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In From College, my first part 2

After a night of ultimate pleasure with Ray, or Lynn as I called him/her after that night, I went home a bit nervous about my experience, and any consequences that may come from it, would he tell? Did he video us? Did he give me an Std? I reasoned out all of those things as I was just being paranoid. Two days had past it today was my last full day before returning to school, I had much to do but all I could think of was what had happened, not wanting to regret not calling, I called Ray, he was so cool about everything, put me at ease about all my concerns, and told me he would never call me or anything, but I could always call him, I told him I was leaving the next day, and would like to come over and spend the night, YES! he exclaimed before I was even done talking, he said be there at six and he would be ready.

I took a shower, and headed over to his apartment, when he opened the door, I was turned on to see ‘Lynn’ was back this time in latex thigh high boots, A tight very short black and red skirt that was already showing me her rock hard cock, and a bit of perfect ass too, Lynn was also wearing a ling sleeve zip up black blouse(I guess that’s what to call it). Ray/Lynn didn’t wear a wig tonight but his dirty blond hair was styled in a very cute behind the ears way flipping under, I was so excited to be back over there, we started to kiss, and I started to kiss down her chest she grabs me by the mouth and squeezes my cheeks quite hard and whispers ‘tonight is going to be different, I’ll be in full control, if it gets to scary say Pineapple, is that clear?’ My heart jumped as I nodded, ‘very good’ she said while gently pulling my hair to the side, ‘now get on your fucking knees’ I dropped down at her feet and lifted her skirt and took that cock in my mouth, after a few minutes of sucking Lynns cock she said ‘sit against the wall’ I did and she walked over f***ed her cock back in my mouth and face fucked me, I was gagging a bit as I had nowhere to go, she held my hair in the front and was thrusting like crazy, I gagged and moaned, she was talking the whole time..’ suck it bitch, look who likes cock’ I could feel her cock welling up, ‘your going to swallow every drop!’ I didn’t really want to but fuck this was hot, and I was going to do whatever she wanted, and she exploded into my throat I almost choked from the f***e, but once I got a taste I gladly swallowed every drop…’mmmm that’s a good boy, now take off your cloths and go lay on the bed’ I did, Lynn came over and tied my hands up over my head, kissed me gently on the lips and sat on my face, I was hoping for a 69, but she didn’t lean forward..’eat my ass!’ and I was glad too, she would bounce a bit on and off my tounge I was rock hard ass she just slapped my cock around, I was i I was as deep as my tounge would go Lynn leaned up and I started to feel her rubbing my ass with lube, and then she was putting a dildo in me, it was pretty big, I was twitching with pain and pleasure, she got off my face to focus on fucking my ass with that thing, she rammed with that thing for a good ten minutes..’turn over, it’s my turn’ I did with no hesitation, the binds on my hands wrapped tighter, but I didn’t care, I lifted my ass in the air, while my face lay on the bed, I was worn out already, but couldn’t wait for my first fuck..Lynn came up behind me, and her cock was smaller that the dildo, and since my ass was already soaked with lube her cock slid in with no pain, while fucking she’s lean over and bite my shoulders and kiss my neck I loved every second, she was slapping my ass hard as hell, and running her nails down my back, she was going crazy, fucking me rapidly, ‘ohhh I’m gonna cum’ and she did I felt it explode inside me, I didn’t care, I just took it, still tied to the bed what could I do anyways? As the pace slowed she pulled her half erect cock out, and fell on top of me..’I didn’t forget you baby’ after a minute to catch her breath she rolled me over and sucked me off, I must have came in 30 seconds, I came in her mouth, and we swapped it as we kissed, we fell asl**p kissing, we woke up hours later, a sticky mess, I didn’t care, and neither did she, we started kissing again, as she sat up on my dick and I fucked her, to that point the best fuck of my life..not the last time I saw Ray/Lynn..

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