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Getting caught without you [Part 2]

A continuation of ‘Getting caught without you’ ..

I knew I couldn’t turn down an opportunity like this, especially given the state that I’m in. So upon releasing my bottom lip from it’s cage between my teeth, ‘The back door’s unlocked.’ was my reply. He looked hesitant, as though he didn’t expect me to take him up on his offer, so I thought I’d tempt him a little. Bringing my hand up to my mouth, my nose filling with my own sweet scent, I started to lap at the fluids that my playtime left behind. I locked my eyes on him, noticing his erection twitch in his hand. I knew I had him.

It wasn’t long before I heard the door creak open from downstairs. Quickly I grabbed my black thong from the floor and started to bind my hands to the headboard, The thought of letting him have his way with me somehow getting me more wet. Suddenly he burst through the bedroom door, apparently he didn’t feel the need to put clothes on for the walk next door, his naked body was slightly sweaty.

His cock jumped once more when he realized I was bound to the bed. For the first time I was noticing how well endowed he was, the head of it looked like it could tear my insides apart from the sheer thickness of it. After standing at the entrance of my bedroom for what seemed like an eternity, he finally started to approach me.

 Climbing on the bed, he positioned himself between my open thighs, I closed my eyes, just enjoying his weight on top of me. They quickly shot open as I felt four fingers touch my mound and scoop up some of it’s juices. I watched as he played with them in his hand before getting a taste, a grunt of satisfaction leaving his lips. Burying his face into my neck, he grabbed his hard member then proceeded to run the tip of it along my slit. I couldn’t take the teasing, so I began bucking my hips, trying to get him inside of me every time he passed my entrance. My weak attempts earned a chuckle from him.

Propping himself up while looking directly into my eyes, he used the palm of his hand to stop my hip’s movements. His mouth lowered down to mine but didn’t quite settle on it. I felt him push his hips against mine, the head of his penis popped inside of me and we both moaned into each others mouths. One hard thrust and he was deep inside of me, feeling so full so suddenly set me off, I felt wetness gushing out of me as my pussy clamped down on his firm dick. This caused some pleasurable groans on his end as well, and just like that, I was his.

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