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Finding Travis Ch. 04

On Sunday morning Travis decided he needed to take a real hike. He'd been walking five to eight miles a day between work and school but he wanted to see what his pack was going to feel like on his back with his gear inside. Loading it with all his stuff and then throwing in a few bricks to simulate the weight of food he geared up, filled his water bottles and made a few PB&J sandwiches. His destination was Silver Sands State Park. Google maps said it was about six-miles, one way and he was out of the house by nine that morning.

An hour into his hike his phone buzzed; something that never, ever happened.

“If you aren't working come over. It will be worth your walk :)”

Travis grinned and threw his arms overhead, acting as if he had just one a ten-round fight. “Yesss!”

“Be there about 11. I was on my way to Silver Sands.” He hit send and hung a right and headed toward the water. He wasn't certain exactly where she lived but if he stayed near the road that paralleled the beach, he'd find her place eventually.

Two hours later a sweaty and red Travis thunked his military backpack down on the front porch and rung the bell.

“Good morning Travis,”

“Hi Mrs. Kennedy.” She saw him give him the once over. “Sorry ma'am, I'm sweaty. I was out for a hike when Rachel texted.”

“That's fine. Come on in. Do you want something to drink?”

“I would love something,” he said stepping in to her pristine home.

As usual Mrs. Kennedy looked as pretty as ever. She was a very attractive woman and Travis thought she was one of the nicest moms he'd ever met. He sincerely enjoyed being with her. He toddled behind through the wide corridor and Tracie led him toward the back of the house. Upon entering the kitchen he stopped. It was immaculate. Although the house itself was really old, the Kitchen appeared as if it had come out of one of those magazines about old houses. The cabinets looked had that old time look to them but in fact were brand new. The counters were some kind of stone although he had no clue what it was. Even the refrigerator, stove, dishwasher and every other appliance he saw looked brand new. He stood awkwardly looking around and taking it all in.

When Tracie saw him she smiled. “Have a seat Travis. Here, she pulled out a chair. Sit at the bar. That way we can talk.”

“Thanks Mrs. Kennedy. Your house looks really nice.”

She smiled one of those motherly smiles. “Thank you. Rachel told me you live over by the hospital. Is that right?”

“Not exactly. I live on Remington. It's about a mile from the hospital and it's not in the nicest part of town,” he answered honestly.

“I know that area. Can't say I've been there in a while but I have a general idea where you live. And you live with your dad?”

“Yes ma'am.” She handed him a bottle of Coke and a glass filled with ice. “My sisters are older.”

“And your mom passed away?”

“Yes. About ten years ago. I miss her.”

“I'm sure you do, sweetheart. That must be hard.”

“It's getting easier but I miss her.”

“I can't ever be your mom Travis but if you ever need something I want you to ask me. Will you do that for me?”

He smiled feeling grateful and a little shy. “Yes ma'am. You know,” he said filling the glass and watching it fizz, “I was thinking the other day that I bet you were a great mom.”

“Oh Travis. That is the sweetest thing anyone has said to me in a long time.” She put her hand on his and squeezed it gently. “So you will ask if you need something? Promise?”

Travis grinned. “I promise.” He downed the entire drink in one long gulp.

Tracie kept talking and handed him another can. “Well I'm glad you were able to come over. I wanted to get to know you a little better. I thought we could have lunch with Rachel and her dad. I'm glad you are free. Rachel tells me you work?”

“Yes ma'am. Part time at a 7-Eleven.”

“Good for you. There's nothing wrong with working heard. It's becoming a lost value anymore. If you work hard you will go far in life.” She watched him down a second glass. “My goodness. You were thirsty.”

He grinned. “I guess I was.”

“Well come with me. Let's get you cleaned up.”


“Come Travis.” She snapped her fingers already walking back toward the front door. Travis jumped to his feet and followed her upstairs and into her bedroom. It was even more impressive than Miss Rachel's room. The room and closets were all larger and it looked like another one of those rooms out of a magazine.

“The shower is in there and I'll get you a towel. Take your time.”

“Thank you Mrs. Kennedy. I was feeling kind of grubby. Especially being in your nice home.”

He had such a cute smirk that she couldn't help but like the kid. Ten minutes later after letting gallons of steaming hot water run over him and lathering up with the best smelling soap he stepped of the shower and toweled off. When he walked into the bedroom with the towel wrapped around his waist Mrs. Kennedy sat in a rocker in the far side of the room.

