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Ghost Lover

Ghost Lover

“What’s that you’ve found?” Jo asked her husband John as he fished something from under the floorboards.

“Looks like a dusty old diary of some sort,” John replied. “But it’s got a small lock on it.”

John passed the diary to his wife and took the cup of coffee which she had brought him.

“Ooh, this looks intriguing,” Jo said excitedly. “I'll see if I can pick the lock.”

“It’s probably full of dirty little secrets,” John said raising his eyebrows suggestively.

Little did he know, but it was indeed full of dirty little secrets!

John and Jo had recently moved into the ‘Old Vicarage’ in the small Cotswold village of Little Hampton.
A character filled period dwelling of the 18th century which had the enduring appeal of a Jane Austen novel.
The house had been completely re-decorated apart from a couple of rooms and John was busy finishing the last of those, a ground floor bedroom, when he happened upon the diary.

In the kitchen Jo had made light work of picking the small lock on the diary using a paper clip.
Sipping her tea she carefully opened the old diary and curiously began to read the contents.

“Hey hun,” John said seeing his wife reading. “Did you find anything interesting in there?” He enquired.

So engrossed in the diary was she when her husband entered the room that Jo was a little startled.

“Oh! You made me jump,” Jo said. “I'll say!” she exclaimed. “This is a diary of the sexual exploits of the vicar’s wife and her lover the gardener.”

“Oh, how original,” John said sarcastically.

“No, seriously,” Jo said. “It’s very explicit, and quite a turn on,” Jo continued. “Especially when you consider how taboo this kind of scandal would have been normally, but the vicar’s wife?!”

John laughed it off and headed outside.

“Well, enjoy your read,” he said. “I’ll be happy for you to take out your sexual frustration on me when it gets a bit too much for you.” John said, knowing that Jo probably would.

As he walked out of the French doors into the yard a rolled up piece of paper hit him on the back of the head. John turned to see his wife giving him the index finger and smiling.

After dinner John and Jo were snuggling on the sofa watching TV when John’s mobile phone rang.

“I have to go in to work,” He explained. “There’s a problem with an alarm system and they need me to sort it out tonight.”

“What time will you be back?” Jo asked.

“Difficult to say right now, but don’t wait up.” John suggested. “I’ll try not to disturb you if it's really late.”

Jo closed and locked the door as John pulled out of the driveway.

Fancying a bit of a pamper Jo decided to pour herself a drink, run a hot bath, light some scented candles and listen to some soft music.
After some essential grooming, Jo had done the nails on her feet and hands, applied and removed a face pack, waxed her legs and shaved her pussy. She was on her fourth vodka when she slipped into the hot bath and was feeling very relaxed as the candles filled the room with a romantic light and a sweet scent.

After sharing her bath with the music of the great Barry White for half an hour Jo climbed out of the tub and towel dried herself with a giant warm, soft bath towel.

A healthy red glow from the warm water was apparent on her skin as Jo moisturised with baby oil.

She couldn’t help admire her own physique in the full length mirror as she rubbed the oil over her body.
Approaching her fifties Jo was in very good shape due to regular exercise and healthy diet. A voluptuous frame with ample breasts, a tiny waist and wide hips would classify her in the porn industry as a milf, a cougar, or a hot mature.

The effect of the vodka mixed with the warm sensation of her freshly bathed body made for quite a sensual moisturising. In the ambience of the candle lit room, in front of the mirror, Jo massaged and caressed her body. Oily fingers squeezed her breasts and pinched her excited nipples. Her hands explored her waist as they made their way over her hips and down each leg to her feet, and then back up the inside of her thighs until one hand was caressing her pussy and the other her ass.

“Oh Fuck! I’m so horny right now,” Jo sighed.

The silk sheets felt delicious on her sexually sensitive skin as Jo slipped into bed.

'That’s odd,' Jo thought, spotting the diary on the bedside table. “I could have sworn that I left this in the kitchen.”

Unable to resist reading more of the sordid details of the vicar’s wife and her gardener lover Jo studied the pages of the diary.

