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How we want a BBC! Chapter 4

After we had our first meeting with D, my wife was glowing and horny all the time. We fucked more than we usually did. She would set my alarm 30 mins ahead in the morning just so she could wake up and crawl on for a ride before work. She would surprise me at lunch and show up to take me out to lunch – just so she could suck me off. She would wait for me to get home from work and would be lying on the bed with her big fat dildo just pounding away at her swollen pussy. We would spend most of the evening naked fucking and playing.

We were really enjoying our last date night and our memories of our new friend. We would talk about and fantasize about frequently. I would always let her bring it up to begin with, so there was no pressure from my end. One Friday night we had just started the evening off partying. We had a bottle of Jameson and I made us some drinks, she came out of the bathroom. She was dressed in a slutty stripper outfit from the toy store and a bowl in her left hand. She was stroking her strap-on with her right hand with a devilish look in her eye. I knew that this was going to be the night that she pushed the envelope towards meeting D again.

I handed her a drink and a lighter, she took a sip and we went out on the balcony and shared the bowl. We lounged in our chairs enjoying the evening and silence of our surroundings. I could tell she was getting so horny, she started stroking her cock again and licking her lips. I took my que and slowly started to strip for her, with each article of clothing she pounded her meat more. She kept teasing me with her cock, telling me how much she wanted to see my suck it and wanted to fuck my tight ass.

I stripped down to only my red silk thong that she had bought me. I approached her and dropped to my knees. She didn’t wait for me to play, she grabbed the back of my head and forced me down on her cock. Burying it deep down my throat, she thrust and thrust as if she was fucking my mouth like it was a fresh pussy being penetrated for the first time. She started moaning and telling me how much she wanted to see me suck on a cock – A big fat cock – D’s cock!! She exploded into an orgasm that was mind blowing. Convulsing and shaking, muttering and begging me to suck her cock harder and harder. I sucked her cock with all I had, licking and stroking, taking it all the way down my throat. She started to come down from her first orgasm when the second one started with no break in between.

At this point, I had 4 fingers buried in her sloppy wet pussy fucking her as hard as I could while she had the back of my head forced down on her cock. I could not hold on anymore with the erotic site in front of me as she pinched and squeezed her nipples hard to push her over the edge. I reached down with my left hand and stroked my cock. I started to explode and shoot cum all over us, I shot load after load onto her stomach and her clit. She erupted like a volcano, squirting all over me.

Screaming how she wanted more cock, give more cock, please I have to have more cock!! She released the back of my head and I looked up at her with her cock still positioned at my lips. I licked the head a couple times and stared her in the eyes and said……do you want to call D and set up a little fun date???? She immediately started orgasming again…..I will take that as a yes!!

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