Finally Satisfied

I am lucky to be married to the most sexual woman I have ever come across, but it made me wonder about her sisters. She has three of them, one in particular who blossomed into a wonder of beauty before my eyes. With no brother in their life, I had now become very close to them. Every so often the flirting would get steamy, with my hands passing on her ass or with her rubbing her ass on my cock. She would sometimes even rest her big 36c breasts on my hand, knowing the effect it had on my cock.

We will call her, Candy. It was late one afternoon and I had just finished the plumbing in the bathroom, when Candy, unaware of my presence, or so I thought, came into the bathroom. She dropped her towel and stood in the shower. Here I was on the floor, looking at this gorgeous beauty.
Her legs were silky smooth, as my eyes traveled upwards so did my crotch until they rested on her ass. It was so sweet so lovely that I licked my lips, knowing how tight she would be, still being a virgin and all. She bent over slowly, her thighs parting enough for me to see her pussy lips gently pulling apart. I could see that she was wet.

I let out a moan, as I could not take the strain on my cock anymore. I had to release it. She then turned and looked at me. I read her eyes, they said, ‘Fuck me.’

I got up and walked over to her, planting a long kiss on her lips, as my cock stuck her in her belly whilst my hand traveled to her moist cunt. The other was on her breasts, pulling at her big nipples.

I whispered in her ear, telling her how long I’d been waiting on her pussy. As I said that, I felt my hand being soaked a little more, as she came on my hand. I pushed her against the wall and planted kisses all over her, sucking on her pussy which was so sweet and swollen.

She then took hold of my cock and began slowly stroking it. I just wanted to melt as her hands, so soft, so delicate, rubbed my cock. I lifted her onto my cock and she leaned against the wall, as my dick slid into her virgin pussy. She wrapped her feet around my waist and I began slowly, then quickened the pace each time she came.

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