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Jack and the Bullet Ant

Hello, Literotica Reader:

Normally I am one to prefer imagining the sensations delivered at the hands of a gentle, erotic, teasing woman or man. It also excites me to imagine being restrained, open and vulnerable. But rally just vulnerable to sweet pleasure…not pain. Recently, I had the misfortune of sticking my hand under a part of a gate and startled a wasp that was minding its own business there. The immediate sensation on my finger was that of a burning cigarette tip. I pulled my hand back as the disoriented creature flew off. The pain was not fun and was the first sting I had experienced in years. Anyway, for some reason, I decided to research stings and an article on the bullet ant caught my attention. My imagination took me a step further and I decided to venture for the first time into the BDSM realm. I'm not completely comfortable in that realm but was willing to stick my big toe in for a moment (not a finger). The bullet ant is a large South American species that has a stinging venom measured off the pain chart as compared to wasps and bees. Brazilian natives use a mitt with hundreds of these potent ants sewn into the fabric with the stingers aimed inward. The ants are anesthetized and, as a right of passage, young boys are required to wear the mitt of bullet ants on their hand for ten minutes while they revive and begin stinging the flesh of the poor young victim. The pain lasts for about 24 hours and causes uncontrollable shaking of the part of the body affected by the single sting.

I've had one or two ask why I stopped writing. I lead a normal life that no one would ever surmise that I could come up with the scenarios I have in the three earlier stories. They make up my fantasies and it is exciting to share my secret thoughts with others who may share the same desires and fantasies.

I will see about fleshing out the stories I've written with additional chapters and events and, hopefully, take time to start typing away at new ones. Most of the time, when I start typing, the fingers just keep moving around the keyboard without much thought as if the visions are just pouring out from somewhere. I'll see what new visions are in store and share them with you when I can.



He never dreamed that this second visit to the jungles of Brazil would have him in such a predicament. Two years ago, when he was 16, he had accompanied his father to this same region. It had been a marvelous, carefree summer adventure. His father, an etymologist, brought Jack along to see what fun a real “bugologist” could have traipsing around the jungle looking for exotic six-legged creatures.

After a few days of tagging along with his dad and those plastic jars full of the day's insect catch, Jack grew tired of his vacation and everything about the jungle…

Except for her.

A ravishing, bronze-skinned teenage goddess. He had been enchanted with her ever since they met two years earlier in the jungle clearing. She had been very shy and almost afraid to speak as they practically collided…he on a short jog after breakfast at his dad's camp and she fleeing something he never was able to comprehend at the time.

After that first meeting, he couldn't erase her from his thoughts. She appeared to be a native of the region, Jack's age with full, soft, shiny black hair that swung beautifully as she moved. Her natural eye brows and fine cheek bones framed what Jack perceived as the most beautiful golden brown eyes he would ever see in this lifetime. Just a few moments is all he had to take all this in and, just as suddenly as she had appeared, was she suddenly frozen with fear, then she was gone.

But the look they exchanged in that moment was a look that formed an instant deep bond. So many emotions flashed through the minds of that boy and that girl in that instant beginning with the startled shock of meeting in the middle of nowhere to the immediate growth of a realization that they knew each other perhaps in a past life or even a future life…then her expression quickly changed to an inexplicable look of fear as she fled back into the forest.

Jack had to find her again. His entire summer trip with Dad was changed from a “bug's life” to the beginning of a new life. She was now part of that life and he was driven to find her. For the next few days Jack returned to the same spot hoping she would be there.

Camp life went on as Jack went through the motions of pleasing his dad on their searches for more exotic insects but Jack couldn't shake the image of that beautiful Brazilian girl. Every morning he would return to the clearing in the forest hoping to see her again but she didn't return and life returned to normal at the camp.

That summer Jack's dad had warned him to reserve the greatest respect for any insect they might encounter as they walked through these rain forests…Jack was admonished to be especially respectful of what Dad called the “bullet ant”.

Jack learned that the bullet ant, a native of South America's jungles, was extremely aggressive whose venom sting caused pain that exceeded that caused by any other insect including bees, wasps and other stinging creatures. The Schmidt Pain Index ranked at number 2 what most would consider the most painful sting of a wasp or strong bee sting. Those rose to the level of 2.

