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Friendly Neighbors

All summer vacations have their pros and their cons. The pros are seeing beautiful women wearing skimpy bikinis and low cut shirts while the cons are the long work hours and endless nights of summer school. This was a realization I had during the time I spent staring at the wall at the company I interned at for the summer. Day after day Id come in at eight, stare at the wall until noon, eat lunch, and finish out my day looking at the same spot on the wall that never changed.
Sure it was nice for the occasional MILF to stroll in wearing a tank top and skirt, but that only happened once and a while. There was Jennifer but she would only tease me with small amounts of cleavage as she would lean over my desk to talk to me. This summer sure was going no where&hellip,
I live alone in a one story house in the suburbs of a very large city. Being only twenty-one years of age juggling house payments, school and a job was hard to handle with no time to even think of a social life. I had neighbors on each side of me. On one side I had a perfect family of four, father, mother, son and daughter. The other side housed an elderly couple that I would rarely see during my busy schedule. I was friendly with my neighbors when I saw them and they were friendly towards me, nothing unusual about either of the relationships I had with either neighbor.
Friday afternoon came and I could not wait to get out of work. The day was hot and humid with thunder storm warnings being flashed on the television and radio. 5 oclock finally arrived and I packed up my belongings and headed for my car. The regular boring drive home, pulling my car into the garage and locking it was all a part of my daily routine. I couldnt help break a sweat walking up the few steps to my front door because of how hot and humid it was outside. I reached for my doorknob when I heard Hey Joe! How are you? I turned around and Mrs. Douglas was standing right behind me, I didnt even notice her approach my house. Hi Mrs. Douglas! Im fine, how are you?
Mrs. Douglas was the mother who lived on the one side of me. I had a friendly relationship with her, but not any different from the other relationships I held with my other neighbors.
I locked myself out and Tom took the kids to the lake this weekend. I didnt go because I needed some alone time. Do you think I could come in and use your phone to call a locksmith? Mrs. Douglas asked with a smile. Not wanting to be a prick I opened my door and watched her walk into my house. She was wearing a tight white t-shirt with short pink jogging shorts. I walked behind her as she made her way into my kitchen to use my phone. My eyes did not leave her beautiful ass as it bounced while she walked. It took all I had not to rip off those short shorts and jam my cock deep into her ass. Not wanting to show her my rock hard penis, I sat down in the living room and waited for Mrs. Douglas until she was finished using the phone.
A few minutes later Mrs. Douglas entered the living room and said Well, Ive got some bad news. I tried three different locksmiths and none of them will be able to come let me in until tomorrow! Those few minutes really werent enough time to call three different locksmiths, but I wasnt going to press the issue. Oh, Im so sorry to hear that! I wasnt sure if I should invite her to stay in my house since I dont really know her all too well, but I didnt want to come off as a bad neighbor. You can stay here if you like? I could throw a clean pair of sheets on my bed if you wanted to sleep there, or if you were more comfortable on the couch I have extra blankets? A small grin crept across Mrs. Douglass face as she nodded and agreed.
Mrs. Douglas sat down and made herself comfortable on the couch while I went and changed into a more comfortable outfit of shorts and a t-shirt. I was going to ask what she wanted to do for dinner, but before I could she had already set up shop in the kitchen and was cooking some that smelled delicious! Oh, Joe I hope you dont mind that I just let myself into your kitchen. I thought that since you were letting me stay the night the least I could do was cook you some dinner. I smiled since I usually ordered out or had a TV dinner when I came home from work. She continued to make dinner while I relaxed in the living room. A half hour later she called me into the kitchen because dinner was ready.
Mrs. Douglas sure knew how to make a good dinner. I was stuffed by the time all the food was gone, I had no idea how Mr. Douglas stayed in the shape he did! Oh let me clear the table for you Joe, I dont mind. As Mrs. Douglas cleared the table and washed the dishes I felt a little embarrassed for not helping, but she did know what she was doing after all.
I went back into the living room and turned on the TV. Mrs. Douglas still hadnt told me where she wanted to sleep so I went over in my head a few times of asking her again without sounding pushy.
Mrs. Douglas joined me in the living room ten minutes later and sat next to me on the couch. Huh, this couch seems awfully bouncy Joe. Im surprised you havent worn it out yet. Mrs. Douglas said to me and gave me a wink. I wasnt sure if I should take that as a compliment or insult. Just as I was about to speak a loud crack boomed across the sky and the power went out. With no power, the air conditioner wouldnt work meaning all the hot and humid air would soon be in the house. Sure enough five minutes later Mrs. Douglas and I were sweating while sitting on the couch.
