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Grandpa & Jackie 3

Introduction: Grandpa helps Jackie seduce her dad Part 3 of the story.

The next week started off with a bang, that much is for damm sure. On Sunday morning my wife received a call from her sister, I could hear Ellens ranting and screaming in the background so obviously something had happened. When she hung up my wife said better get dressed, theyre coming over. Naturally I prodded her with questions, she finally revealed all she knew. Somehow something had happened and now Ellen was calling Jackie a slut and a whore and that they were sending her to boarding school. I asked my wife if that might not be an over reaction and she laughed. Of course its an over reaction what point would my sister have of reacting to anything at all if she cant over react once in a while Then she detailed that Jackie had some how done something inappropriate and now Ellen wants her out of the house. I commented that perhaps John might have something to say about that, again Marge laughed. If John objects to my sisters will, then he can either get a divorce or go along, I know my sister
Anyway, Ellen was now coming over with Jackie and leaving her at our house while she went out to discuss her problem with Margie. Apparently she did not trust Jackie or her husband enough to leave her at home.
Soon enough Ellen was in my home towing along a pitifully sobbing Jackie, mother screeched at daughter to shut up, sit down and do not do anything. More startling was Ellen calling Jackie a slut a tramp and a future whore. Then she left with my wife. I really wasnt sure how long I had so I started acting fast. I told Jackie that I was still her friend and that no matter what I would try my best to make things right. She kept sobbing, I racked my mind for the various possibilities and asked are you still intact? she looked at me still crying but wasnt sure. I pointed to her crotch. Did he put it in you? She shook her head no still sobbing. Ok then next thing, no matter what, no matter who, how, or why, you have to do this. She stopped crying and looked at me. Your mom is going to take to talk to people about whatever happened. No matter what, you lie about it. Now I had her full attention. I said listen, this is what grownups do, they lie about sex. Heck weve even had a president of the united states lie about sex, it is just what grownups do. So unfortunately now you are going to have to be a grown up when it comes to sex. So no matter what proof your mom has or what she says, no matter who you are talking to, you say that nothing ever happened between you and your dad. That your mom is making it all up and you dont even know why. You got that kiddo? She nodded her head.
Now tell me what really did happen so that I can have a better idea what were up against.
While still sniffling Jackie relayed that she had gone out again thinking that it would be even better than before. She went to the bathroom, left her panties on the floor was walking towards her dad in the office. She admitted that she was so excited that she lifted her t shirt before walking into dads office. That this time Dad had the light on in the office and the door was open and he had left the chair in the office without bringing it out. She said she walked into the office and sat in the chair while daddy was looking down, making sure her t shirt was up exposing her pussy to her daddy. What she didnt realize was that her mom had followed her, probably all the way from the bathroom. Mom saw her lift her shirt and knew she wasnt really sleep walking.
I heard voices coming back so I shushed her and Marge and Ellen came back inside. Didnt take long and they were both gone again, my wife was looking at me so finally I had to say well? My wife started off by saying that it looks like Jackie has a crush on her daddy. After some prodding she finally relayed most of what Jackie had told me, I knew it was possible that her mom might not have told my wife everything but at this point it appears that Ellen is completely blaming Jackie and that her current plan is to find some sort of boarding school to send Jackie too as Ellen will not tolerate that in HER house I tried telling my wife that ths seemed like an overboard reaction which she nodded the affirm to. After saying that there had to be more behind her reaction then that, well that is when my wife started filling me in. Apparently Ellen steadfastly refuses to have sex with her husband, her complaint I guess is that her husband John is too big but something in the way my wife relayed this made me wonder. Margaries emphasis on how she said that John was too big seemed almost personal. I had bigger fish to fry at the moment besides my wifes obvious fixation on the size of her sisters husbands penis so I tried reasoning here. I asked if this meant that Ellen may have been suspecting her husband of cheating on her because obviously she was aware that he is apparently not getting anything at home. Margie nodded yes, I continued, then this could mean that if she has been unable to prove him cheating. Now with their daughter showing an interest in Daddy, well now she sees her daughter as possible competition and wants her out. My wifes reaction was immediate and seething. She seemed convinced that I was right but what got me was what seemed to be her frustration that her sister wouldnt let her husband touch her.
I was kind of lost here, this was odd to me but wanting to not seem suspicious I decided to push it from another angle. I asked if it would even be possible for a girl like Jackie to handle a guy if he was big like Ellen said. Now my wifes reaction was even weirder. Its not just Ellen, I already knew John was large down there. WTF? My wife continued saying that they had all gone to school together. That girls talk and that it had become common knowledge with the girls in her high school that John had names like Donky Kong and stuff like that. Ok, that was a relief, sort of. But still did not explain why my wife was so mad that her sister would not touch him.
