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I Receive The Ultimate Gift

After a long, romantic walk on the beach, we return to our blanket and I build a fire with the wood we had earlier collected. The night sky is crystal clear and it seems we can see every star. The gentle breeze from the ocean occasionally wafts over us and makes your long hair wave a ‘thank you’ to this unseen entity.

I reach behind us and grab the large thermos of coffee. You watch in amazement as I pour the perfect amount of creamer into your cup and pour in the coffee. ‘How did you know I liked creamer in my coffee?’ you ask me as I hand you your cup.

‘Oh, I guess you must have mentioned it sometime,’ is my casual reply.

‘When?’ you ask with a giggle.

‘Back when we first met. You said something about it on chat one time,’ I explained as I nudged the wood to produce more flame. I ask if you’d like some crackers and dip while we wait for the pasta to heat.

‘I already have the dip, don’t I?’ is your answer as you look at me. Then grin on your face not only tells me you’re joking around, but makes me appreciate you even more.

‘Yes, my dear, you have me,’ I confirm as I lean toward you and we kiss. I wink at you as I go back to tending the fire. You watch me as I set up a post and arm assembly, then pour the pasta into the pan and hang it on the hook, swinging it over the fire to heat. You recall I had mentioned I loved to cook, but you didn’t ever dream I could cook as good as I can. You smile as you recall how delicious the chicken dinner I had made for you a few months ago was.

‘This sauce is something a unique kick to it. I added a touch of lemon zest and horseradish to it,’ I say as I look at you from my project at the fire. Seeing your reaction, I add, ‘It sounds gross, I know, but wait until you taste it!!’

Soon I’m serving you a plate of pasta with a slice of garlic toast I had prepared earlier then wrapped in aluminum foil. It was now re-warmed, soft, and sending a wonderful fragrance into the night air.

‘So, you want my breath to stink, do you?’ you giggle as you take the plate and see the garlic toast.

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