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Gothic Amy And Me Part 6 Breaking Away

Introduction: Going to meet Vampiras sister AUTHORS NOTE* Sorry Ive kept you waiting so long. I didnt mean to do it on purpose. If u want an explanation I got put into an in-patient hospital. Lol But im out and I want to remind people John Fields In the story is me in real life. But I changed my appearance in real life so im changing the appearance in the story. Kid you not this is me now.

Blue and Green hair. I dyed it blue around like a crown and green in the middle and up top. And I got two new skull ear piercings. And a tattoo and a tattoo on my knuckles that say F-U-C-K Y-O-U-! And Ive got 11 new girls the you awesome fans introduced to me haha.

THANK YOU TOO 1 anon reader who described a guy a Goth Hawaiian. I think it did need another guy.

THANK YOU TOO – 1 anon reader who introduced a girl and said shes obsessed with my stories but was afraid to describe herself lol tell her that she can be in my stories any time.

And to any girl reader who wants to be in my stories let me know. As far as Im concerned 11 new girls means at least 9 new chapters.

Ill introduce 4 girls now and do the other 7 in other chapters. Let me just get through these 11 girls before I get any new entries please. Thank you ":-)"


It had only been a week or two since Miss May kicked me out. Thank God Vampira decided to let me crash at this apartment with her, Lilith, and Jessica. I havent really fucked them in the past two weeks I had been there. Id been focused on my life. I decided to start over a new life. I changed basically everything besides my name. Dyed my hair blue and green. Got skull piercings thanks to Vampira. And Tattooed my knuckles FUCK YOU! I think its short sweet and to the point. Anyways Tonight seemed pretty nice out. I was sitting on top of the apartment building smoking a blunt with Amy who stopped by for a visit. I cant believe you dropped out of school. Amy said blowing out smoke. I cant believe you thought I was gunna stay there. I said taking the blunt from her hand. Finishing it up and flicking it off the building I looked at Amy. Even when I was baked out of my mind she was hot as hell. Tight grey tank top with a band called The Word Alive. And her Black and Red Skirt with her signature Combat boots.

I stood up and walked to the stair case to go down when Amy pulled back and kissed me on the lips. Even when Im going through a stressful time she always makes me feel better. Grabbing the back of her black and purple hair I parted my mouth as she did hers and snaked my tongue into her mouth. Breaking the kiss she looked at me with her big beautiful eyes and hugged me. You need to get a hold of yourself. She said hugging me tighter. Hold of myself? I need to get the fuck out of this town. Reality sucks. No wonder the suicide rate goes up. I said turning away to walk down the stairwell to the bottom to go to my apartment. I was on the fifth floor stair well when I felt two hands on my back push me up against the wall. No warning. Almost smashed my head. Two hands turned me around and I see my baby Amy with a seductive smile. Lose these. She said tugging down my shorts. And these! she said throwing down my boxers and grabbing my cock stroking it. I open my mouth to protest but before I could get a word out she shoved her tongue into my mouth. I gave in. I started to thrust my dick into her hand fucking it getting harder and harder. Before she broke the kiss I let her bottom lip slide out biting it hearing her light moan.

I took my hands off her side and ripped her tank top in two. No bra as usual. Asshole I loved that tank top. Amy said slapping me in the face. Ya love you too. I said grabbing her head and pushing it down to my cock. Fuck you she said with a laugh before she took a breath and slowly took the head of my cock into her mouth. Her Tongue piercing on my Prince Albert felt Amazing. I closed my eyes focusing on her tongue swirling on the head of my dick. I grabbed the back of her head shoving the rest of my cock into her mouth as she made a beautifully sick gagging noise as her nose hit my shaved pubic hair. She was licking the underside of my dicks just getting my balls sending tingles up my spine. I let go of her head as she slowly&hellip,.Slowly let my dick slide out of her mouth with a wet sloppy pop. I looked down at Amy to see her smiling looking up at me with 3 strings of saliva between her mouth and my dick. Just to be cheeky I moved my hips smacking her face with my cock. I couldnt take it anymore I grabbed and picked her up shoving her skirt down to the floor and kissing her feeling for her panties to take them off. After a few seconds I realized she didnt have any panties on. I broke the kiss lining my cock up with her pussy. She wrapped her arms around me and her legs around my waist as I roughly shoved my cock straight into her tight twat buried into the hilt. AAARRRGGGHHH she screams as she buried her head into my shoulder. No panties you fucking slut! You want to act like a Slut ill treat you like a slut. I said taking her off my dick and throwing her over the Hand rail so she could look down 5 floors. He big bouncy tits heaving as she breaths heavily only drove me crazier.