“Feel better?” she asked.

He grinned. “That felt great!” he said with unabashed sincerity.

“I'm glad. Come here and sit by me.” She pointed to the floor and Travis sat in front of her rocker.

Without prelude she asked, “Do you know what I like about you boy?”

He inwardly smiled at her description of him. “I have no idea.”

“I think you fit perfectly in our home. I mean, if no one had told me you weren't my son I think I'd have to second guess myself.”

“You're funny,” he said easily.

“Why is that?” She tousled his hair.”

“You make me feel very comfortable. I don't know why but you do.”

“Now that is a compliment. Maybe it's because you think of me as your new mom. A boy needs a mom you know. Everyone does.”

“Maybe,” he answered thoughtfully.

“Well for whatever the reason I think you fit in with how we do things here just perfect. Stand up Travis.” She snapped her fingers again.

He did and she tossed his robe aside. He watched while she examined his plastic prison and casually felt his balls.

“This suits you,” she added.

“It does?”

“Oh yes! You belong in one of these. It fits you perfectly. And you look so handsome with it on! How does it feel?”

“It's pretty comfortable except when I get excited.” He didn't know why but he wasn't feeling self-conscious standing here. There was something about her that made him feel at ease, so much so he felt compelled to ask.

“Mrs. Kennedy?”

“Yes?” She was still inspecting his appliance making certain he wasn't getting any abrasions. She could see he was aroused inside as it was as stiff as a board.

“I have no idea why I feel the need to ask but would you like me to pay you some special attention?” As soon as the words were out of his mouth he felt his face flush and knew it was approaching cherry red.

Tracie looked up. Her smile was bright and she looked so beautiful. “Why my little boy, what a nice gesture. What made you think to ask?”

“I don't know. For some reason I felt like it was something you might want.”

“What were you thinking? I mean what do you think I might like?”

By now she was standing. As with Miss Rachel, she stood a few inches taller than Travis. “I – I don't know.”

“Well you must have had something in mind,” she said teasingly. She stroked his cheek.

She was so sexy. “Well, all I've done with Miss Rachel and Miss Nikki was to take care of their bottoms.”

“And you think I might want the same kind of care? Is that what you're trying to tell me?”

“Kind of,” Whatever initiative he had shown initially was now replaced by an intense bout of nervous apprehension. Yet as he stared back into her beautiful eyes and saw her staring back at him with such confidence he knew he'd do whatever she ever asked of him.

“See what I mean,” she commented while stepping out of her heels. “You must be the son I never knew I had. Either that or you have spent a lot of time talking to my oldest. I realize you haven't because he's in school but if I had to wonder I'd have to think you two were twin sons of different mothers,” she giggled.

“Now help me out of these panties my little one.”

Travis unzipped her dress letting it fall to the ground and pulled down the cotton undergarment. Her strong legs greeted him when he knelt and as soon as they had come partway off; her dark mound of hair faced him. Travis momentarily forgot his objective.

“Sweetie, we aren't going to spend time there.” Her voice remained motherly and approachable.

“Oh, I'm sorry Mrs. Kennedy. It's just… just that you are so pretty down there.”

“I am, aren't I? Thank you for noticing.”

When Tracie had been prepared she walked into her closet and returned wearing four-inch stilettos.

“Wow!” Travis said unashamed at expressing what he felt.

“I want you to lie on your back Travis. You can lay right there.” She pointed to the middle of the room.

He did. That's when Tracie straddled his head. “Are you ready?”

He nodded eagerly.

“You really are one sweetheart of a boy. Now take your time. No one is going to interrupt us.”

She squatted. Travis watched as her pucker closed the distance and slowly found its way to his mouth. She ended up squatting to the perfect height. She was right there; not pressed against him but not so far away that he couldn't reach. But she was far enough he had to close the final fraction of an inch and come to her. It's probably how she wanted it. He had asked to do this and now it was his duty to please her the way he knew she'd expect.

He extended his tongue and stroked her. Like Miss Rachel and Miss Nikki before, Mrs. Kennedy let out one of those erotic moans. He kept going and soon felt her hands resting on his chest and ribs.

