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First Kiss 2 – Fuffy #3

B.t.V.S. – First Kiss 3 – Fuffy #3

“B, what the hell are you doing here?” Faith asked. They stood in the courtyard of a large all-female prison. Both of them wore a very unflattering orange, yet somehow, Faith pulled it off.

“Turns out, killing the Mayor of even a small town like Sunnydale is a criminal offense. Even if you do tell the entire courtroom that he wasn't human, that he was a demon. Of course, that might be why the judge tried to f***e me into the Loony Bin. It was all Giles could do to keep me away from the crazies and get me here instead. He had to call in a favour with the Watcher Council to get it done.”

“So you confessed to killing the Mayor?” Faith asked incredulously. “Come on, B. You knew this would happen. The humans don't believe in demons, and the politicians certainly wouldn't be demons even if they did believe. You knew they'd try to have you committed, but the Watchers wouldn't let that happen, because you're not crazy, demons are real, so they'd just get you sent here instead. If I know you, and I think I do, you're just here to get me to try for redemption. Well, newsflash, I'm already here for redemption. I'm staying for redemption. I could bust outta here easy, no problems, but I'm not.”

“Oh. Well, I guess I can leave, then.”

“Wait! Where're ya goin', B?”

Buffy smirked. “The truth is, Faith, I figured you could use the company. Someone to talk to. Someone who understands. Plus…”

“Plus what?”

“I may or may not have accidentally killed a bunch of humans.”


“Well, I suppose accident is a bit of a stretch. Meaning a lie. I knew exactly what I was doing.”

“B, what the hell are you talking about?!”

“There were these scientist people, remember me telling you about the Initiative?”


“Well, they were building this vampire-slash-demon-slash-human-hybrid-thing in the basement, and it got loose and took over the Initiative. We went to help, and the soldier boys fought back, wouldn't let us help. So… I didn't actually kill anyone, but I didn't try to stop the hybrid from killing them either. After they were all dead, I did my job. I ripped out the thing's power core and it died. But someone called 911 because of loud noises, and we accidentally left the front door open, so the police found us. I did what I could to protect my friends. I knocked them out and stored them in a closet. The police arrested me, and I got the blame for the deaths of all those humans. So now I'm a mass murderer. Beat that, Faith,” Buffy joked.

“B. You're joking, right? You didn't let those humans die? You did try to fight back, didn't you?”

“Okay, yeah. I fought back, and I killed Adam, the hybrid, but the gang had to cast a spell for me to do it, so once the spell was over, they fell u*********s, and… Well, Adam had an army of demons with him, apparently, he was a good talker, the demons killed the humans, but, like you said, demons don't exist, so I got the blame.”

“That sounds more like it. But still, thousands of prisons in the country, and you just happened to end up in mine?”

“Okay, I called in a favour of my own with the Council, they pulled some more strings, and they got me here specifically. But that's not the end of it. Looks like we're going to be roommates. Cellmates, whatever.”

Faith groaned. She could handle being cellmates with anyone here. The gross, hairy lunch lady that picked her nose and sneezed on the slop they had to eat. The hot serial r****t that was so touchy-feely that the only way she could go outside was in a straightjacket. The lunatic from D that was always swimming in the empty pool. Even that female guard that took sexual favours in order to smuggle in some “items from home” like cigarettes or knives. One girl even got a rock hammer and went all Shawshank on her cell.

But Buffy Anne Summers? She was the one girl Faith didn't think she could handle being cell mates with.

“That's great, B.”

“You don't sound so overjoyed.”

“Well, I just… I don't need any reminders of home.”


“Sunny-D. It's the only real home I've ever known. You'll just be a constant reminder of what I'm missing out on because I was too stupid to realise what a great deal I had goin' for me.”

“Oh… I'm sorry, Faith. I didn't mean to-“

“Don't worry about it, B. It's happened, it's done, can't change it now. Just… Whatever, it's kinda brutal here, ya know? Might could do with some backup, anyway. Seems every day some girls tryin' to make me their bitch in the showers, even when they see what I did to the last girl. Maybe if they see I've got myself a bitch, they'll leave me alone. And if you wanna play the part, they might leave you alone, too.”

“Wait, you want me to be your bitch?”

“Nah, just play the part. Nothin'll happen or anything, just an act. Just in front of everyone else.”

