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First time with my cousin Part 6

Introduction: Our latest threesome had been interupted by my Moms unexpected early return. Everything seemed normal, untill I helped mom with her laundry We scrambled around my room, hurrying to get dressed, our little threesome had been interrupted by my moms unexpected return. I was ready in a flash

Right, Ill distract Mom, while you two get dressed. Then join me in the kitchen in five, make like youve just come back from Ashleighs I whispered

I ran down stairs, to find mom in the kitchen, unpacking her bag

He Mom, Your home early I said walking up behind her

There you are! she jumped as she turned to face me I thought you were out!

No, I was watching a movie in my room

Wheres Grace she asked

She went round Ashleighs at lunch, she should be back about now

Just as I said that, they appeared in the doorway

Hey Aunt Trish, Your back early she said hugging my mom

Hi, Mrs Jarvis Ashleigh said, moving closer to me

Hi Ash my mom said Have you two been ok?

Yeah, Its been fun, hasnt it I nudged Grace

Hes been Ok, I guess she giggled Were going to my room now, see you later Grace winked at me as they left

We were due back tomorrow night, but Ive been called in early in the morning my mom said resuming unpacking her bag. I glanced at the doorway, and saw Grace and Ashleigh, crouched in the corner. What are they up to? I thought to myself

Mom started to tell me about the trip, but I wasnt really listening. My gaze was fixed at her tits, she was wearing an old top, so her tits nearly busted out. Now, I had never thought of my mom in a sexual way before, Sure I had sniffed her panties and gone through her bras, but the thought of fucking her had never crossed my mind.
Mark…Mark! Im up here Mom yelled

Sorry, I was miles away

Well give me a hand with this She squeezed her tits as she walked off. I followed her, my eyes glued to her ass

Right would you load the washing machine for me? she asked

Sure I said and crouched down in front of her, her huge tits swaying above me.
She started handing me her dirty laundry, Bras, panties, thongs, she didnt care she just kept passing them to me. I noticed her tits were a 38DD!

When Id finished, I walked over behind her, and hugged her. I wrapped my arms around, cupping her tits, and pushed my hard cock into her ass. She must of felt it, as she gasped when I hugged her.

I saw Grace mouth something out of the corner of my eye, but I couldnt make it out. Mom broke from my grip.

Right, Ill get tea on she said turning to face me Ill shout when its ready

Grace and Ashleigh slipped out, I followed them and we went to my room

FUCK your moms hot Ashleigh said, flopping on my bed

Shes a real MILF Grace purred I would love to lick that pussy

So would I I said Seeing her tits in that shirt made me so hard

We saw, when you shoved it in her crack Ashleigh replied, groping Graces tits

I need to see her tits

KIDS TEAS READY! Mom shouted

We went downstairs, Mom had made Mac & Cheese.

Aunt Trish, can Ashleigh sleepover tonight? Grace asked

Sure sweetie my Mom replied, setting our plates.
I sat at the end of the table. Mom appeared next to me.

Say when she said, scooping the Mac & Cheese on my plate. Her tits were inches from my face, it was like she wanted me to grab them

Hungry tonight she said
Oh sorry, thats enough I replied coming back to reality. My cock was rock hard again

We all sat and ate tea, and chatted about moms trip. When we finished, I helped clear the table, then me, Grace and Ashleigh went back to my room.

Someones horny Ashleigh sang, skipping up the stairs

We better fix that Grace said, as she started removing her shirt

We got to my room, Grace and Ashleigh were naked before we got there. I locked the door and stripped.

Well have to be quiet, we dont want mom to find out I said positioning myself on the bed

What if she does? Ashleigh said It would be allot more fun

She climbed on top and thrust herself onto my cock, Grace grabbed her favourite dildo and sat next to me

Fuck youre tighter than before I whispered to Ashleigh

She started building her pace, and it wasnt long before her first orgasm hit
She grabbed Graces panties and shoved them in her mouth

UUUUUUUHHHHH…MMMMMMMMMM…UUUUUHHHHAAAA they didnt muffle her cries much. I kept pounding her pussy, Grace was ramming the dildo so hard, it was a blur, she fell face forward on to the bed, as her orgasm hit. Her juices squirting from her pussy

IM GONNA CUM I said, pushing further into Ashleighs pussy. My cock explode inside her or the second time today

Grace had blacked out on the bed, when Ashleigh climbed off me.

We better get her changed and put her in bed I said

I took her skimpy pyjamas from under my pillow and Ashleigh put them on her, while I put my own on.

Right, you get changed, and Ill carry her to bed I told Ashleigh, scooping Grace off the bed
I carried her to her room, and tucked her in bed. I went downstairs and joined Ashleigh and my mom in the lounge

Wheres Grace? My mom said, as I sat next to her

In bed, she isnt feeling to good I replied

I hope it wasnt my cooking! she laughed

No, you are an excellent cook Ashleigh said, rubbing my moms thigh

Thanks Ash she said

We sat watching a movie, Ashleigh ended up with her head on my moms lap. About eleven she sat up

Im going to bed she said rubbing her eyes

OK sweetie, see you in the morning my mom said

I think Ill join you I said, getting up from the couch

Ill be up after this my mom said. She stood up and hugged me, pushing her tits against my chest

I climbed the stairs, to see Ashleigh waiting for me at the top

So… What you going to do? she whispered

About what?

