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Hampsted Village Part 4

Chapter 15
Across the street from the pre-founder’s day party behind the huge white pillars of the Winthrop-Miles estate, young Scarlett’s tongue and jaw ached after hours spent discovering the pleasures of another woman with Cass Tucker. She started off the day in a carload of friends bound for a day of shopping downtown, but after she wandered into Cass’s dress shop the outside world faded away. Cass knew she had a keeper the moment she saw the well endowed redhead crossing the street in front of her store. Once Cass got her into her private fitting room she was pleasantly surprised at how quickly the young girl bent to her will and gave up the pussy. After the session in the fitting room Cass took the exhausted and sticky teen to the apartment over her store to let her clean up and sober up.

Cass used this apartment as her sexual playground as well as a studio for her webcam business. The girls who danced at the “Honey Hole” had to pull shifts on cam as well. Cass had cameras everywhere and all sorts of sexually oriented furnishings throughout the loft. Cass had taken the run down building she received from her father and turned it into quite a moneymaker. Between the bar and the cam business she made more than enough to support her dress shop, not that her daddy would ever let his babygirl want for anything; but Cass was much too smart and entrepreneurial to be a trust fund baby. Cass watched Scarlett on the bathroom cams as she stripped, and watched the guys queue up to watch for $2.99 a minute.

Cass stood up and pulled the strapon harness up her thick ebony thighs and walked over to the armoire that held an array of sexual devices. It looked like an old James Bond weapon room with toys of all shapes, sizes and colors displayed on the open doors and arranged throughout the large closet. She chose a fat purple phallus and affixed it to the harness as she walked towards Scarlett in the bathroom. The viewers of the cam were treated to a beautiful display of the feminine form. Scarlett moaned and arched her back when she felt the soft chocolate fingers of Cass slide across her soapy crimson nipples and squeeze her heavy young breasts. She gasped as she felt the squishy girth of Cass’s strapon glide between her thighs and graze her throbbing clit. “I want to fuck you properly bitch.” Cass’s whispered words sent chills of excitement down Scarlett’s spine as she rocked back and forth, trapping the dildo between her powerful thighs so that it maintained constant contact with her clit and poked out the front when Cass would pound her pelvis against her ass. Cass grabbed a handful of long red hair and turned the white girl around to kiss her hard and deep. The four giant breasts mashed together looked incredible on the overhead shower cam while the two kissed and groped.

Cass led Scarlett out of the shower and slowly dried her porcelain skin while at the same time kissing and licking all of the right spots. Scarlett grabbed a towel and returned the favor, admiring Cass’s smooth chocolate skin as she sank with the towel down her powerful legs. The view of Cass from her knees made Scarlett melt all over again. Her swollen pink clit peeked out from her puffy brown outer lips and could be seen behind the fat purple cock she wore. Framing her fake cock were the very natural heavy tits lying against her belly and above them was the bright, wide smile of Cass as she watched on. Cass’s hands guided the full pink Lips of Scarlet onto the head of the rubber cock and began feeding her old toy to her new toy. The resistance of Scarlett’s throat to the bulbous head of the dildo caused a delicious pressure against Cass’s clit which spurred her on to fuck the rich girl’s face faster and faster until a small warm wave of a little orgasm washed over her body. She reached for the collar and leash hanging over the towel rack and affixed it to Scarlett’s delicate neck. With a jerk of the chain leash, Scarlett was crawling dutifully behind Cass without any further prompting.

Cass led her over to a swing suspended from one of the exposed rafters of the loft and methodically secured young Scarlett. Her legs were held out wide and her arms secured over her head, she was such a vision that Cass had to stop and take some pictures with her phone despite the helpless Scarlett’s protests. “Shutup bitch, you don’t get to speak anymore.” Cass circled the dangling young girl while she explained what was expected of one of her bitches. “The first rule is you must obey my every command and fulfill my every wish…Understand Bitch?” She brought what looked like a mini ping-pong paddle down on the smooth pink lips of the young girl’s pussy for emphasis. Scarlett blubbered out a startled affirmation and was struck again for her efforts. “Good Bitch.” Cass laughed as she soaked in the southern belle’s obvious pain and enjoyment. “Now let’s stretch this pretty little pussy a bit babygirl.” Scarlett watched intently as the head of Cass’s cock rubbed up and down her aching young pussy. Her once porcelain outer lips were now pink and puffy from the paddle and as Cass rubbed that fat cock up and down from her dripping hole to her throbbing clit they displaced towards her pale thighs.