I spit on my cock lubing it up. I spread her ass cheeks looking at her pink asshole. I chuckled to myself ramming it up her asshole only my spit for lube balls deep into her ass. AAAARRRRGGGHHH!!! She screamed so damn loud. THIS IS WHAT YOU GET SLUT, PRISON FUCKED. I said ramming my cock into her ass driving her a little more over the edge with each thrust. TREAT YOUR SLUT LIKE THE DIRTY WHORE SHE IS!!!!! she screamed egging my on. I jackhammered into her ass watching it stretch to accommodate my cock. Watching her ass jiggle and make waves every time it made contact with my waist. I felt close. I wasnt gunna last long. I grabbed the back of her hair yanking her to the floor. Like the dirty hungry slut she was She opened up her mouth and stuck out her tongue. I stroked my cock looking at her. Black combat fuck me boots. Shaven twat with piercing. Her perky D tits jiggling with every deep breath and her eye liner running down her cheeks it was too much to bare. I closed my eyes grunted and shot load after load onto her face chest, and tits. I havent fucked or jerked off in two weeks so I was looking forward to see the damage I done.

I opened my eyes to See Amy completely COVERED in my cum. Face painted white with my cum dripping off her chin and onto her tits. I wiped a little cum off her face and put it in between her cleavage. I stuck my cock in between her big tits and started to thrust up and down getting my cock hard again. The head of my cock poked her in the chin a few times before she tipped her head down taking the head of my cock in her mouth. I closed my eyes and kept thrusting in and out of her ample cleavage when I felt a pair of hands wrapped around my waist and a pair of lips sucking on my neck. I looked to the left of me to see Lilith with her eyes closed and her head buried into my neck. What&hellip,Are Oh God You&hellip,.Doing Here? I asked her causing Amy to look up in surprise. &hellip,I heard Amy screaming&hellip,.And I sorta wanted to see why&hellip, Lilith said with her head down. Amy let go of my cock and stood up. And you thought you could just join us? Amy said walking up to Lilith and walking around her. I&hellip,I&hellip,Just thou-thought&hellip, Lilith began before Amy cocked her fist back and sank it into Liliths face. Whoa Whoa. I said Walking up to Amy and checking on Lilith. John&hellip,She NEEDS this&hellip,.this little slut wants to join? Amy asked. Y-Yes. Lilith said rubbing her cheek. Amy took some of my cum from her left breast into her hand. Do you know what this is? Amy asked smacking Lilith in the face with her cummy hand. Hi&hellip,His Cum? Lilith asked taking her index finger and swiping a little off her cheek and licking it off. Damn right it is bitch and if you want to join ME&hellip,and MY BOYFRIEND your gunna lick his cum completely off me!!!! Well?….GET TO IT!!!!!!!!!! Amy screamed Grabbing Lilith by her white hair and picking her up to her chest level. Lilith looked at me nervously. I however was jerking off my cock. WELL!?!? Amy said before Lilith turned to Amys big tits and stuck her tongue out licking them clean.

