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If only all work events ended like this…

The ‘story’ below is actually true. Whether you believe that or not is up to you, but I wrote it nearly ten years ago. I jotted it down at the time as I could do or think of nothing else but the night before. So I recreated the moment by writing it all down! So, it’s really just a memory. I found it on a floppy backup disk recently – hopefully someone might enjoy it!


A girl has just left my house, and here I am exhausted and glowing with pride after a night of the most beautiful anal sex I have ever encountered.

I never go ‘on the pull.’ I never get a woman blind drunk for my purposes – that defeats the object, which is mutual pleasure.

Last night was one of those joint work events, where several companies share a huge marquee, have an afternoon of awful presentations, and then a bit of a blowout in the evening. I never really got into sales, but they were talking about a system called NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming. The idea is that you can do anything if you put your mind to it.

It didn’t work for my sales, but it paid off a treat in my personal life.

I literally bumped into Helen, spilt her drink, bought her another, got talking…you know the type of thing.

She had a lovely smile, and wore very light subtle makeup. We ended up rudely ignoring our workfriends, and ended up in a conversation about ‘Hannibal’, a book we were both reading.

By 1am we were kissing, and I was fondling her butt. I felt that she was wearing a g-string, and commented how I liked girls wearing things…and not much else! That got the conversation round to her butt, and I praised it’s curves.

She came home with me in a taxi, and once we were settled together talking and kissing, I started the NLP techniques – mainly consisting of associating anything nice with her ass- my fingers were already at the tops of her legs, and I felt a wetness through her panties.

Rather than take her there on the sofa, I needed her to be comfortable and warm. I took her to bed and lit some candles. It was after 3am by then, but I was well awake I can tell you! I licked her pussy – she was hot and wet, and very very clean. She really knew how to take care of herself. I decided to go for it – I gently rolled her over, and licked her pussy quite deeply from behind. And then as she nearly came, I took a great deep lick across her butthole.

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