She read how the vicar’s wife would wait until her husband was out practising his sermons in the nearby churches before enticing the gardener into the house, often by standing naked in front of the tall windows until he caught sight of her.
The gardener was fifteen years her junior at the age of twenty five, and by all accounts a strapping fine figure of a man.
The vicar’s wife had spared little detail about the size of his member, describing it as: ‘Twice the size of my husband’s, and so thick as to make me gasp with delightful pleasure.’

Jo read how the vicar’s wife would take enormous pleasure to bathe the young gardener before taking him into her marital bed and letting him have his rampant way with her.

Reading on, Jo enjoyed how the entry in the diary explained how the young gardener would pin the vicar’s wife’s arms to the bed as he slowly pushed his ‘stiffness’ into her body.
Jo was already feeling horny but this was tipping her over the edge. She decided to relieve her sexual tension and carefully put the diary on the bedside table.

Slipping down the bed and closing her eyes, Jo imagined the vicar’s wife and her lover.

Once again Jo’s fingers began to caress her own body. Her skin tingled all over as her excitement mounted. Cupping her breasts with one hand she slipped her other hand between her spread thighs and rubbed her erect clitoris letting out an involuntary moan of pleasure. Inserting two fingers into her moist pussy Jo began to finger-fuck herself to orgasm. Kicking down the sheets to expose her naked body on top of the bed she thrust her hips and desperate pussy into her stabbing fingers. Still pinching each hard nipple with the fingers of her other hand Jo screamed into her climax.

“Oh God..! Fuck yeahhhh..! Unhhhh..!” Jo cried out as her satisfied body twitched with uncontrollable spasms.

Panting, Jo lay still on the bed as waves of post orgasmic pleasure washed over her body. She was enjoying the resultant hypnotic state when she suddenly became aware of a presence in the room and an overwhelming feeling that she was being watched.
Startled, and assuming that it was her husband John who had crept back into the house she sat bolt upright. There was no sign of anybody there.

“John?” She called out. “Are you back?” She said, noticing that her heart was pounding.

John didn’t reply, and a quick look out of the window proved that his car was still missing. He was clearly still at work.
Realising that it was probably just her imagination Jo slipped back into bed and after reading a few more pages of the diary she drifted off into a relaxed sl**p.

It was the sexy feeling of the sheet sliding down over her body that woke Jo up at what must have been around three in the morning.
In her sl**py state, Jo realised that John had come home and was in the mood for some hanky panky, so she just let out a soft, approving moan and relaxed her body ready for her husband’s attention.

Feeling her husband climbing onto the bottom of the bed Jo parted her legs as a welcoming gesture. It was working and she soon felt his warm hands stroking their way up her legs. His thumbs were inside of her thighs and were teasing her labia and gently pulling her pussy lips open.

“Oh baby, that feels so good,” She whispered. “I missed you.”

Her husband answered by gently pushing her thighs apart and kissing her open pussy.

Jo spread her arms and gripped the silk sheets on either side of her as she succumbed to her husband’s lust.

“Oh yes, uhhh,” Jo whispered as she felt his tongue slowly probing and sucking her vagina.

As her pussy flooded with sex juice, Jo felt her husband’s hands stroking their way up across her abdomen, squeezing her breasts and then gently caressing their way down her outstretched arms. Her nipples were standing to attention as his tongue flicked over them.

“Ow..!” She squealed in painfully delight as teeth nipped her breast just below her nipple.

She felt his warm body pressing down between her thighs. Now she could feel the heat from the hardening cock that was nudging against the entrance of her wet pussy.

“I’m so ready for you honey,” Jo whispered. “Fuck me now!” She pleaded.

In the inky blackness of the room, Jo felt the stiff shaft beginning to penetrate its way into her pussy, and was more than pleasantly surprised by her husband’s apparent extra hardness and pushed her body against it impatiently.
Hands that were stroking her arms now moved down and gripped her wrists, firmly pinning Jo to the bed. Her pussy lips were being slowly, purposely f***ed apart by a hardness which she was definitely not familiar with. Jo’s pussy stretched to accommodate the mammoth cock that was exquisitely filling her.