She started out with the left tit licking around her areola making her nipple stick out. Once she licked all the way up the tit catching all the cum in her mouth and swallowing it she than worked on Amys right boob doing the same. I was hard as a diamond. After Lilith did that she licked the traces of cum up her neck and to Amys chin. Lick My face clean CUNT! Amy spat. Lilith nodded and closed her eyes. Lilith licked up all the cum off of Amys face always waiting until her mouth was almost full until she swallowed. After Amys face was licked clean Amy grabbed the back of Liliths head causing Lilith to wince in pain. When Liliths mouth was open Amy attacked it shoving her tongue into Liliths mouth. I took this as my opportunity to get Lilith naked. I walked up behind her and snaked my hands in front of her to take off her belt. I unbuttoned her grey skinny jeans and snaked then down her skinny frame. She stepped out of her pants as I threw them over the guard rail. Still locking lips with a Naked Amy I looked at Lilith and studied her. Wearing a Mayday Parade T-shirt and black panties topped off with white socks and converses. God I want to be inside her again. I walked up behind Lilith and pulled down her panties. I snaked my hand between her thighs feeling her freshly shaven pussy. I entered two fingers into her to feel how wet she was. She was soaking. I lifted her left leg up and rubbed the head of my cock along the slit a few times before entering the head in. She pulled away from Amy to moan. Amy smiled and slapped her face. Fuck her John. Fuck her hard. Amy said smacking the back of my head. I took Liliths shirt off and unsnapped her bra with my teeth. Lilith shook off her bra. I grabbed Lilith and I fell back onto the floor. I fell hard but Lilith fell onto me. I started to jackhammer into her. All the while Amy was standing in front of us naked furiously rubbing her clit and tweaking her nipples. I reached around Lilith and grabbed one of her tits in my hand pinching her nipple and making her scream.

I guess Amy thought this would be a good time to join us. Amy knelt down and took Liliths right tit into her mouth making Lilith moan. Amy bit into Liliths tit and pulling the nipple making Lilith scream out loud. Amy smiled and moved Liliths head and kissed me on the lips snaking her hand down to Liliths pussy rubbing her clit. While I was kissing the love of my life the little fuck toy between us started to twitch and sputter. I-Im C-C-CUMI-CUMING!! Lilith choked out. Liliths pussy hugged onto my cock as I barreled into her. I pulled out and tossed her aside pinning Amy to the ground and shoving my hard cock into her pussy. She silently moaned as Lilith crawled over to us like a good little put and sat her pussy over Amys mouth. Amy attached her mouth to Liliths pussy and started to eat her out. A Fuck toy a rug muncher and a horny 16 year old kid. I love my life. I was only a few strokes in when I felt my balls start to tighten and that tingling feeling creeping up my dick. I escaped out of Amy and pushed Lilith to the floor and started to fuck her raw pussy some more. Lilith looked up to me and we locked eyes. She pulled me in and kissed me as I exploded into her. I came and came inside her womb. I broke the kiss and pulled out. I traced my dick up her chest in between her boobs and I stuck it in her mouth. She sucked it lightly and looked at me happily. After my dick was clean I smacked her in the face with it and stood up. Lilith started to get up but I put my foot on her chest so she couldnt get up. I grabbed Amy. Putting one hand on her naked ass cheek and the other behind her head I kissed her passionately and kissed her cheek and whispered into her ear. Clean it up. I said as Amy kissed my cheek and knelt between Liliths legs and lapped up my cum from her leaking pussy.

I grabbed my clothes and threw on my pants and walked down the stairs into the apartment. I looked at Jessica sitting on the couch reading Fangoria Magazine. Where you been? Jessica asked. Chillin with Lilith and Amy. I said laughing. I walked into Vampiras room. hey you busy? I asked closing the door and turning around to see Vampira fucking herself with a black vibrator. Jesus is everyone consumed with sex. I said laughing. I looked over to see a suitcase. Where you going? I asked. Vampira stopped fucking herself to answer me. My sister wants me to come visit her sorority this weekend. Vampira said laughing. Cool sounds nice. I said sitting next to her grabbing her viberator and shoving it in her. Wa-wanna&hellip,.cum? She asked. With her eyes closed. Ya Id love too. I said walking out of her room laughing. I walked into my room and packed my clothes into my shitty bag. Vampira walked into my room.

