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Fiona's First Time Ch. 02

There she stood, eggs in her gorgeous hair (which she'd just washed that morning – why had she thought she needed to loo nice for him?), custard in her top, eggs in her bra and bean in her panties… She couldn't believe that the fantasy she'd had for so long was finally coming true, and was even better than her wildest dreams.

Henry was now stood in front of her, smiling at her messy state, and she realised he was looking at her with pure lust in his eyes – a glance down revealed to her that he was very excited at what he saw. He squeezed a little of the chocolate syrup from the bottle in his hand into his mouth, and licked his lips… Fiona sighed slightly as she realised things were taking a much more intense direction.

He suddenly pointed the syrup bottle at her, and squeezed it hard. The brown sticky sludge came flying out and splashed her right in the chest – splattering across her top and her cleavage, trickling very slowly down inside, and across her breasts. As it hit her she gasped in pleasure, and he began to direct the spray downwards, coating the front of her skirt and then aiming at her bare legs. The chocolate sprayed over her thighs, knees and shins, and then he emptied the bottle over her lovely new shoes – she wished for a second she'd worn some old ones, then gave in to the gloriously sexy feeling of ruining something so nice.

Henry smiled as he saw her resigned to destroying everything she was wearing, and told her to sit down. Fiona looked around herself, and saw that there was only one chair in the kitchen, and it had a huge black forest gateau on it. She bent down to pick up the cake, and realised she'd just flashed her messy bottom at Henry! Remembering he'd seen it already when he'd coated her pert buttocks in beans, she blushed, and didn't hear what he said next. “Sorry?” she said?

“I said, don't move the cake, I left it there on purpose. Now take a seat” he said. She felt another little pang of arousal as she realised he was taking complete charge over things, and also over her… but she smiled as she put the deep, creamy cake down on the chair again, and turned back to face Henry.

Smiling at him, she started to slowly lower herself down into the creamy thick layers on top of the cake. The excitement and the anticipation of how it was going to feel against her legs and bottom was so intense, she actually cried out when she heard Henry say 'Stop!'

'No!' she screamed – but she did stop, as she felt it wouldn't be right to disobey him; after all, he was fulfilling her fantasy, and her greatest fear at this point was that he'd simply stop doing it, and make her leave. (Part of her wondered what it'd be like to be kicked out of the house as messy as she was then, part of her even wanted it to happen, but she realised it'd be crazy. One day, maybe… she thought).

“Take off your panties,” he ordered. Had she heard him correctly? He wanted her to strip off? “Leave the skirt, but loose the knickers.” Shaking slightly with a combination of embarrassment and arousal she slid her hands up under her skirt and slowly lowered her bean-filled underwear. Baked beans dropped out all over the place, over her chocolatey shoes, down her long, naked legs, onto the floor, but she could tell from the sensations that some of them were plastered against her cool skin, under the skirt. She dropped her panties to the floor and stepped out of them. She was trembling now, as she realised what he had in mind for her next. The idea of sitting down into that thick and creamy cake, and feeling it oozing around all her most sensitive areas, with nothing to get between her and the spongy mess was driving her crazy, and she got into position to lower herself onto it again.

“Just a second” he said. What could he want now? She was impatient to get on with it… and with a gasp she realised just how involved she had become in this sloppy, sexy session. “Pass them to me” he ordered. “Pass what?” she replied, with a sinking feeling – she knew what he meant. “Your knickers, give them to me” he asked, holding out his hand.

Fiona decided she was going to truly enter into the spirit of it this time, and give Henry a shock and a thrill. Instead of simply kneeling down and picking them up, she turned around so her back was to him, bent at the waist, and with her legs ramrod-straight, touched her toes. She glanced back at Henry as she did so, and smiled to herself as she saw his eyes tracking up her messy legs, splattered with chocolate syrup, custard, beans and raw eggs before his sight-line made it to her bottom – her skirt had ridden up enough to hint at what lay beneath it, but it didn't brazenly show him everything. Then she picked up her filthy panties and slowly straightened up.

Turning back to face him, she walked over to him and stood inches away from his face. She could feel his hot breath on her neck and a glance down revealed the effect she'd had on him was just as intense as ever. Suddenly she had an idea – ignoring his outstretched hand she grinned and slid the gooey knickers into his jeans pocket, pushing them all the way inside before then laughing and skipping back to the chair. She realised it had been rather tricky to get them into his pocket, almost as if something was already in there, blocking the way. With a start, she figured out what that was – and she realised she was even more excited by the knowledge that he was enjoying it almost as much as she was…

So there Fiona stood, with her once-lovely clothes all filthy with messy food, her hair ruined and sticky, gunge dripping from her face down between her breasts… And she'd just slipped her gunged knickers into Henry's pocket, inadvertently groping him in the process.

