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Foster Daddy for my Birthday

Introduction: My first shot at this – It was really fun to write &gt,_&lt, This was the last Foster Home I was going to be at. It was terrifying and freeing all at the same time. After being in this system for so many years and bouncing from house to house it might be nice to not be anyones problem anymore. Today is my 18th birthday and although Im excited to be an adult its not so fun to have a big birthday when you dont have anyone to celebrate with&hellip,Linda my foster mom is at work and the other two foster kids staying with us are at a friends sleep over so its just me and Clifford hanging out at the house.
Clifford is Lindas husband. He and Linda never seem to get along. He sleeps on the couch and they barely touch each other. I like Clifford he is always really nice to me and makes me yummy things to eat. Because it was my birthday he actually MADE ME a cake. It was not the prettiest cake but it was really sweet that he did that just for me. When I saw it I couldnt help but smile really big and give him a really big long hug. In that moment its as if I could tell that Clifford had not had a hug in a really long time. Maybe not even touched another person in who knows how long. It made me stay longer. I held him close to me and started to stroke the back of his head. His thinning grey hair and wrinkled face made me never really notice Clifford as a man&hellip,but now I couldnt help but breathe him in and think about him touching me. I pulled away because the thoughts were becoming too much. I couldnt think about Clifford like that after all he is Lindas husband.
We ate cake and ended up falling asleep on the couch to a movie Linda woke me up when she got home and told me to go straight to bed&hellip,Clifford moved to lay on the couch and smiled at me once more saying Happy Birthday Kid. I went upstairs and got in my own bed but now I was wide awake. I wondered how long it had been since Clifford had been with a woman. I wondered if he would be willing to be with me. He made me feel so safe and pretty and special&hellip,
I heard Linda go to bed and I waited till I heard her soft snores begin. I was in my night gown and just a pair of cotton underwear with little daisies on it. I didnt have any sexy underwear so these were going to have to do. I climbed out of bed. I could feel my heart beating so hard to seemed to be vibrating my chest. I could see Clifford. He seemed to be asleep.
I took a deep breath and started down the stairs. How was I going to do this? I decided to just go for it. I slipped off my little underwear and started to climb on top of him sitting gently on his lap. Clifford started to wake. Hey&hellip,what are you doing? he asked a little startled and confused.
I wanted to thank you for making my birthday special&hellip,I started to pull out his dick from his boxers.
Wait, we cant do this. Clifford seemed to have his eyes popping out of his head as I stroked his cock which was already big but now getting bigger and harder with every stroke.
Its ok Clifford, we dont have to tell anyone, please let me do this for you? I said as I began to lick the tip of his penis which was throbbing and red. Clifford seemed to become overwhelmed with pleasure as he put a pillow over his face to muffle his moans.
I was so turned on I could feel my pussy becoming so wet it was begging for Clifford. I laid back on the other side of the couch and spread my legs wide so that he could see all of me. Clifford, I want you to lick my pussy. Will you do that for me? He didnt answer. He dove for my wet soft hole and began to lick and suck and kiss me so much that I was the one having to hold in my screams. I pushed his face deeper into my crotch, even grinding his face so he could get more pleasure. He loved the way I tasted and seemed to go insane licking my fresh pussy juice.
Clifford? How long has it been since youve fucked a pussy? I asked wanting desperately for him to push himself deep into mine.
15 years he said. We just looked at each other for a moment and I kissed his lips. I could taste my pussy on his face and I pulled him on top of me. When I was laying under him I could feel him shaking with excitement or nerves&hellip,I dont know, but it turned me on even more. I rubbed his big hard dick over my clit. Moving his cock up and down my wet slit. Then I pushed it inside me. I gasped and we held each other tight as he began pushing himself deep inside me. Our bodies rocked together and I pulled him closer. Your dick is so big, I love it, I love it deep in me, oh youre so deep Clifford, I love it He moved his hips around and then up and down. Please suck on my tits Clifford! With one hand he opened the top of my gown and started to grab my tits, he licked them and started to suck on my nipples. Yes, I love it, oh you made my birthday so good Clifford, youre so good! I pushed him off, which took him by surprise. My turn I said. Clifford was sitting up on the couch and I straddled his lap pushing his big dick back inside the warm wet pussy that still wanted more. I rode him up and down his whole body shaking and him saying youre so tight, oh good its so tight. Grinding on his dick all I wanted was for him to cum inside me, I wanted it so bad so I just said it Clifford, please cum inside me, I want it so bad and with that he grabbed my ass and started convulsing and his cum shot inside my warm hot pussy
You like that kid huh? You like my cum inside you? I kissed him on the lips and got up and kissed his dick and said I want to do that every night Clifford&hellip,see you tomorrow I grabbed my underwear off the floor and skipped upstairs.
Just then, Linda popped her head out of the door Whats going on down there?
Nothing, I was just thirsty I smiled and went into my room. I couldnt wait for tomorrow night.

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