What are you doing? She asked me. Im packing. Than im going to pass out. I said. No where leaving&hellip,TONIGHT. She said slowly to me like I was a retard. Oh ok cool. Want me to drive? I asked. Sure just let me get dressed. I think youll like the sorority. She said smiling. I dragged my bag to the living room and sat next to Jessica. Have Amy and Lilith come back yet? I asked. Jessica nodded her head no. I chuckled thinking of what there doing. Ok lets go. I heard Vampira say. I turned in front of me to See Vampira looking&hellip,Demonic as usual. Black skull tripp pants and a black tank top that barley held her tits in place with a fishnet top over it. Blood red lipstick and purple eye liner. A perfect graveyard slut.

I grabbed her suitcase and my bag and threw it into the trunk. I got into her beat up 1999 Pontiac. And started the car. I was surprised. The outside of the car looked beat to shit. The inside was nice. Seat warmers and a new Stereo. Sweet. I grabbed my iPod and hooked it up blaring Disturbed all the way. We were about an hour into the drive when I looked to my right and saw Vampira passed out. I looked down and saw her hand in her pants. She must have been rubbing while I was focused on the road. I started to get hard thinking of her rubbing her pierced clit. With one hand I unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down slightly. I nudged Vampira awake as she came to and pulled her hand out of her pants. Where do I go now? I asked. uhhhhhhh&hellip,.Left turn. She said. She rested back into her chair and tilted her head down my way and giggled as she saw the bulge in my pants. Awwww Lil guy wants to come out and play. She said dancing two fingers on my zipper. Little my ass. I said. Here lemme help the time pass by. She said with a seductive smile as she pulled my zipper down and pulled my boxers down a little bit with my cock semi erect. I looked at the road I didnt see a car behind us or in front of us. Vampiras tongue swirled around my cock head she licked the base of my cock giving it a great tongue bath. After my dick was coated with saliva she engulfed my head. Bobbing on my cock like a champion she sucked. It felt amazing every time her fangs would lightly scrape against my dick it would make me jump a little shoving it deeper into her mouth. I followed the road signs and got to the college. Vampira lifted her head up and said Drive left and dont stop until you see a house with a black and purple sign. She said bobbing on my cock. I drove to the end to see a grey chipped house with 1 of the windows busted out. It looked like something out of a Nightmare On Elm Street Movie. You close? she asked. Not yet. I said. Tilt your seat back. She said popping her head up. I did as she told me too. She pushed me back into my seat and pulled down her trip pants. She moved her red thong to the side and sat on my cock. Pure heaven. She slide down slowly on my cock and grinded our pelvises together. I smacked her ass and she started to bounce up and down on my rod. I grabbed her pierced tits through her tank top and started to thrust up as much as I could. She laid on top of me and bit my neck lightly and started to suck on it. It was too great of a feeling as I started to cum into her pussy. We stayed still for a minute and then she got up and put her pants back on.

We turned the car off and walked into the house. The inside was better. Black wall paper It was dark as hell. And old furniture. But a new TV and mostly updated electronics. We walked into the living room and there were two girls sitting there smoking cigarettes. One was a girl with Dark brown hair&hellip,almost with a bluish tint. Looks a little short but still curvy with an All Time Low Hoodie. And black skinny jeans. The only light came from the TV but I could see her brown eyes. The other girl ran to Vampira and hugged her. Whats up Sis? The girl said. Hey baby sis. Vampira said before looking at me. John this is Sydney, Sydney this is John. I looked at Sydney. Long black wavy hair. With purple like streaks in it. Big tits must run in the family because she had full Cs. She was shorter than the other girl but she still looked deadly. Black skirt Devil shirt and combat boots that almost matched Amys. And Im Hannah. The other girl said flashing a smile and waving hi. You two can meet the others tomorrow. Right now I think you two should go to bed leave your shit here. Sydney said pointing to the hall way. Vampira guided me to the open bedroom. She stripped naked giving me a full view of her big tits. I stripped to my boxers and slid into the bed. She slid in next to me grasping my cock in her hand and falling asleep like that.

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