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Jack and Lucy Ch. 01

Lucy stood naked in the centre of the room, her arms hanging loosely by her side. The only clue that she was not completely relaxed was the rapid rise and fall of her chest as she breathed. Her breathing was considerably faster than normal.

Her blue-grey eyes were flitting back and forth from her Master who was standing, rifling through a large wooden chest which was against one of the walls and the coil of rope he had just moments before placed on the bench beside her.

Minutes earlier, when they had come into the room, Lucy had been ordered to strip and to stand in the middle of the room. She had done so immediately, enthusiastically, almost ripping her clothes off in her haste to obey. She adored it when her Master, Jack, brought her to the playroom.

The playroom was a room Jack had constructed in the basement of their home. It was not a large room, but as Jack had often said it was big enough for their needs. The walls were soundproofed and the door was padlocked unless in use. Jack held the only key.

No natural light came into the room, instead it was lit to suit Jack's mood with a variety of lamps and candles. Today, there was a single spotlight lit over Lucy's head. The edges of the room were in shadow, meaning that Lucy was not able to see clearly what Jack was doing.

Looking around the room, as she waited for his pleasure, Lucy smiled as she saw the various frames Jack had constructed and attached to the walls. Each one brought a rush of emotions and memories. She recalled the first time each had been used. How each had been instrumental in her pleasure and pain in equal measure.

Jack, who was older than Lucy, had been involved in BDSM for many years, and had gained enough experience to not only design and build various frames but to use them skilfully. Each frame was built with oak planks. Each twelve foot length measured and cut carefully, before being screwed in place and then sanded until they were completely smooth. Some of the frames had pads in various locations. Jack had used soft blue leather to cover the padding.

The wood of each frame was warm to the touch, and each week Jack permitted Lucy to enter the room to clean. It was both Lucy's duty and pleasure to keep Jacks frames, ropes and toys clean and stored in the way he preferred. She looped his rope into coils and hung them from hooks he had affixed to the walls. Every time she touched any of his rope she longed to have him wrap it around her body.

She would carefully rub beeswax into the wood, polishing it to an almost mirror-like shine, cleaning the leather with a wax that moisturised and shone the hide. Lucy enjoyed this weekly task, took care to carry it out to the best of her abilities, wanting to see pleasure in her Master's green eyes when he came to inspect her work.

Similarly, each time a frame was used it was Lucy's task to clean it, to ensure it was ready for use again. Many times she had wiped her own juices and sweat from each of the frames. A noise from the corner of the room brought Lucy back to the here and now. Jack had closed the lid of his chest and was walking towards her, smiling.

“Very nice, my sweet cunt.” He murmured as he circled her, pausing only once to run the tip of a finger around one nipple. The burn of his eyes and the slight touch made Lucy's knees weak and her nipples begin to peak and harden. The use of the word “cunt” as one of affectionate ownership making her heart clench and desire to flood every part of her body, just as her cunt flooded with her juices.

“Mmm, very nice indeed.”

Lucy flushed with pleasure as she saw the look in his eyes. Her eyes fell to his crotch and she heard him laugh as he noticed her gaze.

“Oh yes, I'm very excited Lucy. But you knew that already; didn't you?” His voice a low growl as his lips almost grazed her ear, “But not as excited as you.” His hand slid down over her belly to part her legs. He dipped a finger inside her wet cunt to prove his point before bringing it up to her lips.

“You're very wet. Very wet indeed. Taste how wet you are, cunt.” She opened her mouth eagerly, sucking greedily on his finger. The taste of her arousal made her flesh pimple and her pussy spasm.

Lucy watched as Jack lifted the 8 foot length of asanawa, untreated hemp rope, from the bench and closed her eyes in anticipation of what was to come.

She watched as Jack put the two ends of the rope together and wrapped the doubled rope around her waist before sliding the ends through the loops. She smiled as she saw him become engrossed in his work. Seeing how he was already enjoying their play. He stood to her side and pulled gently on the rope to tighten it, checking it was not too tight or too loose. The larks head knot just above her navel.

At this stage Lucy was still grounded, still aware of everything. That was soon to change. Jack then wound the rope around her waist once more, taking care that the ropes were not twisted, before using another larks head.