Scarlett arched her back trying to catch the cock inside her and pleaded to be fucked. “I like you bitch.” Cass allowed a warm smile to spread across her face as a princess of the old south begged a black woman to be fucked. Scarlett was blissful as the tip began to enter her, but as the head grew wider her face began to show signs of a fearful discomfort at the burning stretch of her tight young pussy. “Mmmmmmm I’m in you now Ms. Scarlett, look at how pretty your pussy is babygirl.” Cass began to fuck her with just the head of her strapon then slowly feeding more and more of the purple pole into Scarlett’s pink pussy. They both watched intently as the shiny glow of Scarlett’s young juices spread further and further down the slowly pistoning length of Cass’s cock.

“You see how I’m fucking you? You like the way I fuck you bitch? “ Scarlett could only manage to shout her affirmations through one orgasm after another as she lay in the air being pounded by the beautiful and powerful ebony goddess. When Cass could see that Scarlett was on the verge of passing out she finally relented and collapsed on top of her new find. Their sweaty mocha and vanilla skin stuck together as they shared a passionate kiss and a blissful giggle.

“Alright Ms. Scarlett let’s see if you learned anything from watching the professional at work.” The clicking of Cass’s heels trailed off as she disappeared around the corner and for a second Scarlett was unsure what Cass meant. Then the heels approached again and Cass was squeezing her massive black breasts around a large peach colored dildo. “Good luck findin a white boy with a dick like this Ms. Scarlett.” Just by keeping her arms tight to her sides she was able to keep the huge dildo between her huge tits as she unstrapped and unbuckled Scarlett from the swing. She giggled as Scarlett wobbled, her legs and head still rubbery from the intensity of being fucked so savagely. Cass guided her over to the bed by the window and laid her down, sliding the new strapon up Scarlett’s thighs and arranging the huge white dildo. “Just watch me fuck you bitch.” Cass turned away from Cass and straddled her thighs, holding the base of the dildo with one hand and spanking her clit with the other. Scarlett watched in awe at the ease with which Cass took all 12 fat inches of the cock she had strapped to her. Scarlett reached out and grabbed the wide hips undulating in front of her and felt the power of Cass’ thrusts as she rode that huge cock to one sheet soaking orgasm after another.

Scarlett took the still shiny latex cock out of the gallon sized Ziploc bag Cass put it in and she could instantly smell the strong scent of Cass’s beautiful black cunt. She watched herself in the mirror as she licked it slowly from the base to the tip, seeing herself but focused on the memories playing through her mind’s eye.

Chapter 16

Despite his mother Buffy’s wishes, Jackson had in fact killed a couple more wild turkeys after fulfilling his duties and alerting the chef that they were ready to be served. Katie could smell it on his breath and oozing from his pores and it sickened her. He could never handle his liquor very well and she was petrified that he would make a scene in front of everyone.

The table seated 24 and it was full now that their neighbor Katherine Mitchell had arrived auspiciously late between the salad and appetizer. She was strategically seated next to Katie so that the only two ladies under 50 could get to know each other. Jackson could vaguely overhear Kat making her apologies and excuses for being late; something about her car. The two quick shots of whiskey were hitting Jackson at the same time and he felt a familiar tingling at the top of his skull and the warmth in his face that always told him when he’d had too much.

