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Fun in Oxford

Helen was sitting in between Simon and myself watching a new dvd slowly wanking our cocks back to life,the dvd we were watching was a Bi one 2 guys and and 1 female ( Helen had sent me to Oxford that afternoon to buy a new dvd for tonight )
Helen asked how I had enjoyed Simon giving me my first male BJ,I told them both I really enjoyed it Helen said it was one of the most sexy things she had seen.
On the dvd it got to the part when the girl got hold of one of the guys cock and was guiding it into the others arse, by now both Simons and my cock’s we rock hard,Simon had already told us about his Bi past that he enjoyed giving and receivivg anal.
Helen asked me if I would be interested in anal with Simon ( please she said lol )what I was watching on the dvd was having it effect on my cock and Helen could see this so she said with a simle shall we all go back to the bedroom.
While on the bed I went straight to Helens pussy with my tounge I could taste Simons cum still inside her that was the first time I had tasted another guys cum and how horny it was,Simon was busy sucking and playing with Helens tits.
I slowly worked my way up to Helens tits with my tounge then lifted Helens legs over my shoulders then Simon took hold of my cock and guided it into Helens pussy. I was slowly fucking Helen when Simon moved behind me and started to run his hands up and down my back then slowly down my back to my arse cheeks he carried on doing this for a few more mins,I could feel Helen’s pussy gripping my cock while Simon was massaging my back then I felt Simon’s fingers rubbing around my arsehole,my fucking started to increase when I felt Simon’s finger push into me with my fucking motion I was pushing harder back on Simon’s finger I felt Helen’s legs tighten around my neck when she went all rigid and cum I could feel it running from her pussy with that I withdrew my cock and Simon went straight down on her pussy with his tounght and wit in seconds she came again ( I think they call it gushing ) it was soaking the bed.
We all just lay there for a few mins when Helen said would I let Simon fuck me just like I had fucked her with that Simon started to suck my cock when Helen joined him sucking my cock bl**dy hell it was great.
Helen asked me again and I just sort of nodded with that she went to the draw and produced a tube of KY gel and her vibrator ( which she has used on me before )turn over she said, I felt the cold sensation of the KY being gently rubbed into my hole.I moved so I was in the doggy postion and felt Helen start to push the vibrator into me, she was slowly fucking my arse now and Simon was wanking my cock ( fuck this great lol )she took the vibrator out and said to Simon your turn now, more KY was applied then I felt Simon’s cock at my arse guided my Helen he started to push and I felt the head go in I tensed up with the pain so Simon stopped for a few seconds then when he felt me relax he started to push again this time there was no pain and he was in me up to his balls Helen was stroking my cock and Simon started to fuck me slowly at first the gradually increasing his pace Helen had now let go of my cock and was useing the vibrator on herself, I felt Simon speed up and all of a sudden he pushed hard into me and went stiff and I could feel his cum spurting into me, when he pulled out I just collasped on the bed then rolled over when Helen straddled me and sat straight down on my cock and we fecked like crazy until I came and Helen let out a loud cry and I could feel her cum mixing with mine and startto run down my wilting cock.
We all laid there for 30mins or so then Simon had to go, we both talked about the night and both agreed it was one of the best sex sessions we have had so we can now say I am Bi Simon has visited now a couple of times and I have fucked him which I enjoyed.
Now it is Helen,s turn to try the Bi thing lol,all these stories are totally true ( cant see the point of making anything up lol )Helen and Simon are here while I am typing this, there are a couple more stories if any one is interested.

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