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First time shared with boyfriends friend

So about just over 2 & a half years ago, one of my Fantasys came true when my boyfriend let me be shared with his close friend, I had been wanting to do this for so long before it happened but I gave birth & had to recover etc. Anyway the plan was to invite him over chill etc with him, then later get on to the subject of talking about sex (we knew he was thirsty and hadn’t had it for 6months and only slept with 3girls as he was in a relationship for quite some time)..

..So the night is coming I get ready I do my make up pretty heavy with pink lipstick, decide to wear leather look leggings with a low cut vest type top and a pair of heels(just to make me look even more appealing) he knocks the door and I answer it greet him in with a little kiss on the cheek(I never usually do that) he felt reluctant not to bring his hand a little lower and reach for my bum as I kissed his cheek I show him to the front room where Dan was I could tell he was looking at how tight my ass was,we decide to put a film on I sit inbeteeen them as we were watching I could feel as if he was tryna peep down my top to get a better view of my cleavage. The film finishes & we talk about anything & everything which is when finally turns to the topic of sex, he felt abit awkward at first but once we got further into it we knew when the time was right to ask him if he wanted to join in with us, started slow and smooth at first dan asked him how many girls he’s slept with and he said 3 them sort of questions then as the time gradually grew and things got heated we was all asking intense sexual questions like we were all fuck buddy’s, I asked him how big he was and he said around 9inches how big are you Dan? And how tight are you Rach how big are your boobs? Dan said about 8 and I said my pussy is still pretty tight even after birth about 3fingers and boobs 34DD,after we we’re done asking them sort of questions I said: Considering your so thirsty for pussy,we’re all horny talking about sex, your fit and I know your attracted to me, I’m going to ask you this me & dan have been having 3sums and sharing each other and we/mainly me wanted to know if you wanted to join in? He was like what? Really? Yes Dan replied then he said yes I’m down for that ofcourse,it’s been too long
and yes Rach Iv been attracted to you since the day I saw you especially the past few months you’ve been dressing all slutty no offence aha iv eeven had a few wanks wishing I was Dan with my Cock deep in you, slutty? That’s no offence that’s what I wanted and how I want you to treat me, and ooo really now here’s your chance babe anyway enough talking give me a little kiss and make yourself into the bedroom I need to touch up on my make up a little.

I make my way back to the bedroom Dan is just sitting on the end of the bed while his friend is laying on it,as he wanted to watch us for abit at first, we start kissing and touching,I pull his top off revealing his toned body he then pulls of my and straight away burys his head in my boobs,I tell Dan to come on up and join in he climbs on the bed comes behind me kisses/sucks/bites my neck, ‘am I a naughty girl babe? Are you ashamed or lucky to have a slutty bitch girlfriend’? I say softly, ‘your very naughty babe,I’m lucky I think it’s hot’ ‘I agree’ his friend said, right let’s take your top if then Dan, (what more could a girl want 2 sexy men in bed who are friends) i lean more towards dans friend and start kissing him,touching his body then I remove his jeans along with his boxer shorts ‘woah that is a nice big cock’ he then removes my bottom clothing, we continue to kiss while I move my hand lower down to his big hard cock and start slowly tossing him off while he gives my clit a little rub, Dan is led behind me feeling my ass and kissing my neck, by this point I’m so horny I start to toss his friend off faster as he starts to enter s finger,I pull away from kissing him and stop tossing him off ‘get down there and eat my pussy’ I tell him he starts to work his way down my body,unstraps my bra sucks on my nipple while Dan sucks on the other one, then he finally ends up at my pussy he starts giving the clit a light little lick while he enters one finger, I start to kiss Dan and toss him off, his friend started licking my pussy soo good I was moaning in dans ear for his friend, ‘mm come up here babe let me suck your cock’ he couldn’t move up the bed quick enough lol,I crawl down to the bottom of the bed and get inbetween his legs and bend over I start teasing him a little by licking his cock and kissing around that region, Dan gets up and comes behind me starts to kiss my bum then rim me and proceed what his mate stop doing and lick my pussy while I suck his friends big cock,I stop teasing and put his cock in his mouth as I feel his hand come up to the back of my head as I deepthroat him as far as I could, I then sit up and pull him up kiss Dan to give him a little taste of his friends cock, turn to his friend and put his cock inbetween my boobs and began to thrust it, while Dan watched and had a little play. I then led on the bed ‘come on then tough guy it’s time to fuck your friends missus hard’ as I gave a teasing cheeky look to Dan, his friend got on top of me & placed his big hard cock inside my wet tightly shaven pussy, ‘is this what you’ve been dying to have?’ ‘Yes it is’ ‘is this how you pictured it when you fantasised about me?’ ‘Kind of, your dirtier than I thought though’ ‘aha,well Iv been thinking of this & you for a while me and Dan even role play sometimes’ he starts to thrust it in harder deeper and slower he knew how to press my buttons,he starts sucking on my neck I begin to start letting of a little moan put my arms round his back and help give him a little push he starts to get faster harder and deeper I pull my legs around his back, I start screaming of pleasure & partly pain as I havnt felt a cock as big as his before, I could tell Dan was getting really turnt on seeing his friend doing me real good and seeing my reaction as he starts tossing himself off over us ‘she’s good ain’t she mate’ ‘oh yeah she is,not having it for 6months for this was totally worth it’ his friend replied ‘mm anytime babe’ his friend stood up and so did I, we had another little kiss and he squeezed my ass I pushed him on the bed ‘my turn now’ I said he pulled me closer to have another suck on my boobs, from behind Dan slapped my ass then I climbed on top of his friend to start riding him while he played with my boobs and my ass, I take it he enjoyed it by his reaction & he was close to cumming which is when he pulled me off top bent me up spanked me,inserted his cock in me and started thrusting it really hard while I was sucking Dan, it was unreal the fact I’m bent over with my boyfriend in front of me and I’m sucking his cock and his friend was behind me giving me it good he pulled out spanked my ass again ‘ooh in going to cum’ then with in a blink of an eye he spunked all over my ass ‘mm clean it of with my pants’ he cleaned it off i got off the bed got on my knees to finish sucking dans cock, making him blow his load all over my boobs, I cup my boobs up with my hands to lick some, then clean it away. ‘Have a good night boys’ I said, ‘yeah I enjoyed that more than I thought’ Dan said ‘yes I loved it you’re so good sexy,worth the wait & thankyou Dan for letting me use your girlfriend’ his friend replied.. We carried on talking for a little while, whilst we got dressed again and had a drink. It’s safe to say We/I made his night we’ve had a few more visits from him since

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