She watched as Jack circled her body once more, holding the rope in one hand. She knew that he was working slowly, not only to ensure his rope work was perfect but also to string out the anticipation he knew she was feeling.

Coming to stand in front of Lucy, Jack slid his fore and middle fingers under the rope binding her waist. His purpose was to ensure a good foundation for the rest of the binding, and he didn't want it to be too tight which might cause her harm.

Lucy was his slave, his property. His most prized possession and he never took any chances with her well being, whether it was physical or emotional. The day she had become his slave was the day he had undertaken to protect her always, even from himself. She was a pretty girl, twelve years his junior at 26. Her ass was round, something she constantly complained of, but he adored it. He loved marking her ass cheeks, leaving welts and bruises that only he and she could see. Satisfied that the rope was at the right tension around her waist he kept his fingers in place under the rope, holding the rope taut along the palm of his hand, clamped in place with the other fingers. He slid the loose ends of the rope under the bindings, forming a bight which hung down below the waist bindings.

He held the tension of the bight with his fingers as with the other hand he carefully pulled the loose ends of the rope under the bindings and then down through the bight he had formed. He took care not to cause rope burns as he pulled the ends through. He had no desire to hurt Lucy while binding her.

Jack bound Lucy for several reasons. Firstly because he enjoyed the act of binding her, her submission to his ministrations pleased him immensely. But he also bound her for her own sake. He knew that she enjoyed having her submission to him reinforced by his restraint of her body. He also knew that the binding aroused her, made her more sexually excited and aware. Looking into her eyes he asked Lucy to verbally confirm that she was ok. Throughout the session he would ask her to do this several times.

Until she was no longer capable of speech and it was at that time he would take even more care to ensure her wellbeing.

He checked that the ropes were flat and straight with no twists before pulling the knot tight. He smiled as he saw the aesthetic beauty of the knot on her belly. He admired how the hemp rope looked so rough against her soft skin.

Bending slightly Jack slid the loose ends between Lucy's legs, reaching round to hold the rope at her back while he checked that the waist binding was in place, just above her hip bones. He walked behind Lucy, pausing to lick the outline of her ear and to breathe on the wetness. He chuckled lightly as he heard Lucy's sigh of pleasure.

“You are doing well, my pet.” His praise making Lucy sigh and flush with pleasure.

Standing behind her, Jack pondered his choices at this point. Did he want to leave the crotch rope free from knots which would allow him access to her clitty and pussy or did he want to use knots to build pressure on those sensitive areas? He looked thoughtfully at the rope in his hand, pulled it lightly and watched as Lucy's knees buckled slightly in tandem with a low, needy moan.

He chuckled as his decision was made. He dropped the rope and circled her once more, running his finger over her collar bones and down between her breasts to the bindings. He slid his fingers over the rope, feeling its coarse texture and down along her slit. His fingers leaving a burning trail over her already heated flesh.

He grasped the loose end of rope and measured the length needed to cover her clitty and pussy lips. He started to braid the rope in a daisy chain pattern, passing a loop of the rope through a bight and pulling it taut before repeating, until he had a chain long enough to cover her most intimate of areas. He pulled the loose end of the rope through the final loop to finish the chain off.

Despite having tied the daisy chain knot many times before Jack took time to make sure it was perfectly symmetrical and that each knot was perfect. He went behind her, once more and reaching between her parted thighs pulled the loose ends of the rope between her legs. He smiled as he saw the last knot in the chain nestle between her ass cheeks.

Lucy groaned as the daisy chain was pulled tightly to her body. Her pussy lips were swollen, sensitive from her arousal and the rough rope was pulled into her slit, pressing onto her tender clitty. Her folds slid around the rope and she felt herself begin to drift. Jack knew from the slump of Lucy's shoulders that she was beginning to lose her awareness. He asked her once more to verbally confirm she was doing well and on hearing her slightly slurred words kissed her neck gently.

This was when he had to begin to use other ways of ensuring her safety. He checked her skin colouring and breathing. She was slowly slipping into that state of stillness where she would journey inside her being to greater self awareness. He smiled.

