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Firm business meeting?

Gloria was in her late 30's. Light-skinned black woman. 5' 8" slim w/ a nice ass. Cute, friendly face w/ a friendly disposition to match. Shoulder-length curly hair that caught one's attention as much as her booty when she walked away; Gloria knew they were watching, too. She enjoyed flirting and seeing men get all excited and bothered in her presence as she spoke to them, winking like a tease.

Gloria had married young, had a daughter, worked as a clerk…but her husband didn't appreciate Gloria after awhile, and wasn't much of a provider. This needed to change, and since he wouldn't Gloria divorced him when her daughter left the nest. Went back to school to learn about Business, something she could work her way up into a more lucrative and interesting position.

She earned an Associate's degree, landed a job working for an Accounting department, then a larger one after a year, and then a prestigious brokerage company two years later. Gloria was still basically a glorified file-clerk, but she was earning more in a few years w/ her degree than 15 years at her old occupation. Plus she'd learned more about trading stocks and bonds assisting clients, which would certainly come in handy later on. She also enjoying dressing up for her job; her slim, shapely figure looked good in suits.

Today she was in a quarterly meeting in a room she'd never been inside before. On the tallest floor of the building, windows letting in glorious sunshine from one side, lighting up the white-clothed table before her. It was an odd room to Gloria; before entering she'd expected dark, expensive wooden walls, paintings of elderly men, a formidable table Vikings might feast upon. This room was warm and inviting, it looked as if a buffet might soon be served. Perhaps it might; this meeting was one of thanks for everyone's efforts.

Eight men sat around the table, four to a side. Next to each sat an Executive Assistant; Gloria was one, a recent promotion. She now had a few people under her, a new feeling she intended to keep and cherish. All the Assistants were female, younger than Gloria; one was 19 and fresh from campus after graduating a year early. Gloria was a bit jealous of these women, considering how quickly they'd risen earlier in life, but "better late than never" she thought. They were all polite, well-spoken, very nice…a bit prim, in Gloria's mind.

At the head of table stood the President, congratulating the seated men for their efforts in securing new clients for the firm while retaining their prized, older clients who'd contributed so much to the firm's success over the years. He'd began his talk with the following cryptic message: "I know it'll be hard for you to focus up here, but I would like to genuinely thank you gentlemen for your invaluable work so far."

Gloria frowned: why would it be hard? The company President was an appreciable man who never gave a speech that was anything but direct, never long-winded. She scanned the faces around her, curiously. Her fellow Assistants seemed engrossed on the President's words, or were jotting quick notes. The men were relaxed; leaning back in their chairs, several w/ eyes-closed.

"Wow, are they really focusing, or taking a nap?" Gloria thought. "In finishing up gentlemen, before I leave you…" the President intoned, and Gloria reached for her stylus to record what she thought might be important; in her haste, the pen rolled off the table, fell from her lap and under the clothed-table. Great, just what she needed: to make a fool of herself in her first "Big Meeting."

No one seemed to notice; the President continued along in his warm voice, but motioned Gloria hadn't interrupted in any way. She looked to her left at the Junior Partner she'd been assigned to this past month; a kind, late 40's man who'd been given his new title the same time as Gloria's. She thought him sweet and gentle, wondered if he'd harbored a flicker of desire for her as she'd grown for him in the short time they'd worked together. He saw her predicament, quietly indicated he couldn't reach what she'd dropped; Gloria lifted the cloth up gently, saw the stylus half-way across where she sat…she'd have to practically crawl under to retrieve it.

Gloria snaked her body under the cloth, trying somehow to be discreet. She wanted to be quick, at least. Grabbing the stylus, she was about to resurface when she briefly looked ahead and stopped (nearly bumping her pretty head in surprise.) This is what she saw:

The bespectacled Assistant, originally from Japan, had her Partner's penis in her hand, grasping and stroking it as it poked through his button fly. Gloria stifled a small laugh, it was so unexpected. Turning her head to angle it back from the table edge before lifting up again, Gloria looked to her left and saw two hands likewise jerking at throbbing dicks freed from expensive suit-pants; across the way and next to the original was the same unbelievable sight. She looked to her right and saw very much the same, two cocks being pleasured across from each other. She could hear the President concluding his finishing remarks; my gosh, was he aware?

Gloria sat up in her seat once more, her mind whirling. How long had this been going on? She looked again at the other ladies; all acting as if nothing unusual were happening! Their eyes looked everywhere but in their Partner's laps. They smiled; one made eye-contact w/ the Partner next to her, but coyly dropped her gaze afterwards, and looked to the President again.

