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For the Love of Another Episode 4: New Grounds

When morning came to the apartment, Nate had left, gone to class for the first time in a week. Melisa and Allison were left to sleep alone without even knowing it. When Nate had vacated the bed earlier that morning, he left a small space between the two girls, but when Melisa had awoken, she found her legs wound around the other girl and her arms around her shoulders.

Mel’s dark eyes opened to see the resting eyes of the other girl two inches from her face. She could taste her breath and feel the sleep rolling off of her. Something was stirring inside of Melisa. She couldn’t help but admire the younger girl’s breasts, her cheeks, her hair that fell about her face like dark cascades. What was she feeling? Why didn’t she pull away from her?

Allison’s eyes fluttered open. Now they were staring at each other the way awakened lover might. There was no remorse in their eyes though their drunken state had long passed. Allison’s lips quivered. Her head rocked forward. They kissed, alone, in Nate’s bed.

Mel was the first to pull away.

“What are we doing?”

“I don’t know.”

“I mean, I don’t even know your name.”

“I’m Allison.”

“Melisa—Mel, but I…”

Allison too was feeling strange. She only now realized that she had not even considered Nate since she woke up. Her first thought was the strange girl sleeping beside her and her large breasts.

Allison rolled over onto Mel’s stomach, their breasts lolled about like firm balloons, and kissed her. Mel didn’t resist. She wanted this. She knew she wanted this. Her hands traced Allison’s spine and landed on her tight butt. She cupped them the way she used to hold Nate’s face. They laid there, sliding their tongues around in each others’ mouths for what seemed like hours, afraid to make the next move. It was Mel who finally instigated it. Her hand shot between the other girl’s legs faster than a fly takes off from its perch. Her fingers felt the wet flaps of Allison’s vagina.

Her touch sent them both into a frenzy of sexual energy. Allison was grinding up and down on Mel’s hand, Mel was dragging the other girl’s body down onto her breasts and digging her fingers into her back. They were both breathing hard, exhaling deep female breaths into each others’ mouths. Though the moisture from their mouths had liquefied his semen on their faces again and the taste was trickling across their tongues, all thoughts of Nate had been forgotten. They were entirely absorbed with each other. Just as Allison was reaching her climax, she rolled off of Mel’s pleasuring fingers.

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