Well this is no fun! Were all sweaty from just sitting here! Mrs. Douglas said. Was this chick hitting on me or what? She was married and a mom, maybe she was just being friendly. I have some ice in the freezer! We can cool down that way! I went to the refrigerator and opened the freezer. Putting some ice in a paper towel I returned to the living room and handed one of the paper towels to Mrs. Douglas. Oh thank you Joe! Mrs. Douglas took an ice cube and rubbed it all around her neck. She slowly moved the ice cube up and started rubbing it around her lips. I love to suck on ice cubes, they taste sooo good in my mouth. Giving a nervous laugh I sat down next to her and rubbed the ice on my neck and wrists.
I was rubbing an ice cube on the back of my neck when Mrs. Douglas offered to rub the ice on my back. I quickly tore off my shirt and lay down on my stomach. I could feel the chill of the ice on my back as I started to cool down. Ok Joe, its my turn! Mrs. Douglas said as she hopped off me, took off her shirt and was now lying on her stomach. Just as I touched the ice cube to her back she undid her bra and flung it on the floor. My cock started to get hard again as I smoothly ran the ice up and down her back, taking little peaks at the side of her gorgeous breasts. My cock was resting on her soft ass, and to make things worse her soft moaning when I would rub the ice cube around her neck only made things rougher.
Joe, I was wondering if you could do me a favor. Mrs. Douglas asked as she rolled over on her back not caring that I was now staring at her huge tits. I cant help but feel your hard cock rubbing against my ass, do you think you could put it between my boobs so I can make you not hard anymore? Its kind of uncomfortable for me. My jaw dropped as I sat staring at a topless Mrs. Douglas. Well, what are you waiting for? She started to rub the outside of the gym shorts I was wearing, I could feel my cock getting harder and harder. Mmmm, youre a big boy arent you? I pulled my shorts off and slowly put my penis between her two magnificent tits. Thats it Joe, fuck my tits! I sped my pace while hearing Mrs. Douglas moan. No more than five minutes had passed and I sprayed Mrs. Douglas with loads of cum. My cum was all over Mrs. Douglass tits and my penis was beginning to become soft again. Oh no you dont! Mrs. Douglas said as she grabbed my semi-hard cock, rubbed it in the jizz puddle I made on her chest and put it in her mouth.
Mrs. Douglas began working her neck and head, shoving my penis as far down her throat as she could. My cock was starting to get hard again while she worked it with her hands and mouth. I slid my cock out of her mouth and kissed her deeply, squeezing her tits in the process. I worked my way down her neck and began licking her perfect nipples. Running my tongue around each nipple, Mrs. Douglas moved her hand down her pants and began fingering herself. She was moaning louder as I could feel her pussy juice on my penis while soak through her short shorts. Feeling her wet cunt against my cock was all I needed to rip off her shorts to see her beautiful vagina. She spread her legs on my couch as I slid my tongue in and around her wet twat. She pushed my head down between her legs as far as it could go as I ate her out. Oh my God Joe! Mrs. Douglas moaned as she humped my face in a fast motion as my licking of her pussy intensified.
I straightened up and rubbed my hard cock around her wet cunt. Fuck me Joe! I want all of you inside me! She was still on her back, spread her legs again and I shoved my cock as deep as it would go into her pussy. She rested her legs against my shoulders as I pumped my penis in and out of her. I felt her nails dig into my back as she let out a wild orgasm. Fucking her harder and harder, I could feel another load of cum about to shoot out. Cum in me Joe! Fill my pussy with all of your hot cum! Just as she said those words loads of jizz shot from my penis and entered her pussy.
Out of breath, I removed my penis from her cunt and sat on the couch. Mrs. Douglas leaned forward and kissed me on the lips. Thanks Joe, I havent been fucked like that in ages. Mrs. Douglas stood up and began to get dressed. Well, I guess Ill be going. Thanks for the fuck Joe! Confused I asked I thought you were locked out and Tom took the kids to the lake? Mrs. Douglas smiled and replied Tom has been home all a long&hellip, I just needed a hard cock and you were the first one I saw. She stepped out onto my porch and said Thanks again Joe, well have to do it again sometime! I watched Mrs. Douglas walk down my sidewalk, across the lawn and over to her house where she opened the door with ease and walked right into her own house.

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