He struggled to maintain his composure through the meal, devouring everything they put in front of him in hopes of soaking up some of the alcohol but that never really works. He quietly excused himself as dessert was being served, and with the commotion of staff clearing and serving nobody noticed the wide step to the right he took after traveling forward a few steps. Once he made it to the hallway he used the wall for support and he worked his way past the kitchen to the back steps that led to his bedroom. As he passed the kitchen door he caught sight of the cook he’d spoken to earlier standing in his white chef’s jacket and tall hat but with his pants around his ankles and his broad black ass flexing and releasing as he moved his hips back and forth. His broad thighs hid whoever was on the receiving end of his thrusts from Jackson’s view but from the expensive manicure and large bejeweled rings on the fingers clutching the chef’s ass cheeks Jackson knew it was one of the party guests. “Yea that’s right white lady I knew you’d be coming back to the kitchen for your special dessert.” The chef laughed at his own joke as he continued to assault one of Jackson’s neighbors. “You old bitches love the dark meat don’t you? Take this nigga dick bitch! Choke on that shit like a cheap fucking whore!” Jackson could hear the woman choking, gagging and sputtering on his kitchen floor. He let go of the opposite wall in an attempt to right himself and put a stop to whatever he was witnessing, but as he did so the hallway started to spin and he felt the meal sloshing in his stomach begin to come back up on him. “Yea that’s right slut get this nut juice. Swallow my mothafuckin seed bitch!” Jackson abandoned his hopes of rescuing the poor woman and bolted for the stairs. He heard the chef’s loud orgasmic grunts and taunts trailing off as he groped up the steps towards a place to deposit his meal.

Back in the kitchen Buffy Frasier was relishing the tickling of the chef’s hairy balls on her chin and the searing heat of his cum oozing down her throat like lava toward her belly. She pulled back until the head was resting on her tongue and spilling its prize in her mouth where she could taste it properly. The creamy lumps filled her cheeks as the sweating chef looked on with a wide smile while he drained his balls into the older woman’s mouth. He stroked the wet length of cock from his balls to Buffy’s chin to make sure he gave her every last bit before he pulled the swollen head from her lips. Buffy’s tanned fingers caught a string that spilled from her mouth before she could close her lips. She gulped down the copious semen with a delighted moan and showed the chef a bright smile that had once earned her the title of Ms. Georgia. Some of the chef’s cum still coated her teeth and the sides of her tongue when she opened her mouth to suck the last bit off her fingers. “Didn’t miss a drop Miss Buffy, you are a professional cum drinker aintcha? ” The chef pulled his baggy pants back up his thighs with a long string of Buffy’s slobber still hanging from the dripping tip of his cock. “I hope you enjoyed the rest of your meal as much as you enjoyed dessert.”

“Lester you know I can’t get enough of you or your food. Thank you so very much for making this evening a success for my darling boy.” I must get back before he or his wife notice I’m gone.” Buffy applied her lipstick smoothly as she glided back to the party. She could still taste the thick, creamy load of the chef as she entered the dining room and noticed the empty seat at the head of the table where her son once sat. “Where has my poor excuse for a son run off to KatieDear?” Buffy was leaning in close to Katie and Kat so as to be heard by them and only them and a familiar scent in the air told Kat exactly where the silver haired woman had just come from. Being far less familiar with the scent of cum on someone else’s breath, Katie was not in on her mother-in-law’s secret and she was puzzled by the giddy smile that spread across her new friend’s face.

“He was looking a little…I think maybe something he ate didn’t agree with him Mrs. Frasier.” Katie made a half-hearted attempt to lie for her d***k husband.

“Something he ate?” Buffy rolled her eyes and Katie smiled.

“Perhaps you better go back to the kitchen and speak with the chef Buffy.” Kat’s eyes and smile gleamed up at Buffy with a c***dlike mischievousness that f***ed a giggle from Buffy’s cum filled throat.

“I see no reason to sully the chef’s good name to hide the weakness of my son KatieDear. I appreciate you trying sweetheart but you need to nip this behavior in the bud sugar. These Frasier men are weak willed and you have to keep them on a short leash. That’s how I’ve tolerated the boy’s father all these years.” Buffy kissed the sweet blonde bride of her son on the cheek before returning to her seat and pinching the back of Kat’s arm on her way. Katie got a much better chance to smell the chef’s musk on her mother-in-law’s face and breath when she leaned down, and although still unrecognizable it stirred something inside her.