Your mom…shes horny as hell, I could smell her juices

I dont know, Ill think of something tonight, Im bushed I said, turning on my heel

OK, but dont be surprised if we pay you a visit in the night Ashleigh said as she shut the bedroom door
I heard Mom going to bed, and a few moans and groans from Grace and Ashleigh, then I fell into a deep sleep.

About two a.m. I heard some rustling. I felt someone sucking my cock. I opened my eyes and saw a lump under the sheets. I remembered what Ashleigh had said before we went to bed, so I put my hand on their head, pushing them deeper

Suck it, babe I whispered Suck my cock I felt my balls tighten.

Im Gonna cum! I moaned, I bucked my hips, and exploded in their mouth, every drop swallowed

Fuck that was great! I panted come on, who is it?

The sheets rustled, as they climbed out the bottom of my bed.

FUCK I shouted, as my Mom appeared from under the sheets, some of my cum on her lips

You taste fantastic, son she said, licking her lips

wha…what the I stammered

Youre so, much bigger than your dad, that lazy, son of a bitch cant even get it up

Mom, what… why

Oh come on Mark, I saw you staring at these puppies she said, climbing on the bed next to me And you must have realised I felt your cock when you hugged me

Well yeah, but

I know what you three have been up to she interrupted

You what!

It was obvious, I could smell sex as soon as I walked in the house and those two need to learn to wash, they both had cum running down their legs, and I could hear you fucking after tea. They cant keep quiet can they?

Are we in trouble I said, still in shock from what had just happend

Not if you give me that monster of yours she replied, wrapping her hand around my soft shaft

I didnt think twice about it, and didnt get chance too, as my mom had stripped and thrown herself on to me, shoving her tongue into my mouth. I responded, and flipped her over. I ran my tongue down her neck and slowly started sucking her tits

Thats it sweetie, suck mommas tits she moaned, throwing her head back

I worked my way down her stomach and thighs, and then made a beeline towards her throbbing clit. She jumped like she had been electrocuted.

OOOOHH FUCK, THAT FEELS GREAT She said shoving my head deeper into her pussy.

She arched her back, as she neared climax. I reached round and shoved my finger up her ass.

OOOOOOHHHHHH FFFFFFFUUUUUCCCCCKKKK, YEAH she shouted. Her movements made my finger slip in and out of her ass


FFFUUUCCCKKK, MARK, GET IN ME NOW She shouted. I jumped up and guided my cock into her soaking pussy. She was just as tight as Grace and Ashleigh.


OH SHIT, OH SHIT, OH SHIT, OH SHIT she chanted, as I gained speed

I spun her round to face the door so I had more room. Graces dildo was still on my cabinet. I picked it up and sucked it. It tasted of her juices. I let it fall from my mouth, and slowly pushed it up moms ass.

FFFFUUUCCCKKK, WHAT THE HEL IS THAT FFFFFUUUUCCCKKK I didnt answer, I just pushed it in deeper.

You like that dont you I said

FUCK YES, FUCK, IM GONNA FUCKIN CCCCCCCCCCCUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMM Her second orgasm hit. She buried her face into my bed, trying to muffle her cries. I kept pounding as she withered around. I flipped her over again, and took a nipple in each hand.


I grabbed a handful of each and pulled her up off the bed. I could feel myself getting close. I slammed her down on my cock and fucked her like mad


FUCK IM GONNA CUM MOM I thrust hard and shot wave after wave into her soaking, sweet pussy

I collapsed onto of her. We lay there, both breathing heavily, my cock popped out of her, followed by a river of my cum and her sweet juices

Fuck, that was fantastic mom panted

Youre a kinky little slut I replied as the dildo fell out of her ass

Where did you get this? she said, picking up the dildo, and sucking the head

Its Graces I panted her favourite, she uses it all the time, sometimes on Ashliegh

She tastes sweet mom said, handing it to me Its covered with her juices

I sucked the head, just as mom had.

Mmmmmm, my mom and cousin taste great together I answered

Think you can go another round? mom said, kissing my cock

You bet I replied

Mom took my cock in her mouth. We fucked three more times. I lost count of how many times I came inside her.

I awoke the next morning, spooning my mom, the sheets were drenched. Mom rolled over and kissed me.

Morning, lover boy she said

Morning, you little slut

Enjoy last night? she said climbing out of bed Fuck, I feel so full, you cum like a horse she giggled as she squeezed her tits.

We got dressed and went down for breakfast, not before another quick fuck. Grace and Ashleigh were still in a deep sleep.

Mom made breakfast, and we chatted about our antics. Grace and Ashleigh appeared in the doorway

Morning mom said, as she went to get them a plate sleep well?

Eventually Grace winked at me We couldnt get to sleep

Yeah, I finally drifted off about half one Ashleigh yawned

I wonder why that was. Mom said, winking at me as she walked past

Dont know Grace said sitting down next to her.

They ate breakfast, and stood up to get changed

OH Grace, Ashleigh! Mom shouted after them

Yeah they replied together

Dont forget your dildo Mom giggled Its in Marks room, and your nipple clamps are at the bottom of the stairs

I smirked at Grace and Ashleigh, their faces were a picture.

You know… Ashleigh stuttered

You need to be more careful where you leave your toys girls mom said as she walked towards them

You never know who might take them

To Be Continued…

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