“Fine. What'll I have to do?”

“I don't know, just, I guess you just do whatever I say. Probably wouldn't be a bad idea anyway, seein' as I've been here longer. I pretty much know how this place runs.”

“Okay. And everyone will just assume I'm your bitch?” Buffy didn't sound thrilled, but in truth, the idea of being at Faith's mercy like that excited her immensely.

“Well, maybe not at first. At first, we'll probably have to get down and dirty for a while before people start catchin' on. But in this place, you're either a bitch or a mistress, and I don't aim to be somebody's bitch. And I get the feeling you'd rather end up pretendin' to be my bitch than actually being someone else's.”

“True,” Buffy's throat was closing up, and when she looked into Faith's eyes, she swore she could see Faith enjoying this very much, yet they both kept their cool.

That night, in the showers, Buffy and Faith stuck close together, watching each other's back, as well as to keep up the act. But even so, the other inmates were circling them like vultures, waiting for one of them to falter so they could swoop in for the meal.

“Faith, six o' clock,” Buffy whispered, and Faith whipped around, kicking one woman in the stomach with a powerful roundhouse as she stepped forward, trying to take Faith.

“Everyone better back the hell off, unless you want to end up like Miss Early-Bird-Didn't-Get-The-Worm over here.” Faith said, motioning to the one on the ground, clutching her stomach and gasping. “Besides… I'm currently in a bit of an engagement already,” Faith said, grabbing Buffy's hair and yanking her towards her. Faith's eyes were apologetic, but she didn't show it on the rest of her face as she invaded Buffy's mouth with her tongue, then pushed her away.

No one backed off, but they didn't come forward, either.

Looks like it'll take a bit more to convince them. Faith thought, then looked back at Buffy. Buffy's nod was barely noticeable. Only Faith's well trained eyes could have possibly seen it.

She stepped up, grabbed Buffy's hair again and f***ed her to her knees in front of her. Faith pushed Buffy's head between her legs and instantly felt Buffy catch on, her tongue sliding between her already wet folds, both from the showers, and arousal. She could definitely have fun with Buffy this way, but she was trying for redemption.

Nobody backed off, though it seemed more like they were just getting off on it now, not just challenging them.

It wasn't long before Faith had her climax, and, to keep up the act, held Buffy's mouth together, forcing her to swallow, though she didn't really need to be f***ed.

Finally, the others took the hint and left. Faith and Buffy hurried through their shower and got back to their cell as quickly as they could.

“B, I'm so sorry for that back there. They wouldn't back down until they saw the finish. I had to act like I owned you,” Faith's apology was sincere, and Buffy sensed that.

“It's okay. If it means I won't have to beat anyone up, it's all good. I really don't mind.”

“Damn, this would be so much easier if you were gay,” Faith sat down on the lower bunk, burying her face in her hands with a sigh.

Should I…? Buffy asked herself. Maybe it would help.

Buffy walked over to Faith and squatted down in front of her. She lifted Faith's head to look her in the eyes.

“I'm not gay, Faith,” she said.

“Hello, I know that. I remember Angel.”

“Just listen. I'm not gay. There's never been any other girl I've ever been attracted to.”

“'Any other'?” Faith asked. “You mean…?” There was a hint of hope in her voice that lifted Buffy's spirits a bit.

“Yeah. I… I like you, Faith. A lot.”

“B… You better not be fucking jokin' with me.”

“No. No jokiness. I'm serious. I'm in like with you.”

“B… Don't take this the wrong way, but I just want you to know that this is nothing but an act, got it? I'm straight. I like guys, no girls. No exceptions. You likin' me like that'll help with the act, but that's it, got it?”

Her words stung Buffy, but she knew there was no truth in them. They both knew there was no truth in them. But Faith wasn't ready to accept that part of herself, not yet.

“Right. Got it,” Buffy agreed, hoping Faith would come around soon. “I'm just your bitch.”

“No, you're pretendin' to be my bitch.”

“Right. That's what I mean.”



“Glad we got that cleared up.”

“Glad I could help.”

“Good night.” Faith crawled up to the top bunk and tried to go to sl**p, but Buffy fell asl**p faster, and Faith just laid there, enjoying the soft sound of Buffy's breathing, remembering what it was like to have Buffy between her legs.

Hoping it wouldn't stop at just the one time.

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