So I pushed again, so you do think that Jackie could handle him? Or it? My wifes face now seemed to show both lust and anger as she said oh yes I kinda had to smile just jokingly suggesting show me Her reaction changed my life. My wife took my hand and led me to the bed room. Once in side she changed her voice to sound like a little girl. She started with daddy? Mommies not home now, you can show me what you said. She started rubbing my cock through my slacks getting me hard. I can take care of you as good as mommy can, maybe better and she stripping down. The effect of her acting like a little girl was blowing my mind, she got my slacks down and had my cock in her mouth cooing and licking and sucking on the head. She then stripped down, I was looking at my wifes trimmed brown and gray haired muff in a new light with the way she was acting. She started begging me to put my penis she called it, she wanted my penis inside of her. I went along with the game and told her that daddies penis was too big for his little girl. She got me on my back and straddled me, I saw my wifes brown muff as she pinned my cock between her slit and my belly and she began to rub up and down my shaft. While I had certainly seen her nude before the effect of this was different, she made it seem so forbidden. I was leaning up so that I could watch her slit as she rubbed against me and she reached down pulling her pussy open showing me her lips as she rode my cock. Now she was asking me in her little girl voice, does daddy like this? Do you like what Im doing? I had to go along but all I could say was oh god yes. Finally I told her that my little girl was going to make daddy shoot his sperm. She reached down and cupped her hand over the head of my cock and I emptied into her hand, then she leaned back keeping her knees apart as she took her handful of my load and started massaging it into her slit. My god, my wife laid there rubbing herself off with a handful of sperm and didnt let up till she came for her captive audience. She had my load massaged into her hair clinging and matting it with her swollen pussy lips just coated with my load. My god this was some of the most incredible sex of our marriage!
The very next day after we were both home from work, before dinner was even started my wife once again started acting coyly and using her little girl voice. She wanted to play with daddy more while mommy was at work. This time as my wife stripped down I saw that she had shaved it bare. My wife proceeded to straddle me keeping her bare slit wide open for me to view. She asked me in her little girl voice if I liked her as much as mommy even though she didnt have any hair yet. Then as she got her answers from me she began crawling up towards my face asking daddy to take care of me like you do mommy sometimes. Can you please daddy? My god I could see that my wifes slit was engorged, her lips were full and looked as if she had just finished having the sex that we were just starting. This game was obviously turning her on as well as me. Her full lips were shining and slick with her own juices, when she planted her slit in my mouth that tangy musk was thick for licking and sucking, her lips now hung out so obscenely that I was able to just suckle them into my mouth. I was the one that brought her sisters problems back into our game. I said my god if ths is what Jackie wants with her dad, you have me rooting for Jackie The response from my wife was very good, she grabbed the back of my head and started using my face for her own pleasure. She was trying to use the little girl voice but I could tell from the way she was fucking my face and her own sounds that she was just close to getting off and using me for her release, just a little slice of heaven. The rest of the week proceeded with more of the best sex then we had, had in years. Problems involving her sister Ellen and Jackie were left in the back somewhere.
By Thursday after work my wife had me worn down but still able to get me going with all her sex play imitating how Jackie might try to seduce her own Daddy. However the phone rang and brought her sisters problems back into play. Ellen was complaining to my wife that she had taken Jackie to the school counselor and two different specialists and each time her little girl denied doing anything at all. To make matters worse her husband John was unwilling to put Jackie into any sort of proper school while she (Ellen) was not going to have that kind of a tramp around the house. Also her husband John who at first didnt deny anything had now taken the same approach as his daughter, since she wasnt admitting to anything. Ellen still had a plan however, she had scheduled a trip to a gynecologist to see if Jackie was still a virgin, that they would be going tomorrow.
After the call my wife was apparently livid and continued to fume that this problem was because her sister was treating her husband like a piece of luggage. That she was always suspicious of John because she knew that he wasnt getting anything at home. For some reason that really seemed to make Margarie mad. I pointed out to my wife that her reaction while founded in reason still seemed over the top to me, why exactly did she care so much if her sister did it with her husband or not? Well I finally got the answer and this problem got larger. My wife opened a bottle of wine while still naked from the waist down. By the end of the bottle I knew the rest of the story.