“Fucking Jeez!” Jo squealed. “You’re deliciously thick and hard tonight baby. What have you been drinking, Viagra juice?”

Jo felt her pussy lubricating itself with her juices as the thick shaft pounded her hole. Spreading her thighs as wide as she could Jo wrapped her legs around her husband’s body as he pounded her towards her second orgasm of the day.

When it finally came, it was earth shattering!

Jo’s pussy was the epicentre of an electrifying wave of pure a****l lust as a dizzying pleasure swept over her.

Jo felt her pussy's orgasmic contractions squeeze and milk the beautifully thick shaft that impaled her. Seconds later, it too began to pulse and erupt as spurt after spurt of ejaculate filled her grateful hole.

“Fuck yes! Oh my God! Oh yes, yes, yes!” Jo screamed as she felt the joint orgasm taking place inside her body.

Still pinned to the bed by her wrists Jo thrust her hips up to meet her husband’s pounding shaft. The slapping of his balls against her ass confirmed that she had every hard inch of her husband’s cock inside her, and never before had he felt so huge.

As she lay there recovering from an intense orgasm, Jo’s mind wandered to the exploits of a vicar’s wife and her lover, the way that he would pin her arms to the bed before driving his huge cock into her unfulfilled pussy, oddly, in fact, very much like John had come home from work and done to her just now.

Assuming that her husband had sneeked a peek at the diary and was deliberately copying the gardener's style for effect, Jo was about to ask John if this was the case, when she felt the semi hardness being withdrawn from her stretched pussy. Her wrists tingled as he let go letting the bl**d rush back into her fingers, and in the complete darkness she felt her husband climbing off the bottom of the bed.
At that very moment a car pulled into their driveway, the headlights illuminated the room and Jo looked down at her husband about to query who it might be at this time of the morning.

Her husband wasn’t there!

There was no body there!

Jo sat bolt upright and turned on the small table lamp next to the bed.

“What the Fuck?” She gasped.

Slipping on a silk wrap Jo looked out of the window to see John locking his car and heading for the front door. Her head was in a confused spin as she looked all around the room for the answer to the question on her mind. Who had just fucked the shit out of her so beautifully if it wasn’t her husband?

Jo sat on the bed and thought for a moment.

“Was it a dream?” She said to herself. “Yes, that’s it, the diary, the vodka, feeling horny before going to sl**p. It must have been an incredible dream.” Jo convinced herself.

“About as good as any dream could get!” She said to herself as John walked into the bedroom.

“Hey Hun,” John said. “I’m sorry, did I wake you?” He asked.

“Not at all, I was fast asl**p having a great dream and woke up just as you came home,” Jo said hugging her husband.
“I'm just going to use the bathroom while you get ready for bed,” Jo said to her tired looking husband.

Jo smiled at herself in the full length mirror.

“That was some dream woman!” She whispered to her reflection, dabbing her flushed face with a cool flannel.

“You have a vivid imagin..” Jo stopped in mid-sentence, aware that something was leaking from her pussy and running down her thigh.

Jo stared at the thick creamy liquid in her hand, it was too familiar to mistake, and the odour of semen confirmed that what was now leaking from her pussy was indeed the sperm that had been expertly fucked into her body just a short while ago. And it wasn’t her husband’s!

Jo pulled open her robe and inspected her breasts. Sure enough, in the mirror, Jo could clearly see a small bite mark underneath one of her nipples.

“What the Fuck?” She said under her breath.

Realising now that it couldn’t have been a dream, yet having no clue as to what might have just occurred, Jo quickly cleaned herself up and nervously returned to the bedroom, her head was spinning.

John was sitting on the bed when Jo walked in.

“Are you OK Hun?” He asked.

Jo’s eyes were scanning the room nervously.

“You look like you’ve seen a ghost,” John said, noticing his wife’s unease.

Jo thought about what her husband had just said, then thought some more, and then began to smile.

Slipping into the bed next to her husband Jo whispered in his ear. “Yes, you could say that,” She said.

“A real friendly ghost,” Jo purred as she turned off the light.

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