Gloria was confused, amazed…and turned on, although confusedly so. Was everyone else aware of goings-on under the table? The men, the ladies, the President. Was it some unusual tradition she wasn't aware of? Gloria recoiled: what about MY Partner? Is he expecting me to join in? Is he disappointed I haven't? Will I be required to…can I refuse?

Gloria whispered in his ear, "Do you know what's going on?" He gave a bashful smile. "Umm…yeah, I have heard about what happens in this particular meeting…when things are going really well. Thought it was a crazy rumor." The President continued his talk; this was an out-of-ordinary speech for him, perhaps he didn't really want to leave for whatever he had planned, or planned for him.

Gloria felt tingly all over, thinking on what she saw, and seeing the other men looking composed, or trying to. She whispered back to Gerald, her immediate Superior: "I can make that rumor a true one." Gerald's eye twinkled. "Yes, please do."

She winked, turned her gaze to the President, reached for Gerald's trouser front and unzipped. Fished her hand inside, groped his firming penis. Tugged it from it's confines, and squeezed the tip of his shaft. Gerald let air escape his lips, slowly as if to retain control of himself. She looked at him and grinned. Looking across the table, to the right of the Japanese-born Assistant (Aiko? Was that right?) Gloria caught the eye of porcelain-skinned Eleanor; she'd heard Gerald's sigh, tipped Gloria a knowing wink.

The President ended his talk, Gloria had just begun rubbing Gerald's hog-leg at a faster pace. "Once again, gentlemen you have my thanks. I leave you all now for a well-deserved vacation, starting now. Enjoy yourselves, and don't forget…lunch will be catered, and will be served after one o'clock. Enjoy that, too."

He winked…did he actually wink? He knows what's going on? Gloria stopped for a moment; the President was walking by to leave, then leaned down to speak to Gloria: "Congratulations on your new assignment. You've earned it, sexy lady." He hugged her shoulder, then left the group. Her shoulder tingled where he'd touched her.

"Well, that was the longest he's ever spoken, before!" one of the men spoke. "I'll say; love the guy, but let's get this party started."

Gloria flushed, despite her outgoing nature. She had to get something straight, before proceeding. "Wait…let me ask something…does this happen often? All this…you know, under the table stuff?" she asked Gerald. "I think only when times are good, Gloria. Let's just say I'm seeing why this firm does so well, now."

Gloria laughed, catching on: "This is an incentive, right?" "Yeah, you could say that." "Oh, am I an incentive? Is that all I am to you?" she asked w/ a mocking tone. "Oh, no oh no…you're a terrific worker, very important to me. But you have to admit, a very sexy one. I'd call that a bonus…one hell of a fucking bonus." Gloria liked this side of Gerald. "Flattery will get you everywhere!"

"Welcome to the Quarterly Orgy, Gloria" cat-called one of the other Partners. "Make yourself comfortable, we'll have a good time" he said, gesturing to the other ladies and gentlemen, already disrobing and in various states of sexual activity. Gloria squealed, turned to kiss Gerald hard on his lips. "Oh, it is on!" She stood, shucked down her slacks and wiggled her buns in his face; Gerald buried his nose, mouth, cheeks between her ripe ones, savoring her musky taste and probing her anus w/ his tongue.

Oh, she definitely liked this side of him. Gloria looked lustily on at the other couples; Tamsy (the recent graduate) was coaxing her man to a gushing climax across her broad grin. Eleanor, flaming red-hair and legs up to Canada, was being fucked in hard strokes on the table-top, ankles d****d over his shoulders. He stepped aside to let another Partner take a wild turn, then another.

Pamela and Jean (short and blonde, short and Latino w/ beautiful black eyes and hair to match) were "bobbing for apples" (their choice of phrase) on a lucky Partner who was sitting down on the carpet, legs splayed out before him. One girl bobbed a head to his crotch, taking his dick in one gulp and lapping his balls as best she could, while the other watched and stroked his thighs. He in turn reached a hand out to massage the breasts of the empty-mouthed girl, or rub the back and ass of the slurping one.

Gloria was straddled across Gerald's lap, bouncing giddily up and down, pussy being penetrated up to her neck, it felt like. She rammed forward, shoving her perky tits in his gob and moaning loudly to join other sighs and groans. A daisy chain was on the floor behind her chair; Aiko's shaved snatch was being gobbled on by Henrietta (a prissy platinum blonde who went for petite girls; stroking dick wasn't her cup of tea, but the dick in her ass from behind felt warmer than her chrome-plated friend at home, so oh well.