Kat emitted a shrill giggle after Buffy’s playful pinch in return for Kat’s veiled acknowledgment of Buffy’s after dinner antics. “Don’t you just love her? I hope I’m half as much fun as Buffy is when I’m her age!” Kat smiled politely and nodded, but she was distracted by the way one of the waiters serving the other side of the table kept staring at her. He was tall and graceful with short dreadlocks and a bright smile and he always made a point to flash it whenever he caught the young hostess’ eye. Katie quickly diverted her eyes back to her dark haired neighbor’s face which was curled in a large knowing smile that made Katie nervous. “You are so lucky to have them as your in-laws Katie, mine are a nightmare.”

“I don’t know what I’d do without Buffy sometimes. Jackson has been so busy since we got here that he hasn’t had time to help me get settled. Without Buffy there would still be nothing but the furniture from our old apartment in here. Everyone here has been really nice and helpful. I guess there is really something special about southern hospitality.” Katie struggled to maintain eye contact with Kat while she spoke and not shift her attention to the young waiter who was working his way toward her clearing dessert dishes. The tight black pants he wore left little to the imagination, and Katie had been imagining what she saw throughout the meal.

“Can I clear your plate Mrs. Frasier?” The question came suddenly from behind her and in a graveled older man’s voice that belonged to the chef. “I hope you found everything to your satisfaction. It was a pleasure cooking in your kitchen Mrs. Frasier.” The widebodied chef took full advantage of his aerial view of Katie’s massive cleavage and he could feel the bl**d surging to his cock that was still wet with Buffy Frasier’s spit.

The voice startled Katie, who was focused on the young man in the other direction and as she turned she was eye level with the crotch of the chef’s baggy pants. Her neck craned to look upwards and she found she had to turn sideways in her chair to see the Chef’s face. “Everything was delicious Chef. That might be the best meal that is ever cooked in that kitchen. I’ll never be able to match that.” Katie could swear she detected movement under the thin fabric of the chef’s pants.

“Well I would be happy to let you in on a few of my secrets anytime you’d like Mrs. Frasier.” The chef placed a large rough hand on Katie’s delicate shoulder as he smiled down at her. “I left a few magnets on the fridge with my restaurant’s information. Call me anytime.” His strong fingers gave her shoulder a gentle squeeze and he walked slowly away towards the kitchen. Katie’s skin tingled where his fingers had been and she turned back towards her neighbor and the young waiter, but they were both gone.

Katie found herself between two empty seats and decided she had better go check on poor Jackson. She walked quickly in the hopes of catching as few eyes as possible and she was out the door and past the kitchen as quickly as she could be without appearing to be fleeing a fire.

She found him curled up in the dark on the floor in front of the toilet in one of the guest bathrooms. He was passed out and pathetic on the cold tile floor. She was about to wake him up when she heard the door shut to the adjoining bedroom. She heard the flicking of a lightswitch back and forth and then a voice “No lights in here? Damn I wanted to see this shit!” The man’s words were cut off by the wet sounds of a deep kiss followed by the tinkle of a belt being undone and the quick screech of a zipper being pulled down. The door between the bedroom and bathroom was only three quarters of the way shut but in the darkness Katie couldn’t see or be seen by anyone. “Ohhhhh shit lady you goin’ right to work aintcha?” Katie had personal knowledge of the wet muffled whimpers of a woman having her mouth filled by something large. She had made them herself when she took her black toys between her lips. “Ahhhhhh yeea suck that shit nasty bitch. Get nasty on my dick. FUCK I wanna see that pretty face takin this dick.” Katie heard another short zip and watched as the glow of a cell phone traveled upward from the floor and was handed off between the two strangers. “Das what I’m talkin’ bout baby, how you work the flashlight on this? Nevamind I just use the camera light. There you are bitch…mmmmmm look so fuckin sexy with that nigga dick in yo mouth. Take that shit deep again and look up at me, FFFFFFFFUUUUUCCCKKKK YESSSSSSSS that dick is all the way in your throat bitch. Look atchoo, pretty muthafucka. Take this dick bitch!” The camera was up high but not bright enough to light the man’s face, but Katie recognized the white shirts worn by the wait staff. The camera light pointed downward revealing a long black cock and saggy balls shining with the saliva, but not the person it was directed at. Her back was to Katie and as she leaned forward she could see the cock disappear but only the shadowy back of the woman. Katie wanted to be her so badly, she would have done anything to be the one on the floor being verbally assaulted and used like a common whore. The voice was young and the height of the phone told Katie that the cock belonged to the young waiter she’d been fantasizing about all through the meal.

