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Girlyboy Gone Wild – Part Six

With both of my hands wrapped around Dan’s big 11 inch cock, I felt just like a little girl in his classroom. I jerked him off with both hands while I sucked on the head of his cock, getting it ready for him to put in my tight little girly ass.

I licked around the big head of his cock, smelling my sticky-wet, cum-soaked white cotton panties he was wearing. Oh, it was all so kinky and fun and made me feel like a slutty sorority girl getting it on after class with her big handsome professor. He had been insisting on bending me over his desk and fucking me and I had finally agreed to do it.

It was really thrilling being a little girlyboy for a man with a powerful hard one who wanted to put it in you. But it was a full 11 inches and the thought of having it inside me was starting to make me nervous. I’m sure he wanted to put every inch of it inside of me and fuck me hard to make up for all those sorority girls who showed him their panties in class.

Holding his stiff cock in my hands, I looked up at Dan in the chair. ‘This big one is all mine, teacher. I want you to put it all in me while I’m bending over your desk.

‘You’re a good little slut, Courtney. Every teacher should have a girl like you in his class.’

‘Will I get an A for today teacher?’

‘You’ll get an A just for your ass alone, sweetheart. And you’re going to get an ass full of my cum to take home with you.’

‘I love your cock, teacher. I want it every day after class.’

‘Well, let’s get you bent over my desk so I can give it to you like a little sorority slut.’

I smiled. ‘I’m ready for every inch of it, teacher.’

I stood up, wearing just my white knee socks and girls tennis sneakers. I bent over the desk and put my nice ass up for Dan. He had already fingered my hole good to get it ready and I had made his cock really wet with my tongue. It all felt so perfect. I was the sexy little bitch who had made his cock so hard with my body. Now, I was going to let him use my body to make his cock feel wonderful.

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