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Having Sex with my Boyfriend's friend

I use to tease my boyfriend and his friends. I didn’t know I would end up fucking one of them.. My boyfriend Nick would bring a friend over and they would play video games. So I thought it would be fun to put on a nightgown that was about 3 inches above my knees and walk around the apartment. I wanted to see if I could get there attention. I know Nick’s friend Don would stare at me while I walk around, because Don kept losing at some games. Nick would had other friends over, but Don was about the only one that watched me. I would sit down near them, prep my legs up some where they could see my panties some, and watch them play. I think I help Nick out a lot by distracting them. If me and Nick played a game I would cheat a lot, I would get naked and if it helps me win, I would sit on his lap and rub my pussy on him. That’s an instant win right there.

Nick was at work, I was at home watching some TV when there was a knock at the door. I got up and looked through the peep hole and saw it was Don. I opened the door and said hi and told him Nick was at work. He said he knows, and asked if I found his house keys lying around. His car keys and house keys are on different rings. He had to wait till his wife got home last night to get in his house. I told him I didn’t see any but I would help him look. I was wearing a blue skirt, 1 inch above my knee and a white blouse. I was bending over searching and I think Don was starring at my butt. I was looking under the couch and he was right behind me searching on top of the couch. He bumped into me a few time and I know I did the same. He stretch across me to the other end of the couch, he had his junk pressed against me, I felt his cock getting hard. I don’t think he did this on purpose but he kept rubbing against me repeatedly. I liked that, I started to get horny. He found his keys at the end of the couch there and when he stood up he was still checking me out and I guess from the rubbing, my skirt got lifted up, so my panties was showing. I got up and straighten myself out. He said he had to leave, he gave me a hug and left. I closed the door and sat down and went back to watching TV. I took my panties off and put my legs up and I rubbed my pussy. I know I moaned and I came and it felt good. I left my panties off for the rest of the day, it turns Rick on if I don’t have panties on and plus he knows if my panties are off I masturbated.

One day, Rick and I was fucking, both us naked. He forgot he told Don to come over later and they were going to play a game. In the middle, the door bell rang, Rick said fuck, got off of me and told me that he forgot about Don coming over. Rick got dressed and went over and let Don in. I stayed in the bedroom, I was horny so I finished myself off. I put on that nightgown I usually tease them with, but I didn’t put on my bra nor panties. Without thinking about it, I went to the fridge I made sure Don was watching and I bent over and slid my nightgown up. I showed my ass and pussy off, I forgot I didn’t put panties on. When I turned around and looked, I saw his mouth wide open. I slowly went back to the bedroom and stayed there for the rest of the time Don was here. I know Rick didn’t see what I did so I’m not going to tell him about it.

Next day, knock at the door, it was Don. I opened and said hi, he said hi back. I asked him if he forgot his keys again, he said no… I was thinking why was he here. He told me about yesterday and I said I know, and told him what happened well just told him the Rick and I was fucking when he stopped by. Don started to beg me to put that nightgown on with nothing under again. I told him no way in hell I was doing that. He kept saying please over and over until I said fine. I went to the bedroom and took off my pants, shirt, bra and panties and put the nightgown on. I went back to the living room where Don was and said there, happy now. He said almost, he wanted proof that I had nothing underneath, so I raised it up and back down. He sat down on the couch and wanted to talk to me, so I sat down and we chatted. Don told me he is a very horny man and he isn’t getting that much sex at home. Next thing I know, Don stands up and took off his pants, he had no underwear on. He sat back down and started to play with himself. Normally if a guy did that I would toss his ass out, but I do feel his pain sometimes. He has a 6 inch cock, it looked nice and I was getting horny. I leaned over and started to suck his cock, I got on all fours and rubbed my pussy while I sucked him off. I don’t let Rick shoot his cum in my mouth, but I did let Don. He started to moan, and I felt the warm cum entering my mouth, some of it oozed out over his cock. I stop sucking his cock and spit his cum right there onto the floor. I don’t like to swallow cum. Don pushed me onto my back and started to lick my pussy. Rick don’t eat my pussy out that much, so I am enjoying this very much. I moaned so loud, I grabbed his head pushed his face into me. I came squirting some, I was breathing heavy, Don got on top of me and started to kiss my lips. It was little bit weird, I still had his cum taste in my mouth and he had my pussy cum in his mouth. I could taste both. I shoved his hard dick in my wet pussy. He fucked me hard on that couch. Oh god, having his cock inside of me felt good, I grabbed his ass and I wanted him to thrust me harder. I dug my nails into his ass some, got him to hit my pussy harder. I was saying, “Oh baby, don’t stop, you feel good, oh fuck.” He made me roll my eyes back as I cum on his dick. He started to suck on my neck, I lost it, I had loud orgasms and my pussy got super wet. The couch was getting wet from my pussy. I came again, squirting, and he shot his load inside of me. He stopped and we kissed some more. He told me that was the best sex he had in years. Don got up, started to stroke his cock more and some more cum came out and landed on my nightgown. He put his pants back on and left with a smile on his face.

I cleaned up the couch and myself some, Rick comes home and he was in the mood to fuck. I was thinking fuck, I just had some cock. I took off my nightgown and laid on the bed. To my surprise he started to eat my pussy. He put his fingers inside of me and started to finger fuck me. He pulled his fingers out and saw some cum but didn’t say anything. He got naked and started to fuck me. He started to get rough with me and pound me very hard. I moaned some and he shot his load, I asked him what was wrong. He said it was me, I said, “what do you mean its me?” He looked at me and told me he knows I fucked someone or made out with someone. He then pointed at my neck, Don sucked on my neck while we were fucking, he must left a hickey there. I just laid there not saying anything, not sure if I should tell him I fucked his friend or what. He was mad, told me he didn’t want to talk about it and asked me to sl**p on the couch. I took my blanket and slept on the couch still naked.

Next morning, Rick ripped the blankets off and got on top of me and fucked me. He told me, who ever I was fucking, don’t tell him who it was. I tried to tell him it wasn’t anyone but he covered up my mouth and he told me have whoever it was to fuck me again soon.

Two days later, Don stops by and I did what Rick wanted me to do, I find that strange. I had a black skirt on and a light blue shirt. I went to the couch and hike up my skirt, I had no panties on and told Don to fuck me. He dropped his pants and ram his cock inside of me. I was getting fucked doggy style and didn’t know Don was taking pics of his cock inside of my pussy. He slammed me over and over, I came. Shortly after he came inside of me. Cum was coming out and he took a pic of that. Again he stood up and stroke his cock and got cum onto my black skirt. I put my skirt back down and Don left. I started to clean up, that’s when Rick came home. He came over to me turned me around, he saw the cum on my skirt and said, “I thought so, you were fucking Don.” Rick tossed me on the couch and spread my legs open, he saw the cum coming from my pussy. He took his pants off and started to fuck me, he came inside of me and pulled away and took a pic of my pussy. I was confuse as hell.

Month later, I found out what was going on. Don wanted to fuck his wife, so he had Rick fuck her and Don would come in afterwards and fuck her too. They were doing the same with me. Guys are strange.

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