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How I lost my Virginity

This is a true story. It all started in 1949 I was in the 6th grade. My folks moved from Los Angeles to a small town on the out skirts of LA. A family lived next door A mother that was a knock out, the dad, a son and two daughters.

The youngest daughter got Polio. Both parents would be at the hospital a lot. This is when I started to baby set for them and got to be real good friends with the mother. By 10th grade I was six-three and about 219 lbs. I had been sitting on the porch and talking with the mom and the kid off and on in the evenings, however, that summer I got a job in a machine shop.

One day at lunch one man asked if I was still a virgin. I said yes and he asked me if any of the ladies around my house ever asked if I had a girl friend. I said yes the lady next door had. This is when he told me the next time she asked tell her that you do not have a girlfriend you are looking for a older lady to teach me all about sex and that way I would not end up a dad.

About one week later I came in one night about 10:00pm. Her husband never got home before 12:00. So I went over to her house and knocked on the door. When she opened the door she had on a thin silk night gown. Oh, she looked so sexy. I said my folks were out and I did not have a key and asked if I could stay with her till they got home. She said yes and let me in. She set on the couch and I set on the chair right across from her. I could tell from the way she was sitting and how tight the gown was she did not have anything on under the night gown. What a vision of loveliness, nice B cup breasts, Flat stomach, the most sexy hips, legs and a ass to die for.

I was very nervous and I suspect she was as well. I need not have been. The spark was there in person. After about ten minutes she asked if I had a girlfriend. I said no that I was looking for a older women to teach me and that I did not want to be a daddy I was getting real nerves so I asked if I could get a drink of water. She said yes I got up and went into the kitchen and got a glass of water.

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