Fucked my mother in law this morning

Well I got a phone call at 8 this morning it was the ex mother in law, she said are u ok yes I said why will u call, yes in a about a hour ok she says I cock was big & hard I knew what she was after, I got there to her flat & went in, when she heard the door she shouted me in the bedroom she was laid in bed, she pulled the cover off her & said do u like this I looked at her tits then her cunt the dirty bitch had shaved yes I said & put my hand on her mound it was all smooth I push my finger down her crack she was all wet I bend my head kissed her on the mouth when started to suck her tits her nipples got big I pushed my finger up her cunt I finished up with four fingers up her I was really fingering her she was screaming that she was going to cum, go on then you dirty old bitch, she did the bed was all wet my hand was too, right now I’m going to fuck you, I stripped off my cock was big & ready to ride her, she was laid with her legs open with her hand just on her mound I jump on the bed & put my cock straight up her, fuck her said that feels good now fuck me please I started to fuck her slow moving my cock about & putting it in different ways, that’s nice she said I going to cum again she did all over my cock I could feel my balls getting all wet, so I pulled out of her, what you doing you bastard she said fuck me, no you are going to fuck me bitch get up I laid down now get on top & sit on my cock she got on top of me go on shove my cock up your cunt hole now & ride me, with that I was in her & she started to fuck me, that it go on fuck my cock up you, I then grabbed her arse pulled her forward & was fucking her I know from the past this makes her cum I must have fucked her for 30 seconds when she said I’m going to cum again & she did, I kept fucking her she came three more times I was ready to shoot a load so I made her stop & said wait I don’t want to cum yet, I was laid with my cock up her, then I fucked her hard again her came again, then I stopped & told her to get off & let me fuck you from behind she knelt up on the bed I got behind her I could see she was really wet & ready for some more knob I pushed it up her cunt & fucked her slow with long stroke my cock coming out & going back in she was loving it, Then I pulled it out grab it lifted it a little & pushed it forward I was up her arse she jumped a little as I push forward I started to fuck her up her bum I slide all the way up & was pump in & out of her arse I was really making her have it, then she said please fuck my cunt so I shoved it back up her cunt & fucked her I was now ready to cum I banged it in & shot my spunk up her I was jerking inside & she came again I left my cock there till it went soft & fell out of her I got then see my cum running out of her all round her cunt lips so I got some on my finger & tell her to turn round & put my finger in her mouth which she sucked clean I then told her to suck my cock clean of her cunt juice which she did I then said suck my balls clean me right up you dirty slag she then said I must go to the toilet & wipe my cum away I put my hand back between her legs & got some more of my cum on my finger & wiped it rounds her lips so she lick it off she then went to toilet I followed her & watch her sit there she got up & wiped herself I looking at her tits & cunt I then told her to get in the bath, why she asks I said just get in without any water, which she did I then got hold of my cock & wet her all over,

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