Schmidt ranked the sting of the bullet ant at 4+…more than twice the severity and far beyond anything experienced by a human.

If the black, inch-long bullet ant was ever given a chance to sting you, it would feel like a pinpoint of a molten, white-hot glass shard piercing your flesh and spreading the excruciating pain beyond the area of the sting to cause whatever body part that fell victim to shake and tremble uncontrollably in the throes of agony. The pain from one single brief sting of the bullet ant would engulf its victim in unbearable pain for up to 24 hours before gradually diminishing over the days that followed during recovery. Jack's father reached for a book and turned to a page of photos depicting the ant. “Never allow a bullet ant to come in contact with your skin, Jack,” his father admonished, “You will regret it and will never forget it.”

A few days later, Jack discovered exactly what his dad had warned him about. Jack took a short jog from the campsite one late afternoon. Pausing to catch his breath for a second, he leaned one hand against the trunk of a tree while lifting a foot and reaching down to adjust a sock. Suddenly, Jack felt a slight tickle of a movement on the back of his hand. He looked. On his hand was a huge, black insect that looked like an mammoth ant. It was 50 times larger than a normal black ant. Jack, recognizing the insect as the dreaded bullet ant he had seen in the photograph. Not knowing what to do, Jack panicked and jerked his hand away from the tree carrying the inch-long, thick bullet ant with it. Startled, the ant plunged its stinger into the back of Jack's hand! Instantly Jack's flesh burned with pain that was more intense than any pain he had experienced in his short life. It felt like a drop of molten iron had been poured onto his skin. No pain could ever surpass the pain Jack felt at that moment and the pain grew! It was like a needle had been held in a fire until it was so white hot that it could melt at any moment before plunging deep into his skin. It was as if that molten prick of heat continued to be forged in fire as it embedded itself in Jack's hand. The incredible thing was that the back of Jack's hand had fewer nerve endings than other, more sensitive parts of his body, but Jack's whole body was sucked into agony of this one ant's sting.

Jack screamed and cried out as he ran back toward the camp and his father. Surely Dad would know what to do to relieve the unbelievable pain.

“Jack! I told you to be careful!” His father tried to console him as Jack wept in agony from the pain in his hand. The searing, hot sting had spread to his forearm and Jack could not keep from furiously shaking his hand in any attempt to rid his body of such pain. No human being could be expected to endure the pain caused by the bullet ant. There was no antidote…no treatment that existed to ease the pain that would just have to work itself out over the next 24-hour period.

Finally recovered late the next day, Jack vowed never to put his hand against a tree in Brazil again.

As the days passed and it was almost time to return home to Texas, Jack's thoughts returned to the beautiful girl he had encountered in the forest. It was after midnight when Jack suddenly awakened from a dream. All he could remember was that he was flat on his back looking up into the eyes of the beautiful young girl he had encountered a week earlier. She held his gaze with her own with a look of fear and concern in her eyes. In his dream, Jack tried to console her as tears flowed down her soft cheeks.

Now fully awake, Jack rolled out of his cot and stood at the door to his hut. Through the tall trees that surrounded the camp clearing he could see the cold light of the full moon falling between the leaves. Not sleepy at all and still thinking of the beautiful girl, Jack decided to take a walk. Hopefully, no insects would be lurking to torture him this night. He made his way back to the clearing where he had first met the girl of his dreams. As he approached the clearing he encountered an incredible sight: She was there, in the exact spot they had first met, on a soft bed of blankets she had apparently brought with her to this spot. She lay there on her side in the moonlight facing away from him as he quietly walked toward her. Jack could not believe his good fortune! There she was! Even though he could not see her face he just knew it was she. As Jack walked closer, the girl suddenly turned her head and saw him there. She appeared startled and frightened but, after a moment, recognized Jack and rose up to her knees facing him. She had been weeping but now, a smile grew in her eyes and across her soft, full lips. It was as if Jack heard her voice in his head say, “You! I have been looking for you! I've waited here every night since we met. I have missed you. I need you. I want you.”

