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Fun at my mates stag party

I lay on the bed exhausted and Jane makes me promise not to say a word to Dave about what she had just told me. It wasn't gonna be hard as I was heading back home in the morning and probably won't see Dave for a while.
All this happened eighteen months ago and I have been following Janes exploits on fab all this time, her verifications confirm she is still being a filthy cum loving slut.
I'm heading back to Leeds this weekend for Dave's stag weekend I have messaged Jane suggesting we could meet up for some fun, I await her reply……..

Jane has messaged back saying she'd love to see me again. I must admit this got me hard again thinking about our last meet so I took another look at her profile pics including some she's just added and had to have a good wank. Looking like it's gonna be a good weekend.
Heading up to Leeds after work this evening as stag due kicks off tomorrow lunchtime. I'm staying with Dave and Cheryl it's gonna be hard looking at Cheryl knowing despite looking the same how different she is to her slut of an Aunt.
Will keep updating when I can.

Managed to leave work at lunchtime so missing rush hour traffic arrived in Leeds at 5.30 I stop off and message Jane on fab to see if she's free?
After a short wait she messages back, unfortunately she has plans for this evening. I bet some lucky bugger is enjoying her talents.
I head off to Daves and as I walk up the path Cheryl comes to the door, dam she looks so much like slutty aunt Jane. I could definitely fuck her even if she is marrying my mate in two weeks.
I head up to my room and unpack while Cheryl puts the kettle on. I pop into the bathroom and a pair of Cheryls panties are laying on top of the laundry basket, I can't help myself so I pick them up and sniff them. The sweet smell has me instantly hard and freeing my cock I wrap the panties around it.
"Do you take sugar?" Cheryl shouts up. I tell her no as I put the panties back and compose myself heading downstairs.
"Dave won't be home til about 9 as he's working late so he can have tomorrow off"
Fuck me I think, I've got Cheryl all to myself for 3 hours, if it wasn't for the fact she's so vanilla I'd be trying my luck.
We catch up on what's been happening since we last met at their engagement party, all the time I'm imagining her naked and wondering if she has the same tramp stamp as Jane?.
After a little while she goes to put something in the oven and to my great delight get a glimpse of her butterfly stamp.
She really is like her Aunt, shame she's not as slutty.
I once again imagine myself fucking her, showing her the delights of oral sex and my cock is once again hard.
I ask if it's ok to get a shower to freshen up after my long drive? It's just an excuse to get upstairs and relieve myself.
Cheryl says it's fine and I'm soon in the shower wanking as I sniff her used panties.

Showered and composed I head back downstairs, watching some tv the time soon passes til Dave comes home "hi you southern wanker" is his greeting to me, his name for me since I moved to Ipswich.
We catch up over a late dinner and Dave suggests we all go to a club. Fortunately for me Cheryl declines so I don't have to be the let down as I'm knackered after my long drive.
I excuse myself and head up to bed, Dave and Cheryl weren't to far behind me and they were soon at it.
Cheryl screams like a banshee when she's being fucked, I had to put my headphones in and I could still here her. Perhaps she's not quite as vanilla as I thought.
Stag due tomorrow I wander what the best man has arranged, guess it's gonna be Sunday before I get to see Jane.

