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I Want To Be Pregnant

As I walked in the door from work I noticed there was a message on my answering machine. I walked over and hit the button as it said, “This is doctor Zim’s office calling. Your husband’s sperm count came back a little better than last time but still not enough. I am very sorry.”

My husband and I had been trying to conceive for the last 4 years with still no luck. We met at college and got married shortly after we had graduated. I am now almost 30 years old and I really want to be a mother.

I now had to make a very important decision. I had told myself if this test came back bad I would need to find a sperm donor without my husband finding out. There really was only one way for me to go about this. I needed someone else’s sperm and would hope I got pregnant from it. I would let my husband think it was his sperm and everything would be alright.

The question now was how was I going to pull this off? My husband and I were straight A students in college and were what you could call nerds. I am not the worst looking woman out there but I don’t exactly dress sexy for men. My husband and I are really conservative in bed and were each others only partner.

I may not work out as much as some other women do but at 125 pounds my body isn’t really that bad. My butt is alright while my boobs are below average in size. The problem was that I usually tied back my hair and I wore dark colored glasses. I looked a lot like a professor than a sexy woman looking for a man.

My husband had called and said he wouldn’t be home from work until around midnight so this was my chance. I don’t normally wear jeans so I found my only pair of jeans I had and wore those. I then undid my hair as I let it go any which way it wanted to. There really was nothing else I could do at this point. I just hoped with the things I did this would help me succeed.

I headed out the door except I had no idea where to even start at. How do you go up to a guy and ask, “I want you to make me pregnant?”

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