Jack knelt down facing the girl as their eyes to devoured each other. Her hungry gaze explored every inch of Jack from his shock of blond hair, his deep blue eyes, strong nose, full soft lips, solid jaw and the rest of his body finely muscled in a swimmer's build.

Jack took in the girl's angelic face that was framed by her beautiful hair. Her lips were full and soft, slightly opened in a dazzling smile that revealed perfect white teeth. He could see the swell of her breasts pressing rhythmically against her tunic as she breathed that fell to her upper thighs revealing smooth, tanned, muscled legs. A perfect vision of an ideal young woman.

Jack felt a young man's erection growing as the pace of his breathing quickened, matching the girl's own breathless state. They knew they were meant for each other. The young man and young woman, both suddenly coming of age, rose on their knees facing each other and their bodies acted like magnets slowly drawing them together into an ageless embrace. They parted only to gaze deeply and longingly into each other's eyes again. The girl placed her hand over her chest and said, “Salea.” Knowing that she had just told him her name, Jack responded by placing the palm of his hand against his chest saying, “Jack.” They embraced again and quietly held each other, their minds and hearts racing, the center of their sex raging. Jack guided her to the ground as they became lost in each other's gaze. Their bodies pressed together and suddenly clothes were somehow shed and they lay naked together on the soft blankets.

Jack and Salea lost their virginity that night then fell asleep in each other's embrace.

Jack awakened to the early sun. She was gone. As hard as he searched after that night, he never found her. Sad and depressed he returned to Texas with his father, back to finish school. He never forgot his woman and was never able to shake her from his memory. He wouldn't see her again until the summer of his 18th year.

It was the same rain forest where he had found his love that Jack now found himself. This time tied, spread-eagle, on his back, on a 4-foot-high padded bench, not a stitch of clothes on. The last thing he remembered was walking through the rain forest taking up his search for Salea again, hoping against all odds that he would find her after two years. Jack had awakened from his drug-induced sleep to discover that he was surrounded by an entire native village: men, women, children, all clothed in some sort of ceremonial garb…except for one.

Standing at his right side, her eyes locked with his, was the girl! Salea! Two years ago they had slept in each others' arms after giving up their virginity to each other on that soft bed of blankets in the forest clearing under the full moon and now she stood beside him, totally naked as he was. Salea had grown more beautiful since he had seen her. Her beautiful face seemed wiser and more mature. Her body took his breath away. Her full tanned breasts swung softly as she moved and breathed. They had developed into perfect orbs during his time away. Her softly-rounded abdomen flared to graceful hips that framed a completely hairless vulva. As his gaze dropped beyond Salea's perfect pussy he again observed those wonderful legs that had wrapped around him the last time they met. As he took in the incredibly beautiful sight of Salea, Jack quickly responded with the swift beginnings of a large erection. Salea stood next to him in all her beauty with a look of concern in her eyes as a tear grew to run down her left cheek. Salea whispered one word, “Jack.” Just like the dream he once had.

Jack had no clue why he had been drugged and tied unconscious to this flat table in the middle of a rain forest. A firm pad had been placed under his lower back just above his tailbone. The result was that his hips were forced up several inches and his genitals were lewdly raised and exposed to the entire crowd of onlookers. Jack could feel a slight breeze playing across his shaft and balls. That stimulus combined with the incredible visual stimulation Salea was providing standing near his side caused Jack's massive cock to grow to its 9-inch limit, rising a few degrees above his stomach. His balls began to tighten and rise in the confines of Jack's large scrotum.

As Jack contemplated his fate, a man, dressed in elaborate ceremonial garb, appeared at the left side of the table opposite Salea. Salea looked at the man in deference, a look of fear growing in her eyes. She then looked back at Jack and said in broken English, “My father.” A woman stepped up next to Salea's father. She was holding a small child in her arms…a beautiful boy with big brown eyes and…

…blond hair.

Salea uttered the following words: “Our son. You are my love. Father says that we will be together, but…” and Salea's voice trailed off as she found herself unable to continue speaking.

Jack's mind was swimming with joy and anxiety at the same time. His heart practically leapt from his chest with love for Salea. He had found her again…or she had found him

…and he was tied, splayed wide, naked, his cock jutting high in the air for an estimated crowd of 50 natives to study…what the hell?????

