secret of the Antebellum South!

But, as he rode his horse towards Atlanta, on his way to do business with a local merchant looking to buy some of his tobacco crop, he kept glancing back to where the main house was. He could barely see it through the line of oaks, but each time he caught sight of it's bright whitewashed walls, he thought of his wife, Nancy—and Samuel.

As he rode, he pictured the scene, clearly, (and in exquisite detail) in his minds eye. Samuel was tall, and Nancy was shorter, petite, and as alabaster white, as Samuel was a deep, rich shade of dark brown. What a contrast they would make together! Samuel's large, strong hands, would stand out starkly against Nancy's naked, pale flesh and slender body. The thought of that excited him all the more for some reason, and as he imagined Samuel eagerly, lustfully, hungrily running his hands over Nancy's nakedness, he, her husband, felt his cock stiffening in direct response to these mental images!

'What kinda man am I,' he asked himself as he rode on towards Atlanta, 'that finds himself excited at such thoughts?'

He had no answer, except for the swelling sensation in his groin, and the increase of his pulse rate; and that had been his reaction ever since he first suspected Nancy of 'whoring' (was it really that?) with Samuel! Rather than being filled with rage and revenge, he had purposefully ignored these clandestine goings-on, and, by doing so, he had made himself just as complicit by encouraging them, by 'pretending' not to know what was going on!

The ride into Atlanta was over an hour, and in that span of time (so he reminded himself) Nancy and Samuel would be able to fully enjoy one another's company to their heart's content! Again, as he thought of Nancy giving herself, freely, to the lustful attention of Samuel, he felt that strange ache deep down inside of his heart; but the 'ache' was not entirely a painful one. Rather, it was strangely pleasant to him.

He found the idea that Nancy enjoyed Samuel much more than she enjoyed him, her husband, made the ache burn all the hotter, and that, in turn, contributed to his stirring erection!

Alone on the road, his mind was whirling with images of Samuel's much larger cock as it found Nancy's inviting, indeed, eager vagina; and as he let that thought course through his mind, he pictured Nancy clasping her legs and arms around Samuel's muscled body as his cock slid deeper, and deeper, and deeper, into her warm moistness, and once inside of her, the rest was easy to imagine!

"Ah, God WHY?!!" He suddenly cried out in that strange blend of agony, as well as excitement. "Why, Nancy? Why?!"

The only sound, the only answer, if you could call it that, was that of a crow cawing in the distance.

He had a good idea as to the answer to his question, of course. How many times had he heard other slave owners like himself speculating on why white women, even gentile white women, such as Nancy, would copulate with a black man? It was a simple answer! BLACK MEN SEEMED ALMOST UNIVERSALLY HAVE MUCH BIGGER COCKS THAN WHITE MEN!! This was the rumor that plagued slave holders like him the most!

His own cock was definitely 'undersized!' It was such an irony to him that this was the case, and not just for himself, but for many of his fellow slave owners! They told themselves that whites were 'superior' to blacks (even The Bible declared this), and yet, Samuel was apparently many, many times the Superior over him when it came to sexual prowess! The fact that Nancy preferred Samuel to him in bed was the undeniable proof of this!

He stopped and got off the horse, and tying it securely to a low hanging tree branch, he walked into the trees till he found a secluded place where he could not be seen from the road; and then he unbuttoned his slacks—and fetching out his smaller cock, he began to stroke it with his hand.

As he stood there doing this, he kept picturing Nancy and Samuel, on the very same bed (that had originally been his mother and fathers long ago). He could imagine Samuel driving that massive black cock in, and out, in and out, in, and then out, of Nancy's eager vagina.

He could almost hear her moans of pleasure, as she took each stroke. 'Oh—Samuel!' He could imagine her saying, as that huge, black cock slid inside of her, filling every nook and cranny with the thick bulk of Samuel's (far superior!) cock: "Oh–YES!! YESS!! YESSS!!!"

'Oh, Nancy!' He thought 'I LOVE you! I'm sorry, though, that I've never been man enough to satisfy you as you've always wanted!'

As he silently assented (and by no means was this the first time he had done so!), to his quite obvious sexual inferiority to Samuel, he felt strangely—excited—in being honest about himself in this regard!

'Samuel's the better man for you, Nancy! I admit that. But I do love you so very much! I'm, I'm—sorry I'm not the kind of man you obviously have in Samuel. So,' he looked down at his small, but by now, fully erect cock in his hand, 'I 'aint gonna put a stop to you seein' Samuel. If he makes ya that happy, then, then I'll pretend nothin's happening.'

Then, as he came to this conclusion, he began shooting his sperm; and as he did, it spurted out the end of his cock in a series of surprisingly powerful bursts!

"Uuugh, yes!!" He said, repeatedly, and gasping with the strangely exquisite pleasure he was feeling, as he continued to stroke his small, pale white, cock!

When his frustrations had been assuaged, at least for the present, he went on into Atlanta.

Later, back at the plantation, he saw no sign of Samuel. Nancy greeted him with her usual brief kiss on the cheek. There was nothing warm or affectionate in it. There never was. It was entirely perfunctory in nature. Though cold towards him, he could detect a glow about her. He knew that she had enjoyed her hours with Samuel. He could almost smell Samuel's scent on her as she kissed him on the cheek.

He went to change clothes after the ride into Atlanta, and as he did, he pulled the heavy bed spread back and leaned over and sniffed the sheet; and he immediately caught the distinct aroma of—of sex! Nancy's rich scent was obviously there, but there was another scent there as well. It was Samuel's, of course!

'Oh Nancy! Nancy!' he thought. 'I'm SO sorry for failing you as a husband, as well as a man in general!'

He sniffed the sheets again, and then he smoothed the covers, and finished changing clothes.

When he saw his wife later, in the kitchen directing the cooks, he wanted to tell her that he knew about her and Samuel, and wanted to assure her, and to assure Samuel, as well, that they had nothing to fear from him; that he would not be putting up any sort of resistance to their trysting, either now, or in the future! But the moment, unfortunately, didn't present itself that night. Perhaps it would later? He'd be patient and wait. Yes, he'd be patient, and wait for the right moment!

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