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I am a senior partner at the top law firm in the city and my wife is the chief neurosurgeon at the top hospital in the city. We both have a rare weekend off together and have an opportunity to enjoy one of our sexual pleasures. We are both voyeurs and exhibitionists. This weekend we are indulging in voyeurism.

We live in an exclusive, private residential tower on the twentieth floor. I am just getting home at six in the evening. My wife Julie calls out, ‘Hurry up Jake, the show is just beginning.’

Walking toward the master bedroom, There was only one light on, giving the room a soft glow. Julie had the curtains wide open on the floor to ceiling windows. She was sitting naked on the cushioned bench and was looking through her telescope at the condo building four hundred yards away.

I quickly undressed and joined her, kissing her on the cheek. I was handed a glass of wine as I sat next to her. I took a sip, then looked through my telescope.

We watched the couple as she licked his very large cock. Her tongue swirled around the head, then down the long hard shaft to the large scrotum. Her hand slid up his shaft, rubbed his circumcised head as she licked his scrotum. Turning her hand on the downward stroke, he threw his head back as she licked back up the shaft.

She slowly took the big head between her lips as she fondled his large balls. Her mouth engulfed inch by inch his shaft. She took him in down to the base, then after holding him there she slowly slid up.

I looked at Julie as she fingered her shaved honey pot, she looked at me as I stroked my cock. I stroked my cock just like the girl did with her stud. Julie let out a gasp as precum oozed onto the head. I wiped off the precum with my fingers, offering them to Julie to lick.

Julie said, ‘Please coat the rim of my glass.’ After I did, I continued to stroke my cock as I watched my wife sip from her glass.

She did this while looking at me. Slipping her fingers from her honey pot, I held out my glass as she coated the rim with her sweet tasting nectar. I took a sip as she watched while slipping her fingers back in her honey pot.

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