She stood over the chair, legs either side of it, and hitched her messy skirt up slightly to make herself comfortable for what lay ahead. Slowly lowering her bare ass towards the deep gooey cake, she closed her eyes and tried to imagine how it'd feel as it flowed slowly over her ass and pussy. Suddenly she felt the first hints of the whipped cream topping brushing the back of her thighs and her ass, and she gasped at the idea of the fact that she was doing this. She couldn't help herself as she pulled her skirt up right around her waist, slid her knees apart and sank her pussy right down inside the cake while Henry watched in awe.

She moaned as the cool creamy topping gave way to warm stodgy cake filling, the feeling of it against her most intimate areas was just incredible. Her fingers began to smear the crushed cake along her inner thighs and up her stomach, pushing the once-clean top up to reveal her stomach to Henry's eager gaze. He couldn't resist any longer, and reached over to help her rub in the cake crumbs, and also slip the tight top further up, revealing the bottom of her bra to his hungry eyes and eager fingers…

She sighed again as his nimble fingers began to tease her hardening nipples through the soggy cotton of her bra, and she pushed her chest out to encourage him to continue. henry didn't need any more hints, and pulled her top off over her filthy red hair, dropping it in the growing puddle of slops on the floor. Fiona couldn't believe she was now wearing nothing more than her bra, shoes and a thick layer of food in the kitchen of a practical stranger, and she found it even harder to believe that she wasn't concerned in the slightest. In fact, she was so aroused at the feelings she was experiencing, and at the sensation of submitting to his every whim that she was beginning to lose control of her inhibitions. She kicked off her shoes to feel the goopy puddles on the floor under her bare feet, and curled her naked toes up to squeeze the custard and syrup mix around, it was like being licked by a hundred tongues all across the soles of her feet… She wanted to feel the same thing all over her body.

But first she decided that henry was too clean, and too dressed (at least compared to her) and something would have to be done about that. She lunged towards him and reaching behind took another carton of custard from the work surface. She was pleased to see he's already opened it, her hands were far too slippery to get a decent grip on it. She reached down to undo his belt, and pop the top button on his jeans. Sliding the zipper down over the obvious bulge in the front, she dropped the jeans to the floor amid the mess and made him kick them off. She then trampled them around in the slops until they were soaked through in a mix of all the slimy mess. She then bent over to pick them up, knowing Henry would be gazing at her breasts as they pushed her bra forward, and not caring that he was staring into her mucky cleavage. She stood up, dangling the filthy denims and threw them back at him. Before he could figure out what she had in mind, she pulled open the waistband of his straining boxer shorts, glanced inside, and with a smile began to pour.

Fiona's aim was true, and as the cool yellow slime began to flow over Henry's dick, he gasped in pleasure and she was pleased to see him stiffen up even more as the goo began to coat his balls too, before running out of the shorts and down his legs to his feet. At that point, she told him to put the jeans back on, which he struggled to do. Fastening them up, he discovered that they were now much tighter, and much more form-hugging now they were sloppy with food. He looked down and smiled as he realised he was almost as on-show now as he had been with just his shorts on.

Fiona's next trick was to crack half a dozen of the eggs over his head, just as he had to her. The yolks and whites poured down over his hair and face, soaking into his shirt and plastering it to his body. Fi smiled again as she dug her nails into the slimed fabric and simply ripped it from his chest. His filthy body came into view and she balled up the destroyed shirt and threw it in the bin. Next she yanked his jeans down to his ankles, and his shorts came with them, being stuck to the soggy denim. She realised she was kneeling at his feet with his cock just inches from her face, and gazed at it for a second, before straightening up and looking into his eyes.

Since he was now naked in front of her, he decided to level the scores, and grabbing the kitchen scissors, sliced through the straps on Fi's bra, letting it drop from her pert breasts before kicking it aside.

Now both naked, they stood and revelled in the sight of one another, before Henry took her by the arm and lowered them both to the floor amongst the slops and gunge that had fallen from their bodies earlier. Fiona loved the feeling of it all against her naked flesh, just as she had when her feet had first touched it, and she lay down and revelled in the sensations of the gunge caressing her back. She couldn't help herself and began to roll around in the slops, she wanted to feel it on every inch of her naked skin. Henry began to help her to coat herself in it, and caressed her curves with his messy hands as she began to feel the first hints of the approaching orgasm… she wanted to give in to the feelings completely….

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