John and my wife were in the same grade in school, all the girls knew about Donky Kong John Ellen was two years younger and one cup size bigger. Margarie was talking to John and it seemed that he was about to ask her out for a date It seemed to me that it was probably going to be a sex date, Margie didnt admit that, I didnt press that point. But anyway her little sister butted in and managed to steal John away. They screamed at each other at home and according to Margarie her sister Ellen is a competitive bitch. Something that actually makes sense having dealt with her myself now. That Ellen held onto John seemingly out of spite towards her sister, eventually getting pregnant by him after high school. That led to marriage and the kids that they had that are all now grown. The way Margarie hissed that she had to be a bridesmaid at her sisters wedding showed that none of this was water under the bridge She even felt certain that Ellen intentionally got knocked up later in life to prevent John from leaving her.
Well now I knew the full story, I admit I did feel guilty for what I had done with Jackie since I really do have a good wife, and now with the way my wife was so turned on with what was happening I saw a possible solution. I told my wife that if we were to set aside the sex that we had, had just this last week. Then admitted that this was impossible to do since it was the best sex of my life. BUT, if we were still able to do that I would still say that she was an excellent wife. That if her sisters marriage were to end, which obviously it was starting to look like it might. That afterwards I would be willing to look at the idea of giving her a weekend pass. Margarie just started staring at me, I continued A pass, you know, to find out what you had missed.
Well my wife was hammered, I do admit that, fortunately I had gained some time to recuperate but the sex that my wife took me with was unbelievable. She put on a little girl routine like none other, begging her daddy to make a baby in her. Offering up the engorged full lips of her pussy then finally demanding and forcing me to lick her slit clean. I am no fan of licking my own spunk out of her slit but with the state she was in there was no denying her. I licked it out twice, she drained me 3 times that night and I bet she got off a total of 4 or 5 times using either my cock, mouth or my whole face. Except that as Margarie was riding my cock towards my 3rd orgasm she made a comment using her own voice. She said I havent had a period in three months John, if this is what menopause is like I want it forever She called me John, granted I just told her Id let her do him but I had no idea how bad she wanted him. After we were finished I pointed out her Freudian slip, she just looked down then said. You got me so turned on with all this, part of this is, well after all these years, youre giving me what my sister took away. But the rest of this, god if Jackie really does want this with her daddy. Well Im so turned on with it that Id let you do her just so I could watch.
Suddenly it looked like we were a team in this now, Margarie was in it for sex and revenge. I was getting sex. I had a problem though, I knew what I needed John to do and that meant I had to call him pronto. My wife was now acting a little nervous, not wanting to sound to slutty I guess, I gotta laugh at that. But she wanted me to call John, you know to talk perfect. She had Johns number in her phone from when her sister had called her using his cell. I got John, with me being married to his wifes sister he obviously couldnt trust me but at least he did hear me out. I told him that he had to refuse to the virginity test for his daughter. He objected saying that Jackie would pass the test and his wife would just call the cops and get it done anyway. I pointed out that this was what he wanted. I reminded him I was married to his wifes sister. That he was probably scrambling to try to hold everything together and the bottom line was he was getting a divorce no matter what, we knew that. That if he went along with his wifes plan, that he would lose everything. But if he refused to allow the test that might cause his wife to file early, before she had all her ducks in a row. That she would go straight to the cops and get the virginity test done. Then when his daughter passed it, combined with the fact that Jackie has been denying that anything has been happening at all, it would suddenly look like his wife had turned into a frigid psycho bitch who was screaming obscenities at their kid.
John saw value in this and suddenly asked why I was helping him. I told him that my wife had told me about their High School days, that in exchange for me helping him that my wife was going to get a weekend pass to find out what his wife was avoiding. He paused for a second then said, you are helping me so that I can fuck your wife? I told him no, I am helping you so that my wife can fuck you, well that and Jackie has actually told me the truth and I want in There was a pause there, the truth? yep John, all of it. My wife cant keep her hands off of me because shes so turned on by what was happening. Margie knows too? Were both in John, and were on your side. Your wife is confiding in mine and you will have the upper hand in this. We now had a deal.
I hung up and my wife was almost paralyzed, she said If Jackie fails that test, hell be going to prison, will you still let me, you know, if he gets arrested? My god my wife wanted his dick so bad she didnt care if he really was fooling around with his daughter!. I just nodded my head yes while grinning and told her shes gonna pass the test Now my wife hit the second question. Jackie told you the truth? What does that mean, I had to tell her that Jackie and I had been talking when I was sitting for her, also when her sister had brought her over. That she had already told me that nothing has ever been up there. Then almost all of it came out. My wife learned that Jackie had in fact been trying to seduce her daddy. I told her about the 3 successful nights before it fell apart when her mom walked in, plus that I knew that Jackie would not co-operate with her moms inquisition.
My wife suddenly looked at me with a wicked sultry smile and said you were rooting for Jackie all along werent you before I could answer, an answer she probably saw in my face anyway. She said give me a weekend pass? I think well be giving each other passes before this is over


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