"Excuse us, Gloria. You do know this is an Equal Opportunity Employer firm?" Two partners stood before her, dicks in hand and smiles beaming. "Yeah, we've been waiting for you to become a part of this action, you sexy mama." Gloria didn't want to leave Gerald; she didn't want to possibly hurt any feelings, either. "I'll be right back, baby" she said kissing his forehead. He pouted, but was soon consoled by Tamsy, who took Gloria's spot w/ a giggly pounce on his lap, maneuvering his rod to her furry pink holler.

Gloria led the two randy Juniors to an open spot by their hard-ons, shucked the rest of her outfit. Turning to face them, she slipped to her knees (resting them on her clothes, she had this part down to a science) and slicked her curly-hair back, giving her face more light. "Now I'm going to show you how us wild, black girls suck some dick!" Both men had their erect cocks in their hands, rubbing them vigorously. "Oh, shit I can't wait" said the younger, and poked his staff towards Gloria's grinning and open mouth.

Curling her lips over her teeth, she sucked him in until her mouth was full. Sucking hard and w/ saliva pouring over his shaft and from her lips, she bobbed her head forth and back, eyes closed in concentration. "Fuck, let me try that" yelped the other. Gloria sucked him even more thoughtfully; age before beauty! Her mouth gripped them like a vice made of firm, but warm butter. "You guys, you have to get in on this…this chick can suck one hell of a dick!"

"Hey, what about me?" squawked one of the ladies. Henrietta cracked "She can suck mine for me!" Gloria laughed in between sucks. "Let me finish this first! Let me catch my breath!" "Oh, you'll catch something alright. Here, suck these dicks!" Two rubber-firm cocks pushed their way past her stretched lips, one at a time. She opened as wide as possible w/o feeling pain, relaxing her cheeks to make room for these bl**d-pounding boners. "You like that, baby don't you?" "Nnn-hnnn" was all she could mutter. Both eased their pricks back and forth as much as possible, vying for space. "Oh, fuck this…I want to cum on this sexy face!" The younger dick was pulled from her lips w/ a wet pop, spurted cum over Gloria's nose, mouth…and the other penis still sliding in and out that mouth.

"Oh, you little son of a bitch…look what you did" said the older of the two w/ a cackle. "Clean that up, would you?" Gloria sucked and licked foreign cum from the gentleman's member, until it quivered and began to unload. Gloria opened up to allow his semen to flow over her tongue, which she swallowed w/ a gulp, licking her salted lips w/ a naughty flourish.

"I call next!" hooted someone behind the younger Junior, who's penis was still dribbling as he held it's softening texture in his hand. Gloria peered behind him: three chairs w/ a boy and girl were rocking hard around the room; the floor shook from their fucking. The three remaining men were lined-up single-file to await Gloria's mouth on their still-stiff pricks.

Some day this turned out to be. "Gerald? You there, baby?" "Yes, sweetheart?" "I'll take care of you after lunch, okay?" "God, please do!" His answer made Gloria beam: his earnest-ness always had appealed to her. Gloria took each cock in her mouth, savoring each inch and flavor. She tongued their balls, wetting them and making the hairs sparkle. When each was near completion, she requested the three "huddle" their purplish heads close to her lips, which she pooched out for them.

Each looked at the other, daring the others to go first. "Aw, what the hell" said one, plunging in. The others followed, in anxious anticipation. Hot, gooey sperm spewed from each, no more than a minute apart. Tiny rivers of white and clear cum trickled and oozed down her face like a liquid mask; Pamela and Jean, finished w/ their administrations, rushed over the lap at the cooling sperm, some of which they shared w/ Gloria, dripping it into her parted, pearlescent-pink lips.

Gloria cleaned up in the Executive bath and washroom, along w/ many of the others…she showered w/ Eleanor, each tasting the other's gleaming-wet flesh after a pins-and-needles shower w/ imported salts. After a catered, prime-rib lunch and before it was time to leave, she blew Gerald as tenderly as she could under his still new-smell scented desk to give him a taste of what he'd missed. Then he tested it's construction by balling her atop it. As the last of his jizz was spent in Gloria's well-worn pussy, which she gripped as tightly as her strength allowed her, she had one thought: "Best. Job. Ever."

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