“Oh sweetie, you feel wonderful. You really do belong right there. It's who you are now,” she sighed.

Travis listened, absorbing her words but not understanding all she meant. He licked and then concentrated on penetrating her. Tracie responded with words of appreciation and encouragement. After about ten minutes she stepped out of her heels and sat fully on him. Intuitively knowing precisely where he was under her she made certain his tongue had no alternative but to rim and probe.

Travis felt her fingers pinching his nipples and massaging the muscles on either side of his cage. Her touches and constant words spurred him on. Soon he was all the way in. Tracie pushed as if to have a bowel movement allowing her sphincter to open even further. Travis now had free access to her opening.

The fact that he had opened her so easily both amazed and pleased her and she sighed lustfully. “Oh Travis. Oh baby. Oh my,” she moaned. “Oh sweetie, you are so beautiful and talented. Oh baby, baby, baby!”

Tracie wanted to give him her other part. God she wanted to make him eat her but to do so would violate every principle of training she had ever read or abided by. But this boy was something special. He was eager and selfless and giving and so unbelievably naïve. He was still without expectations and completely moldable. It took everything she had to reign in her lust and stay where she was. She reached for her cell and took a selfie, making sure she got enough of Travis in the photo. She moaned again just as she hit send.

“Don't hurry :)” said the text.

When Rachel received it she held the phone up for her dad to see. “I think mom wants us to run another errand or two Daddy.”

Brent grinned and rolled his eyes. “Your mother is something else.”

“She's with Travis. He's that boy that I've been hanging around with at school.”

“Nice boy I hope?”

“Would he be doing this if he wasn't?” She turned her phone displaying the pic back for her dad to see. “You'll like him daddy. He's really unique. Super smart and will do anything I tell him.”

“Sounds like a good guy.”

“He is. And he's going to hike the Appalachian Trail in a few weeks.”

“Good for him. That's a big undertaking.”

Meanwhile back at home Tracie reinforced her dominance. Travis had been at it for about twenty minutes and by now her knees were killing her from the continuous squatting. “The boy would stay here for as long as I let him,” she supposed.

“OK baby. I need to move. My knees aren't twenty years old anymore. Slowly Tracie leaned forward providing Travis with a view of her pucker. She had felt the relaxing of her hole so she took her time moving to give him a good look at his handiwork. She wanted him to come to appreciate what his tongue could do, even though his role using it had been severely limited. Leadership was a tricky business sometimes as was training. Tracie had made her share of mistakes in the past but those errors were things of her distant past. She knew how the boy under her thought and functioned. She understood his need for approval and the power a simple word or glimpse could hold to one in his formative stages.

“Mmmm, you do know how to make me feel god boy. Thank you for offering to service me.” She moved off his body and sat on the floor with her back to the side of the bed. Travis rolled her way to get up but stopped when he saw her sitting. His eyes quickly migrated from looking at her attractive face to gawking at dark mound that gazed back at him between spread legs.

“You like looking at my pussy don't you?”

Almost in a whisper he replied. “Yes Mrs. Kennedy I think you're beautiful.”

“Maybe someday you can have a real taste but for now, a boy like you hasn't earned the right to spend time there.”

“But I was already there,” he said almost sadly.

“Yes you were licking my pee is very different than having me use your tongue in the way I'm thinking. You aren't ready to be used like that boy. You have to put your time in learning the ropes before you are given that privilege. Maybe after we get to know one another better I might want to cram your face up against me, but I'm not going to do that today.” She saw the overt disappointment on his face and smiled inwardly. He wanted her and that was the seed she wanted to begin germinating in his mind.

“OK Mrs. Kennedy. Whatever you say.”

She smiled, almost forcibly so, and held out a hand. “Help me up Travis. When she stood she gave him a hug and offered him one of her breasts. “Kiss me.”

He did and Tracie fondled his balls letting him spend a long moment at her nipple. “Now get dressed and run along downstairs. You can wait in the room just off the hallway. I'll be down in a minute.”

He left and soon sat on the floral sofa. On the coffee table before him his eye caught the title of the few items sitting there. 'Loving Femdom Marriages' was the title of one and next to it was a magazine entitled 'Dominant Women. He picked up the book. Just then he noticed another book on the far side of the end-table. It was titled, 'Raising Dominant Daughters'. As Travis paged through the text he marveled that there were actually books about women being in charge. “This was who Mrs. Kennedy and Miss Rachel and Nikki were,” he thought. They were the dominant women the author of this book referred. He hadn't ever heard of the term. “So that's what they are,” he said rhetorically. “Dominant.”

