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Hubby Conference

It all began with one of the talks my husband and I have. We like to have a couple of drinks and sit around and talk about different sexual experiences we’ve had. One night he brought up threesomes and for some reason this just stuck in my head because the next weekend…

We were at a work conference for my husband at some posh hotel. He was talking to some of the guys he worked with and I found myself just people watching when this woman across the room caught my eye. She was starring directly at me and had a sly looking smile on her face. She was beautiful, long brunette hair and petite. She was wearing a small black dress that showed off her perfect figure and ample breasts. I smiled back and was really intrigued by the way she was looking at me.

I couldn’t stop myself from looking in that direction more often than I should and when I did her eyes were always on mine and she was always smiling at me. I’ve never been attracted to a woman before but there was just something about her and the more I would look in her direction the more I began to feel an urge arise between my legs.

When my husband left the table to get us another round of drinks, I looked in her direction again but she was gone. I was completely deflated. Then I heard a female voice ask if she could join me. As I turned around…I was so excited to see it was her. She introduced herself as Megan and sat down. We started out with small talk…she was there for sales, I explained I just came with my husband for a little mini vacation.

When my husband came back to the table with my drink, I introduced him to Megan. He asked if it was okay if he went off to talk with some clients and asked Megan if she would stay and keep me company. Megan quickly agreed and said she would enjoy the company also.

As my husband turned to leave he gave me a kiss and raised his eyebrows at me. I just smiled and shooed him off. As Megan and I sat and talked it was like we were old friends, and the more we drank the more the conversation got personal. I noticed that she began touching me more and more, a brush against my arm, then putting her hand on my thigh, which really was beginning to arouse me. So I began doing the same back to her. I could just feel the electricity in the room every time we touched and then she asked the question, “Have you and your husband ever had a threesome before?’

Updated: December 21, 2016 — 11:00 pm
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