I was woken this morning by Dave shouting he'd be back soon and slamming the front door, I guess he was off for his morning jog. I log into fab to see who's around and to my surprise Jane is logged on, I message her and look at her pics as I wait for a reply.
I'm stroking my morning glory as my bedroom door opens and Cheryl walks in "I thought you'd like a cuppa" she says as she walks across the room. Fuck me she has the shortest most see thru nighty I've seen In my life and a skimpy thong. I flatten my erection against my stomach and as she bends to put the tea on my bedside table I get a perfect view of her ass. I thank her for the tea expecting her to leave but she sits on the side of my bed. She looks and smells so good it takes all my willpower to stop me seducing my mates fiance.
She tells me she has a little problem that she'd like my help with, I think to myself I have a big problem that I'd like her lips around.
She explains that when they first met Dave was always after oral sex but she didn't want to do it as her only experience was when about 16 and the guy had a really smelly cock and she'd been put off ever since "on our wedding night I want to surprise Dave with oral sex" she said. She explained that she didn't feel comfortable asking advise from anyone else, but as we'd known each other for years I'd be the ideal choice.
Although embarrassed I told her about different techniques and also what I like in a blowjob. As she listened intently her eyes began to sparkle and her nipples hardened and my cock was now forming tent under the quilt.
Once I had finished explaining Cheryl stood up, I thought she was going to leave but instead pulled back the quilt cover "was this just a theory lesson or do I get a practical as well?"
Before I'd had the chance to answer and tell her we shouldn't my pj bottoms were off and she tentatively put into practice what I had told her. She had certainly paid attention in class, in no time at all with a bit of encouragement and direction from me she was sucking like a pro.
I was very soon pulling her off me as I was about to cum, I explained that she had to decide squirt, spit, swallow or share. "Swallow" she said I told her good choice and instructed her to get on her knees on the floor, I stood in front of her and taking her head in both hands began to face fuck her, she gagged a few times so I stopped and asked if she was ok? Through watering eyes she said "carry on" very soon I was emptying my load in her and she swallowed all she could, some ran down her chin onto her nighty.
I sat on the bed and she sat beside me, I put my hand on her leg and began to work up her thigh "sorry that's for Dave only" she said as she removed my hand. Kissing me on the lips she then left the room, I could taste my cum on her. I drank my now tepid tea and headed off to the shower not really believing what had just happened.
Once dressed I headed downstairs where Cheryl was preparing breakfast, Dave was back and taking a shower "not a word to Dave" she says before he comes down, I didn't really need telling.
Me and Dave are now heading off to join rest of the stag party, paintball, curry and lots of beer,

Stag due went well, great time at paintball, nice curry and good time in the city centre. Thought the night was over when me and Dave got in a cab, Dave gave driver address and we headed off me feeling a bit lightheaded from copious amounts of alcohol.
Eventually we stop out side some apartments that I've not seen before "come on" says Dave and I follow him out after paying the fare.
He presses the buttons on the entry system and the door swings open, I follow him to a first floor apartment. We are greeted at the door by Jane "I believe you two have met before" says Dave as he kisses Jane, she greets me with a kiss and we go through to open plan lounge. The flat is sparsely decorated, as Jane pours some drinks Dave explains that Jane had text him during the evening saying she fancied some threesome fun tonight so here we were.
Jane returned with the drinks, she sat on Dave's lap and they begin to kiss passionately, I sit memorized as it looks so much like Dave and Cheryl together.
After a little while she gets off Dave and comes and sits on my lap, our tongues entwined.
As we separate I notice Dave has his cock in his hand, the only invitation Jane needs and she is soon bent over devouring him hungrily. Her pert ass looks inviting to me and I move over to her raising her skirt, I pull her thong down and she steps out of them.
Parting her cheeks my tongue is soon probing her tight hole.
Lifting her head of Dave's cock she moans pleasurably, Dave f***es her head back onto his swollen cock.
My hand finds it's way to her wet pussy and I soon have three fingers fucking her hard. She screams in orgasm as Dave tensed up and grunted as he came in her mouth.
Lifting her head and turning to me, cum dripping down her chin she says "fuck me you cunt and fuck me hard" she returned to Dave cleaning his cock as I removed clothes.
She moved away from Dave and laid on the floor legs parted "fuck me now" she ordered, I was soon between her legs fucking her.
"That's it Mike, fuck that filthy cum slut" encouraged Dave.
I felt my balls tightening so withdrew as didn't want to cum to quick, I ordered the slut onto her knees and spitting on my ass hole rammed my cock in. Holding on to her hips I fucked her hard. "Finger me Dave" she said in between gasps. He was soon beside us fingering away as I fucked her. Not soon after I pulled her hard onto me and unloaded deep inside her as she orgasmed again.
After a while we all got cleaned up and dressed, me and Dave got a cab home " not a word to Cheryl"

