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First Time with my Mother-In-Law

I had been craving my mother-in-law for years. My wife and I have an excellent sex life, but there was always something about her mom.

I loved going swimming at my in-laws’ house, trying to see as much as I could of her pillowy cleavage. I waited for her to wade in, to watch the mini-skirt of her swimsuit float, revealing her luscious thighs and driving me wild with my cravings. My wife used to notice that I would always fuck her harder when we got back from swimming. I told her it was the exercise.

One weekend, I found myself presented with an opportunity. My wife’s parents had planned to go camping, but I was scheduled to work all weekend. Fortunately for me, my mother-in-law, Lori, had a doctor’s appointment early Saturday and would also not be able to attend. I didn’t masturbate or fuck my wife for two weeks, I knew what I planned to do and I was going to drench this woman in my sperm.

I waved goodbye to my wife and her dad as they drove off with the kids and dogs to the campground. Since it was later in the day Friday, Lori and I headed inside to have a few beers and eat some food. I spent all evening impressing her with my cooking skills, and she spent all evening drinking. As it became dark, she asked if I could fix her computer before I went home. I willingly agreed.

I sat at the computer, taking note of how slowly it was running and removing all the ridiculous programs that people install. She leaned over the chair, her ample breasts hanging close to my face… I couldn’t help but sneak a peek. My neglected cock surged with pleasure and I shifted my weight in the chair so that Lori wouldn’t notice my throbbing erection.

‘How does all this crap get on here?’ she asked.

‘Someone is visiting sites and downloading all this bad software,’ I replied, trying to explain the problem simply. ‘We can just look at the history and see where people keep going.’

My plan immediately changed when I opened the browser history. It seemed that each morning before leaving for work, my father-in-law watched porn online. That in itself was enough to be unsettling, but some of the titles were incredibly hot (and some I even recognized):

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