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Game Night

When I heard about swinging, it sounded like a lot of fun to me. I brought up the idea to my hubby many times, but he was never interested. He’s a very quiet, gentle guy, and I think that sort of thing just seemed too wild for him.

I’d often mention while we were in bed together my fantasies of playing with other people, but he would just smile and get embarrassed. I didn’t want to cheat on my hubby, because he is such a gentle soul, but I really was craving a little more action than our simple sex life.

Glen has a group of friends that he hangs out with on the weekends. Most of them are quite attractive. I kinda hatched a plan, and asked Glen to invite his friends over for game night on the weekend. He liked the idea and was grateful that I was so supportive of him spending time with his friends. Most of their wives were disapproving whenever their hubbies wanted to play games, and just relax and be men. So our house became a safe haven for boys to be boys.

They would come over and play video games or cards or just watch tv. I enjoyed having the house full of handsome men, and I would always bring them snacks and drinks and be a supportive dutiful wife. I’d also make sure to dress up nice when they came over, in short skirts and low cut tops that displayed my cleavage. Glen didn’t seem to notice, but the boys sure did, and I caught them eyeing me quite often. I flirted with them also, every chance I got.

The flirting started out very innocent, a wink here, a flip of the hair there, a touch on the arm when I handed them another beer. The boys loved coming over to our house for game night, and it became a regular thing every weekend. When they arrived, I would give each of them a warm welcoming hug, and would make sure to hug them before they left as well. I knew all of their wives, so they acted like perfect gentlemen.

But I could tell they loved the attention from their friend’s busty wife. They would seek me out to get their hugs, holding me tight as I pressed my breasts against them and would often put their arms around my waist when I was standing near them. Glen never seemed to mind that his friends constantly had their hands all over his wife. He would just smile proudly that his wife was popular.

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