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Jacinta's Story Ch. 18

She crawls off the table, falling on her side, as wave after wave of cramps debilitates her. She crawls thru the forest of legs and feet, ignoring them, crawling toward the bathroom.

She doubles over on the carpet; a sickening cramp rips her gut in half, the pressure to explode the plug from her anus enormous. She bangs her forehead on the floor in agony, then, continues her crawl to the bathroom. She crawls up on the toilet, squats and prepares to remove the plug.

“Oh no whore, that is for men…humans…”

Master grips her by the hair, pulling her up dragging her from the bathroom, back thru the living room. He leads her, pulling her hair roughly. He drags her through the kitchen to the stairway to the basement. He opens the door…drags her down the stairs, down to a back part of the basement.

Master pulls open a curtain…she sees a dog cage sitting on blocks in what must have been an old downstairs shower. The blocks have raised the cage about a foot off the floor, above the drain. He opens the door……”Get in bitch”.

She gasps….looking at the cage…at the drain…as another wave of cramps begins.


As she crawls in, he hooks two handcuffs to her wrists… cuffing her wrists behind her.

Another wave cripples her….as she falls into the cage. Her hands fumble behind her, trying to reach the plug in her anus. She groans pitifully.

Just as her fingers reach it, she feels her neck yanked forward. Master has a chain to her collar, stretched thru an opening in the bars. He pulls the chain forward, hooking it to a hook on the wall, beneath a sign that says, “COCKSUCKING WHORE $10 per 10 minutes”

She looks sickly up at Master.

“Raising $$'s for your boob job slut. Master takes care of everything”. She sees another sign next to it “Pissmop! WHORE! EMPTY your piss on WHORE $5!!”

“UHHHHHhh…” she groans, doubled over by the painful gut-wrenching cramps.

“Do well babe,” he says, smiling. “The boys will be down shortly”.

She groans, squirming, in the cage…needing to flush her bowels so intensely, she is writhing. She struggles reaching under her, fingers clutching the plug. Her fingers push into her anus… prying at the plug, the cramps viciously intense.

“UHH…UHHHHHHH—hhhhhhh,” she manages to loosen it, then, grunting…”UHHHHHHhhhhhhhh!!”

She feels it pop out, and the flow of water begins. A sickening stench of brown juice flushes out thru the bottom of the wire cage. As that Niagara of fluid empties… she feels another, weaker cramp… and another gush of brown fluid empties from her bowels. Even though the cramping has diminished, her bowels and gut still ache from the cramps.

She gasps…her chest heaving from the exertion.


Then she hears a gasp, she looks up, a large black man stands looking down at her, in the cage.

“OOOOEEEeeyy!!!! That stinks, bitch!!!!”

“You a stinkeee fuckin HO!! Godddamm!! ”

He reaches over, turns the shower on, and water, cold… as ice begins showering down on her.

“OOHhhh gawd! What a stinky, fuckin' whore!”

She shuffles forward in the cage, awkwardly with her wrists cuffed, to escape the flow of water, which lands on her back, and drains out thru the cage to the drain below.

“Well..let me see ….do I wanna fuckeesuckee…or……” she looks up, sees his evil smile… and lowers her eyes , “or just a pissmop.”

He laughs, “Nothin like peein' on white trash!”

She stares as he undoes his fly and takes out his long black cock. She stares as he aims it into the cage. She debates quickly which is worse, the acidic urine, or the ice cold shower. She shakes her hair back, watching. He pauses, pulling a 5$ bill out of his pants and stuffs it in the empty jar on the shelf below the signs…

And he turns to her…and lets loose a torrent of hot burning piss.

She tries to pull her head back, but Master's chain holds her face at the opening, catching the full funnel of his urine. She closes her eyes, the hot flow hitting her right between the eyes. The whore tries to hold her breath, but the flow goes on and on and on. The black man laughs and moans in pleasure. She gasps, opening her mouth, urine, burning and sour dripping inside her lips on to her tongue.

She blinks, her eyes filled with the yellow piss. As she blinks, unable to see clearly, she sees him turn, putting more money in the jar, and yank on the leash, pulling her mouth to the opening.

“N-now my little white trash HO…..gonna get my money's worth uh that mouth!!”

With that, her mouth is filled with his cock. Compliantly she softens her lips and jaw, taking the cock in…thru her lips and letting him pump her mouth with his cock.


He pumps her mouth briskly with his cock, groaning with pleasure. Then, after a few excited thrusts, she feels the spurts shoot into her mouth. The sweet, starchy fluid fills her mouth. The man groans as he finishes.


He slides out of her mouth and leans back against the wall.

“Oooooooh mutha” he groans.

And he slowly exits from her sight. She swallows the mouthful of cum, too afraid to do anything else. She feels it slide down into her upset stomach, already sour and rancid with the urine she already had to swallow.

She groans, adjusting her position. She looks up the water still spraying behind her. She gulps…her knees cut by the wire of the cage. She hears loud laughing. Two men enter, one seems familiar. They stuff bills into her jar, and both unzip.

“Hahaha…….gonna get our moneys worth whore……!”

She glances at their faces quickly just as two streams of yellow pee arch up from their penises and down on to her head and shoulders. She ducks her head as the streams splatter on her bare shoulders and then, the two streams converge on the crown of her head, splattering heavily on the top of her head. She sags, dropping her head, the dual flow of piss soaking her hair as it runs down, turning her hair into a soggy piss mop.

She can only kneel inside the cage, soaked with pee, the hair drooping and sticking now to the sides of her face, her neck, clinging to her skin.

The flow slowly subsides and the two, slapping each other on the shoulder, walk off.

She huddles in the cage, wrists cuffed behind her, her hair soaked and clinging to her head in a disgusting urine soaked mop, her back, arms and legs splattered with a cold shower of water.

Another man enters. Her head aching, stomach sore and sick, she does not recognize the man, but hears him groan.

“Oh man! What a disgusting whore!!!”

He walks to the cage, leans over, turning the shower head so that it pours directly on to her head.

“OOooohh…” she groans.

She closes her eyes as the shower washes down over her head, soaking the pee from her hair and face. She is almost unable to move, the chain still holding her neck to the small hole in the cage. And then the man turns the shower off and positions himself in front of the hole.

He unzips himself, then almost forgetting, turns, pushes money into the jar and takes out his long hard black cock, and shoves it thru the hole into the whores mouth.

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