The look of concern returned to Salea's face. “Father must make refiner's fire on you before we can be together again. Please be brave.” Tears began to pour from Salea's eyes in such a foreboding that Jack was becoming very concerned. What could her father possibly have in mind?

Jack was about to discover.

At the man's signal, Jack's beautiful Salea slowly raised her arms and softly lay her hands on Jack. One soft had on his right thigh, the other on his right shoulder. Her eyes met her father's waiting for another signal. The man nodded once. Salea's velvet fingertips began to softly, slowly move over Jack's skin, softly caressing his body beginning at his thigh and shoulder and moving toward Jack's center. Salea lovingly touched Jack's thighs, hips, sides and abdomen. Her left hand began to caress Jack's right nipple, then his left. Salea's soft right hand slowly moved to lightly tickle Jack's balls. They had grown large as he matured the last couple years and his penis, now erect from the stimulation, maintained a thick 9 inches. The head was quite pronounced overshadowing a deep ridge of a corona, the head was turning shiny and purple with the erotic stimulation Salea was giving Jack.

Looking in her eyes, his breathing becoming heavier and more rapid as his erotic excitement grew, Jack expected a more pleasant look in her eyes but, instead, that look of foreboding continued to fester. When Jack's cock continued to stretch even beyond its normal full length and girth and his scrotum was tightening up, barely containing his massive balls dancing below the surface, a powerful ejaculation was becoming imminent. But Jack suddenly realized what was about to happen.

He looked toward Salea's side and observed two males approaching. One man held a large glass jar, about one foot high and eight inches in diameter full of a clear liquid. Jack could smell an odor of ether. That must have been what had been used to quickly render him unconscious earlier.

The other man, wearing long, thick leather gloves, used tongs to hold up what appeared to be a woven cloth sleeve that was about twelve inches long and just under four inches wide. It looked like a crudely-woven sock or tube, totally black in color, open at one end with a thin flap that was about one inch wide and six inches long.

As Jack focused his eyes on the black tube he could see that it was teaming with small movement over its entire surface. As he looked more closely, he could make out…

Oh, my god!!! Ants!!! Those were heads and upper bodies of hundreds of ants woven into the tube!!! He could see ant antenna waving in the air and agitated upper thoraxes struggling to free their unseen lower bodies that were obscured by the woven material.

Jack's heart stopped…he recognized the ants…they were black and would be about an inch long if he could see their entire bodies. But they were trapped in the fabric…hundreds of them woven into every micro-inch of the tube and into the flap that extended beyond the open end.

Jack came to the realization of two things: The inside of the tube was completely lined with hundreds of bullet ant thoraxes that ended in stingers…each single stinger capable of delivering the same excruciating pain that Jack had suffer two years earlier. But there wasn't just one nasty stinger. There were several hundred stingers trapped in the cloth sleeve!

As Salea continued to softly stimulate Jack's cock, balls and nipples, keeping his erection at its fullest and hardest, she wept. Jack, naked, arms and legs splayed open, his genitals thrust upward, was about to enter hell on earth.

As the crowd watched, a young man was brought forward by two men to join the two who were holding the sleeve and the jar. The young male looked to be about the same age as Jack and Salea. One of his escorts took a good grip of the young man's left arm and raised it in the air so everyone could see it. A look of extreme stress played across the youth's face. The man holding the sleeve that was alive and teaming with the captive, angry bullet ants, slowly raised the sleeve in the air with the tongs and lowered it over the lad's hand that was securely held up in the air. As the sleeve slowly lowered over his hand to his wrist and forearm, the young victim suddenly screamed in agony. Hundreds of bullet ant stingers were plunging simultaneously into flesh of his hand and forearm. Once the sleeve was fully lowered onto the boy's arm, the tongs released the sleeve but more was to come: The tong-wielding man placed the tongs on the table and placed his thick gloves to encircle the torturous sleeve around the boy's arm and hand. The gloves slowly squeezed the sleeve tighter agitating its occupants even more severely. The young man wailed wretched cries as his body was held securely by the two strong men and his arm was thrust into the sleeve of potent stingers.

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