The ridiculous period dress that Buffy insisted she wear made touching herself impossible and Katie’s clit was pulsing with every beat of her heart. Her quickened breath caused her chest to heave in her corset and her huge swollen nipples ached. She heard the sloshing of a mouth being fucked mixing with the wanton moans of the lucky recipient. She squeezed her thighs together as tightly as she could to create pressure on her throbbing clit and stuffed three fingers in her mouth as she watched and listened. “I’m gon’ cum all ova that face bitch…you ready?” Katie nodded as she sucked harder on her fingers. The camera shook and Katie watched his other hand stroke his long black pole furiously. “Open that fucking mouth and stick yo tongue out, here it comes…ohhhh shitchhhhyeeeeeaaaa here it come bitch…Get it….” The young waiter grunted with each jet of cum that spewed from his cock into the darkness and onto the woman’s face. “FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFuckkkk yeaaaa drain the dick bitch, suck out every last drop.” Katie watched as he withdrew his dripping cock and heard the wet slaps of his meat against her face. “I made a mess of you baby.” He laughed. “You cain’t go back to them folks downstairs with my cum all in yo’ hair an shit. I’m gonna sen’ this video to my phone. Save my number and hit me up next time you need some dick. I think there’s a bathroom around here where you can clean yo’ ass up a bit.” The camera light swung up and pointed directly at Katie with her fingers still stuffed in her mouth and she froze for an instant before darting for the door that lead to the hallway and down the stairs.

Saturday morning began to spread across the village as the sun rose pink behind the tall pines that separated it from the rest of the world. Jackson was already up and nursing a cup of coffee and a pounding hangover. He watched the sun’s rays slowly creep across the floor until he felt their warmth on his face and tried to piece together last night’s party. His last clear memory was telling the chef to begin serving the meal and after that there are just flashes. He couldn’t even trust that the flashes were memories rather than d***ken dreams. He could remember dreaming about a party his parents threw for their 25th wedding anniversary for some reason and weird flashes of the chef with his pants down.

Upstairs Katie was sprawled across their huge bed, her naked body tangled in the sheets and thin cotton blanket from thrashing in her sl**p. After being caught spying on the waiter, Katie did her best to maintain her composure as the guests all made their goodbyes. Buffy stood beside her at the door as everyone was thanked and given a kiss on the cheek. “I don’t suppose I want to know where your husband is do I?” was all she said about Jackson’s sudden disappearance.

Katie simply shook her head and waited for the recessional line to end. She was looking closely at each of the women to see signs of freshly applied makeup or some other telltale sign of who she may have been watching upstairs. It wasn’t what she saw that told her, but rather what she didn’t. Kat’s absence from the line gave Katie a pretty good idea of who the lucky woman upstairs was.

Once she was alone she ran as fast as her hoop skirt would let her up the wide front staircase to her bedroom, stripping off layers as she went. She spent the next hours assaulting her mouth and aching pussy with the two black dildos and thinking about the tall waiter and his long cock and saggy balls; she even thought about the hefty old chef and how his huge rough hands felt on her soft skin. With Jackson u*********s she spent hours trying to satiate her desires to no avail. Her dreams were a continuous reel of debaucherous carnality and she awoke as horny and unfulfilled as she’d been in the bathroom the night before watching that waiter empty his balls all over Kat. She wanted to retrieve her toys from their closet hiding spot and start the cycle anew, but she f***ed herself to go the other way towards the hall to check on her husband.

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