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Girls Weekend … Continued

Girls Weekend … Continued

I laughed along with Jane at the amazing scene that was rapidly unfolding that night. Jane propped herself up and lent across to retrieve her G&T from the bedside table. She took a hearty gulp and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. We held each others gaze as I continued to stroke her well toned thighs. She groaned and looked at me seductively.

“Kate … that was fucking amazing.” She said, still slightly breathless.

“Glad you liked it … I really enjoyed watching your explosive climax.”

“Yeah, … well not as much as I’m going to enjoy watching yours honey.” She said with a grin.

With that she sat her drink back down and pulled me towards her. We kissed and her tongue felt utterly delicious in my mouth. She slipped off my nightdress and kissed and licked my firm breasts, as I caressed her hips and backside. We were completely uninhibited now as we got to know each others bodies. This was my first time with someone of the same sex and it felt totally natural. Jane and I seemed to have a great chemistry together and I must admit I fancied her like hell. My breathing was shallow as she kept up some talk and slid her hand down towards my soaking wet pussy. My juices were flowing as she whispered to me, telling me that she was going to fuck my brains out. Wow. Bring it on. Her touch was sending shivers down my spine as she circled my clit and caressed the inside of my thighs. My excited pussy was throbbing as she kissed my neck and rubbed my well manicured mound. I groaned as she continued to ravish me. Fucking hell, this woman to woman sex was intoxicating. I was on heat, wet with desire and getting my clitoris stimulated by my fucking pal. Her gorgeous breasts rubbed against mine as she nibbled my ear lobs and kissed my throat. She gently bit my nipples and stroked my skin all over. My desire was peeking and she hadn’t even gotten to the best bit yet.

We kissed and fumbled for what seemed like hours, my skin was sensitive to her every touch and the tingle of pure excitement got me right in the crotch. We wrestled around in the sumptuous outsize bed, caressing every part of each other. Tasting and stroking each other. Enjoying a stolen weekend to indulge in a little forbidden fruit before going back to real life. There’s nothing wrong in trying a little of something different now and then – more people should try it. And I was going to enjoy it to the full.

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