He ruminated on the word. He liked it. It fit with his new-found friends and it really fit Mrs. Kennedy. He let out a gasp as more dots were connected. “Mistress Tianna must be one too!” Travis smiled. He had somehow gotten mixed up with at least four females who all held to a similar philosophy. Continuing to page through the book he looked at the pictures and read a few captions. There were pictures of confident women, and with them were men who looked equally content but always in subservient positions. He wanted to read all 259 pages right now. Travis found his penis hard and pressing against the inner walls of his tube with all its might.

“I see you found some good reading material.”

Looking up Travis saw Mrs. Kennedy. There wasn't a hint she'd ever sat on his face just a few minutes ago. She was dressed, primped and beautiful “Is this who you are?”

“What do you mean Travis?”

“Are you a dominant woman, Mrs. Kennedy?”

She smiled, making him melt within. “Yes I am,” she said still standing to the right of the handsome boy sitting on the sofa.

“And is Miss Rachel and Miss Nikki dominant too?”

“Yes they are or at least I hope they end up being dominant. And so are the other twenty or so friends of Rachel.”

Travis stared wide-eyed in a vain attempt to grasp the scope of her words. “Really? That many?”

“Oh sweetie, you have no idea how many. Our women's club in town is filled with so many ladies like me who have daughters like Rachel.”

“Why haven't I ever heard of this before?”

“Maybe if your mom was still alive you would have. I think you happen to live in circles that were outside of the likes of the women I happen to associate. But that's OK. You understand now. Or at least you're starting to understand.”

Travis stared off thinking about his mom. He had only fond memories of her and in many ways Mrs. Kennedy reminded him of her in even though they lived in different socio-economic brackets that were worlds apart. Brief clips passed through his conscious as he considered the possibility.

She watched Travis expression suddenly lose its intentness. “Did I say something wrong baby?”

“Oh, no Mrs. Kennedy,” Travis said. “I was just thinking about what you said and about Mom.”

“What about what I said?”

“I think maybe she was like you in some ways,” he said finally.

“How is that?”

“There are things about you that remind me of her.”

“Like what?” She asked suddenly interested.

“A couple of things, and one thing I never told anybody about.”

“It's OK for you to tell me about your secret,” she sat now and wrapped an arm around him. “What is it? Tell me sweetie. Tell Mrs. Kennedy what you've never told anyone else.”

He leaned into her ever so subtly and spoke. “When I was younger I remember mom and dad always sleeping with their bedroom door open in the summer. It got so hot in our house that the only way to cool it off was to open all the windows and let the breeze blow through the front and back windows. Anyway, I remember getting up one night to use the bathroom. There was a noise coming from their bedroom and so I peeked in. I remember seeing dad lying between mom's legs; kind of the way I was between Nikki's except mom was on her back.”

“What a sweet picture that must have been Travis. I'm so glad you were able to see that. It sounds like you mom and dad were very much in love.”

He looked up at her. “I remember hearing mom saying things real quietly to dad. She was talking to him in the same way you were talking to me when we were upstairs. That's what made me think of my mom – the way you talked to me when I was making you feel good.”

Tracie smiled and kissed his head.

“I think your dad was pleasing your mom down there in that most special of all places. I'm sure she wanted him to be right there. I'm sure about that Travis.”

“I guess so.”

“Isn't it interesting how that memory from so long ago has never left you? You know, there was a reason it hasn't” She grasped his chin and brought his gaze to hers. She wanted him to look at her while she spoke. “I believe when we have poignant moments like that come into our lives they do so for a purpose. I think that memory has been working away inside you so that when you and my Rachel met you would be ready to serve as her special friend.”

“And Nikki's friend too?”

“Yes Travis. As friends to all of us.”

“That's interesting. I never made the connection. You know even though I saw them do that I mostly remember mom bossing dad around.” He smiled. “Dad always reminds me of that now.”

“I bet he tells you that because he misses that part of her. Even when those closest to us pass on to the next life the ones left behind will remember the most impactful memories for years after.”

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