Pulling the rope ends up under the waist binding at the small of her back he wrapped them under themselves and once again under themselves to form a simple rope turn to hold them firmly in place. He finalised it with a quick release knot made by sliding a bight through the turn.

Jack took a step back, taking time to both check that Lucy was safe and to admire the aesthetic beauty of his rope work. He was nothing if not a perfectionist; taking time to ensure complete symmetry in all he did. He smiled as he saw his pretty slave made even more attractive with the red rope binding her. She had such pale skin; skin that marked easily with any blow he chose to give her. Jack took a great deal of satisfaction in binding her; and equally in admiring the marks on her flesh when he removed the ropes.

When he had first introduced Lucy to Shibari he had used silk ropes. Chosen so as not to cause her too much discomfort. Lucy had enjoyed the silk ropes; they had felt so soft and had allowed her to melt away as Jack bound her. Over time he had moved to treated hemp rope and the slight discomfort they gave as they tightened and bit into her skin added another dimension to the sessions.

But now Jack had introduced untreated hemp ropes. These ropes were crueller, they never allowed her to forget them as Jack wound and knotted them in intricate patterns over her body. They were harsh, causing itching and discomfort.

They definitely discouraged any movement on her part. Lucy had learnt to be as still as she could while the harsh lengths were used to bind and restrict her.

At times, though, she did struggle and move. The itching caused by the hemp fibres at times making her feel as though she would go crazy with itch. But she was becoming more and more accustomed to the harsher untreated hemp.

Lucy had always craved the touch of rope, the very sight of it when Jack would lift it from one of the wall hooks and carry it towards her making her cunt spasm and flood. Jack was clever in his use of the ropes, he was aware that if he used the untreated rope every time that Lucy would become too accustomed to it, its coarse texture no longer holding the shock it now did, so he varied his choice according to his plans.

He walked around Lucy, seeing how the daisy chain started just at the top of her slit, sitting neatly on her clitty and ending between her ass cheeks. He saw the flush of arousal covering Lucy's skin and bent down to suckle gently on her left nipple, drawing a groan from her.

He closed his teeth over her swollen nipple and lifted his head to look into her eyes.

“Lucy!” His voice slightly harsh to draw her attention. “Lucy! Get dressed! We have a trip to make.”

He watched her eyes flutter, saw the confusion in them. This was new to Lucy. Never before had Jack bound her and then so quickly ordered her to dress. She imagined he must have remembered something he had to do.

She stood still, not reaching for her discarded clothes.

“I told you to dress!” Lucy shook her head in confusion. Why was he not removing the crotch rope, she wondered.

Chuckling as he realised the source of her confusion Jack explained, “We are going out and you are to wear the rope.”

He smiled as he saw her eyes widen, “No one but I will know what you are wearing under your clothes.” He paused for emphasis, “Except you, of course. Because with every step you will be reminded of what you are. A dirty whore who loves to be tied and bound.”

Lucy smiled and bent down to lift her clothes and the rope rubbed against her sensitive flesh making her yelp.

“You will have to move carefully my sweet cunt. We don't want you to suffer … too much.”

He smiled to himself as he thought of how each step would keep her on the edge of orgasm, how the pressure of the knots over the time they were out would stimulate her, causing the release of many natural endorphins which he planned later, after their short trip, to use.

He knew that the entire time they were out, carrying out the simple errand he had planned, she would be on a natural orgasmic high. A high he would take pleasure in as much as she. Gingerly Lucy dressed, each movement an agony of ecstasy and pain. She smiled as she slipped her dress over her head. The hem falling to mid calf.

“Oh yes,” Jack continued, “You look like the perfectly proper young woman. But we know the truth, don't we cunt?”

“Yes Master.” Lucy replied as her Master took her arm and guided her to the door. At the door he paused and smiled into her eyes before speaking, “And if you are a good girl while we are out I have a special treat for you on our return.”

Lucy smiled and followed him to the stairs when he watched from the bottom as she took each step, one at a time, carefully. He smiled as he enjoyed her movements. He knew how the daisy chain was tormenting her, arousing her, with each step.

His rope, he knew, would be soaked through on their return.

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