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Film Anyone?

It is a warm, fragrant night and I suggest we go to the cinema. Hurrying to the bedroom, you put on black high-heeled sandals, a short, red skirt, no underwear and a black tight top, showing off your sensuous body. You come back to the living room, twirling around, showing me your outfit, the lust you can see in my eyes sending shivers of excitement down your spine.

We arrive at the cinema. It is a late show and the theatre is sparsely populated, but not quite empty, so we take a seat in the back as the lights go out and the film begins.

I rest my hand on your thigh, sensing the dry warmth emanating from your soft, smooth skin, and then squeeze it, feeling the supple muscles. I watch your face, noticing the naughty twinkle in your eye as you realise we will not be actually watching the film. My hand moves slowly up, fingers barely touching, fluttering over your skin. I reach the hem of your skirt and you respond by spreading your legs, all the while pretending to watch the film but not really registering the flickering images, your mind already consumed by what is to come.

My hand continues to creep up, pushing your skirt higher and higher, and you automatically spread your legs wider and wider. My fingers are hovering, barely touching the faintly pulsating skin, teasing you. I keep moving up until your skirt is bunched around your pelvis and my hand is poised over your smooth cunt, not yet touching it. I rest my hand there, feeling the anticipation building inside you and the moisture oozing from within you, while the air slowly fills with the intoxicating, heady scent of your sex and the sound of your shallow, rapid breaths.

When I finally lower my hand to cup your throbbing pussy, you let out a soft sigh of pleasure, closing your eyes, no longer pretending to watch the film as your lips part and your tongue slides out to slowly lick them. You embrace the moment, reaffirming my control of your body as you completely relax and feel the glow of your trust in me flooding you yet again. My fingers find your eager, dripping cunt, and easily slide in, while applying pressure to your clit with the heel of my hand, massaging it. Your juices cover my fingers as they roam deeper inside you, fucking you faster and faster. I suddenly slide them out, causing you to whimper and plead me with your eyes to continue. Instead, I let you taste yourself. You suck hard on my fingers, relishing the taste of your nectar, knowing how much I enjoy seeing you embracing your sexuality.

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