Well last night wasn't to exciting, went out for a meal with wedding party. Unfortunately Jane wasn't there, I sent her a message about meeting today but now she's busy. She didn't think I'd wanna meet after we had a threesome and Cheryl had given me a BJ (word gets around quick up north) she has had a lot of views and enquiries on her fab account (I wonder why) and has now planned something else.
I was chatting to a lovely lady on here last night before going out and she reckoned Cheryl fancied me and I should flirt with a bridesmaid to make her jealous. Unfortunately the only eligible bridesmaid was absent.
So at the end of the night I went to bed with only my journey home to look forward to today.
I woke about 3 this morning, going to the loo I noticed a light on downstairs and went to investigate. I found Cheryl in the kitchen, she seemed upset so I asked her what's wrong "I'm so ashamed of myself, we shouldn't have done what we did yesterday. I think I need to tell Dave, I guess he'll call the wedding off"
Oh fuck I thought how am I gonna talk my way out of this, should I quickly pack my bag and head back south before Dave is awake?
Instead I reassure Cheryl telling her she was only doing it as she wanted to give Dave a fantastic wedding night and how good she is he's in for a treat.
"I'm really good?" She smiled and grabbing me round the neck she kisses me "that means so much to me"
I don't know why but I said "the more you practise the better you'll get"
Her hand was soon on my hardening erection and with her glint in her eyes said "can I practice now?"
I told her no as Dave could come down and catch us, but we could meet in my car or at a hotel this afternoon if she can get away………. well here I am sitting in my car on the outskirts of Leeds, Cheryl is on her way.

My car door opens and Cheryl climbs in, she's wearing her lycra jogging gear, it hugs her figure and shows of her curves perfectly.
"I only have an hour, Dave is watching the rugby" I kiss her on her lips as her hands find their way to my lap "time for lesson two" she purrs.
I slips down my trousers and boxers and she bends over and begins to lick around my swollen cock.
Her thong is visible and I take the opportunity to slip my hand in her jogging bottoms while she is distracted, she doesn't object so I squeeze her cheeks as her head bobs up and down.
For lesson two this girl really knows her stuff, I remove my finger and moisten it in my mouth. Once back in her joggers it hones in on her sexy ass. My finger circle her tight hole and as she doesn't object I gently slip it in.
She lifts her head and smiles at me, I tell her to carry on the good work.
"Can we get in the back?" She asks and very soon we are in the back of my car both naked. I begin to slide my hand up her thigh, she removes it reminding her pussy is only for Dave.
As the ass doesn't appear to be out of bounds I get her to bend over having already teased her ass and with her saliva on my cock it slips in easily to her tight ass.
I fuck her slowly at first, then I realise she is rubbing frantically at her clit so speed my pace up. As she orgasms I empty my balls deep inside her. She slips her joggers back on thanking me for the tutorials "I'll see you at the wedding", as she walks back to her car I see the back of her joggers getting wet, I guess my cum is seeping out of her sexy ass.
I'll have a smile on my face all the way back to Ipswich.
Hopefully the wedding will be as much fun.

I log in to fab after work and have a message from Jane "be in directing room 5 at 7pm sharp and make sure you have the present that Cheryl left in back of car with you"
I guess by present she means the thong I found, but having never been in the chat rooms I spend the next few hours investigating. I find them to be strange places lots of guys wanking on cam, occasional woman that seem to get inundated with messages. I wonder to myself why Jane wants to chat in here?
At 7pm on the dot I go to directing room 5, only 4 people in including me, looking down the names they are all single guys, Jane joins the room and almost instantly messages are on the screen "hi jane get your tits out" appears a couple of time. A private message box opens on my screen and it's Jane, "hi handsome did you find the thong?" I tell her I did, holding it up to the screen to show her. "Good I want you to stand up in front of the cam and put it on for me" are you having a laugh? I ask. Do exactly what I tell you this evening and I'll reward you at the wedding reception" feeling like a bit of an idiot I slip out of my trousers and pulling the thong on the small triangle barely covering my balls and my now erect cock sticking out the top. "Now hold your cock near the camera" I do as I'm told and on my screen I see Jane licking her camera "that tastes so good, wank it for me" she says. I'm embarrassingly wanking away under her direction "I want you to drink your cum for me" I tell her that isn't gonna happen she pouts on the screen "please babe that would be so horny and the more you do for me now the better the reception sex will be"
I reluctantly do as I'm told and wank into my spare hand "hold it close to the screen so I can see you lick it all up"
I do as I'm told, it doesn't taste to bad and once it's all gone Jane says "good boy the reception is gonna be so much fun" with that she is gone.
I look back in the chat room and unbeknown to me the whole room have been watching the performance. I quickly leave the room and removing the thong head to the bathroom to rinse out my mouth.
I wonder what Jane has in store for the reception?………. 11 days til I find out.

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